11 Benefits Uses And Disadvantages Of Cumin - All About Cumin (Jeera)
11 Benefits Uses And Disadvantages Of Cumin - All About Cumin (Jeera)

Spices are often used to make dishes delicious. These spices are present in almost every kitchen. Cumin is also one of these spices. Not only the taste but the health benefits are hidden in this spice. Now the question may be arising in your mind that what happens by eating cumin seeds and how can cumin help to keep us healthy? The answers to all these questions are present in this article of StyleCrase. Here we are explaining in detail the advantages and disadvantages of eating cumin, various properties present in it and how to use cumin. Along with the medicinal properties of cumin, cumin will also give important information related to water and cumin powder. Also, readers should keep in mind that cumin is not a cure for any disease, it can only be helpful in avoiding the physical problems covered in the article and reducing their symptoms to some extent.

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Before knowing the medicinal properties and benefits of cumin, let us know something special about it.

What is cumin

As we have already said, cumin is a kind of spice. It is used extensively in India. It gives good taste to the dish. Cumin is used both as a whole seed and as a powder in cooking. Its scientific name is Cuminum Cyminum. This spice is called Cumin in English, Jilkara in Telugu, Jeeragam in Tamil, Jeeragam in Malayalam, Jirigay in Kannada, Jiru in Gujarati, Jeera in Marathi and ‘Jeera or Jeera’ in Bengali.

There are two types of cumin available in the market, black cumin and white cumin. White cumin is mostly used to make garam masala. At the same time, black cumin is used to enhance the taste of bread and pickle. Cumin is also considered beneficial for health. The various health benefits are explained below.

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Next we are talking about the medicinal properties of cumin and its benefits.

Benefits of Cumin

1. Benefits of Cumin for Digestion

Indigestion may be the cause of not eating food at the right time and wrong eating. In this case, if cumin is included in the diet, then digestion can help. A research published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website states that it has been used for a long time to reduce problems such as digestive disorders, diarrhea, indigestion and flatulence . At the same time, the remaining cumin extract after extracting oil can work to improve digestion power along with giving essential nutrients to the body. For this reason digestive improvement is also counted among the benefits of cumin extracts.

2. Benefits of Cumin for Cold and Fever

Mild colds and fever are common. In such a situation, these can be reduced with some home remedies. If there is frequent sneezing or feeling heaviness in the nose when a cold occurs, frying a handful of cumin seeds, then tying it in a cloth can be sniffed for a while. This can provide some degree of comfort. In addition, cumin may work in fever as well. Indeed, the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties present in cumin may help protect against cold. May also help fight infection by increasing immunity. Also, drinking ginger in cumin water can give relief from cold. Also, a sore throat can be relieved .

3. Cumin water benefits for immunity

The benefits of eating cumin include strengthening immunity. Indeed, it has immunomodulatory effects, which increase the body’s immunity as needed (1) . At the same time, cumin is rich in iron. This element keeps the immunity system healthy as well as oxygen to the cells of the body (5) . Cumin water intake can be beneficial for this.

4. Cumin benefits for weight control

Cumin can also be used to control weight. In fact, weight reduced to the order cumin water is considered to be profitable. Especially, if lemon drops are added to it, it can work effectively. This is also mentioned in a research by the International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences. This scientific study states that if it is taken on an empty stomach for 3 weeks, then weight can be lost (6) . Another research says that cumin is as effective in reducing weight as the weight-loss drug Orlistat 120.

5. Benefits of cumin water in anemia

Anemia, which is the cause of anemia, may arise due to lack of iron in the body and many other reasons. This causes the body to become weak, dizzy, and upon seeing the body is surrounded by many other problems (8) . Cumin can be consumed in this problem. Indeed, cumin contains abundant iron, which can prevent the problem of iron deficiency anemia.

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6. Benefits of Cumin for Joint Pain

Bones and joints of pain can help you take regular cumin to overcome. Indeed, cumin has antiinflammatory properties, which may help reduce inflammation. Also its ethanolic extracts have analgesic properties, which can relieve pain. Drink cumin water, add cumin seeds in the food or add cumin oil, it is beneficial in every respect. According to an NCBI research, black cumin oil massage can reduce knee pain. This can, in particular, reduce osteoarthritis (a type of arthritis) occurring in the elderly.

7. Benefits of Cumin for Stomach Pain

The properties of cumin include protecting against troubles such as abdominal pain and diarrhea. It can even relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (intestinal disorder), including abdominal pain (12) . Indeed, cumin has analgesic properties, which are known to relieve pain. Cumin water can be added to water as well as spices. Some people even roast and eat it.

8. Benefits of Cumin Water for Diabetes

Cumin can be included in the diet along with the right diet to control diabetes. According to a research published on NCBI website, cumin has anti-diabetic effects. This effect can help reduce diabetes by controlling the amount of blood sugar.

9. Benefits of Cumin in Menstruation

Many women have to face problems such as stomach cramps, pain, and nausea during menstruation. In such a situation, consuming cumin along with nutritious diet can be beneficial. As we have already mentioned above, cumin has pain-relieving properties, which can help reduce pain. However, pain caused by menstrual said in a research and it can be beneficial in cramps can be added on the basis that cumin water advantages monthly religion to be a pain and cramps To relieve the problem.

10. Benefits of Cumin for Skin

The properties of cumin are definitely many, it can also help in keeping the skin healthy. According to a research, cumin can be used to get rid of lifeless skin, premature wrinkles and spots. Cumin is rich in vitamin-E, which is considered essential for skin improvement, youthful appearance and beauty. Also, cumin oil can protect the skin from infection, as it has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Cumin water or its paste can be applied on the skin for glow.

11. Benefits of Cumin for Hair

Dandruff is a common problem, requiring anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory treatment to deal with it. In this case, cumin essential oil can be an effective home remedy, which is rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties. Keep in mind that you do not go into the sun by applying essential oil of cumin, because by doing this you can feel sensitivity in the skin. There is no doubt that the use of herbal ingredients may be more effective on dandruff.


You must have found the answer to the question of what happens by eating cumin. Let us now know about its nutritional elements.

Cumin nutritional value – Cumin Nutritional Value

The body gets the benefits of eating cumin from the nutrients present in it. For this reason, through the table below, we are giving information about the nutritional value of cumin.

water8.06 g
Energy375 kcal
Protein17.81 g
Total fat22.27 g
Carbohydrate44.24 g
Fiber10.5 g
Sugar2.25 g
Calcium931 mg
Iron66.36 mg
Magnesium366 mg
Phosphorus499 mg
Potassium1788 mg
Sodium168 mg
Zinc4.8 mg
Copper0.867 mg
Manganese3.333 mg
Selenium5.2 µg
vitamin C7.7 mg
Thiamine0.628 mg
Riboflavin0.327 mg
Niacin4.579 mg
Vitamin B60.435 mg
Follett, Total10 µg
Choline24.7 mg
Vitamin A, RAE64 µg
Carotene, beta762 µg
Vitamin A, IU1270 IU
Vitamin E3.33 mg
Vitamin K5.4 µg
Fatty acid, total saturated1.535 g
Fatty acid, total polyunsaturated3.279 g
Fatty acid, total monounsaturated14.04 g

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Now we are showing how to use cumin.

How to Use Cumin

It is important to know the benefits of eating cumin and the properties of cumin as well as how to use it. For this reason, we are giving below various ways to use and consume cumin seeds.

1. Cumin Tea

You cumin in use can make the brew tea or cumin. Boil one spoon cumin seeds in two to three cups of water. When the water turns yellow, switch off the gas and consume it after some time.

2. To add tempering to lentils

You can add cumin seeds while preparing pulses. This will not only add aroma to the lentils, but will also increase the taste of lentils.

3. Vegetable preparation

If the cumin seeds are added before making the vegetable, the taste of the vegetable increases manifold.

4. Cumin Rice

It can also be made by adding cumin seeds to rice, which is called cumin rice. It is not only easy to make, but it is also tasty. Cumin rice can also be made from brown rice.

5. In Pickle

Cumin is also used when making pickles. This increases the taste of pickle.

6. Punch forn

Cumin is also used to prepare Bengali spice mixture, which is known as ‘Panch Foran’. It is basically a mixture of fennel, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds and cumin seeds. This spice is used in many dishes.

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After explaining the use of cumin, next we are showing how to make cumin water.

Method of making cumin water

Drinking cumin water is also a way to get health benefits. For this reason, we are telling you the method of making cumin water at home –

material :

  • a glass of water
  • Two teaspoon cumin seeds

Method :

  • Put water and cumin seeds in a vessel.
  • Boil it on medium heat for about 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Turn off the heat as soon as the water starts turning yellow.
  • Drink it after a while.
  • Alternatively put cumin seeds in water overnight.
  • In the morning drink it filtered yellow water.
  • It is also called cumin water, cumin tea and decoction.

Further information

Now the question arises how to store cumin seeds for a long time. Next we are talking about this.

Method of selecting cumin and keeping it for a long time

Cumin or cumin powder is easily available in the market. Some people do not know how to choose the right cumin and how to keep it properly so that it will be fine for a long time. Here we are talking about this.

  • Prefer whole seeds over cumin powder, as cumin powder may contain a mixture of other spices. Its taste and aroma may decrease over time.
  • If you need cumin powder, whole cumin powder can be made at home. There will be fear of adulteration and there will be no fear of spoilage due to making it according to need.
  • Like other dried spices, try cumin too organic.
  • If good quality cumin powder is rubbed, it smells good.
  • If you are using unleavened whole cumin, then take care not to break it. Also it should not have moisturizer.
  • Check both the packing and expiring date of packaged cumin seeds.
  • After purchasing cumin and cumin powder, keep in an air tight container in a dark and dry place.
  • If you have made cumin powder after roasting, put it in an air tight container and keep it in the fridge. It remains fresh for three to four days, but use it quickly or it may reduce its taste.
  • Whole cumin seeds can last for a year and a half, while cumin powder has a shelf life of 6 months. For this reason, it is advisable to buy whole cumin seeds only. The medicinal properties of cumin are retained by buying whole.

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After the benefit of cumin, further we are talking about the loss of cumin.

Cumin Damage

Of course, the benefits of cumin for the body are many, but the consumption of cumin can also result in loss of cumin to the body. Let us know what are the disadvantages of cumin.

  • Cumin seeds are hot, so pregnant women should consume cumin only after medical advice.
  • If someone is allergic to cumin or someone is consuming cumin for the first time, consume it with a little caution, as it can cause allergic reactions on the skin.
  • Blood sugar levels can be reduced due to its intake, so patients with diabetes should consume it in balanced amounts.
  • Excessive intake can pose a risk of bleeding.
  • Excess intake of this can cause respiratory problems and liver cancer.
  • Excessive use of black cumin oil may cause mild toxicity.

Do not panic knowing the loss of cumin, because excessive consumption of everything is harmful. Similarly, eating cumin has both advantages and disadvantages. Cumin should be consumed only in balanced quantities for its medicinal properties and its benefits. The body gets the benefits of eating cumin only when it is used sparingly. Also, keep in mind that this is not a cure for any serious disease. In any serious situation it is necessary to contact a doctor. Let us now know the answers to some questions that come to the mind of the readers related to cumin.


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