14 benefits, uses and disadvantages of Kamarkh - Star Fruit (Kamrakh) Benefits, Uses and Side Effects
14 benefits, uses and disadvantages of Kamarkh - Star Fruit (Kamrakh) Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

It is advisable to always eat fruits to keep your health balanced. It is believed that various nutrients are easily replenished through fruits. In this article of Stylecrase, we are talking about one such fruit, which is known as Kamarkha and Star Fruit. Through this article you will come to know about the use of kamarkha, the benefits of eating kamarkha fruits and the disadvantages of kamarkha. If you also want to be healthy always, then this article written on Kamarkha is of your work.

Let us first know who is called Kamarkha or Star Fruit.

What is Kamarkha? – What is Star Fruit (Kamrakh)
Kamarkha fruit is also known as Star Fruit. When it is cut into small pieces, it looks like a wire. For this reason, it is also known as Star Fruit. Its scientific name is Averrhoa carambola. The fruit of kamarkha is yellow in color. Its fruit turns light orange after ripening and is mildly sour in taste. You will find it easily in the market. It can also be seen on the roadside chat chaat.

Let us know in the next part of the article how kamarkha (star fruit) can be beneficial for you.

Benefits of Kamarkha (Star fruit) – Benefits of Star Fruit
The medicinal properties of kamarkha fruit can benefit your health in various ways. Nutrients like vitamin-B and fiber are found in this fruit. It is used to protect your digestive health from stroke and heart disease. The leaves of this fruit can also be used to cure stomach ulcers. This fruit can also work to strengthen the hair from the roots ( 1 ).

In the next part of the article, you are being told how the medicinal properties of kamarkha can be useful for health.

Benefits of kamarkha for health / health – health benefits of star fruit
For health / health, kamarkha can be used in this way.

  1. For Weight Loss
    If you are worried about increased weight, then you can reduce your weight through Star Fruit. Through a research conducted by experts, it was observed that kamarkha fruits contain sufficient amount of fiber, while calories are found to be low. Therefore, weight can be reduced by eating a limited amount of kamarkha ( 1 ).
  2. For Cancer
    The benefits of eating kamarkha fruit can be seen to avoid the problem of cancer. This may be possible because beta-carotene is found in star fruit. Beta-carotene acts as an antioxidant ( 2 ). The intake of beta-carotene is used to reduce the risk of getting cancer ( 3 ).
  3. Reduce the risk of diabetes
    Scientists have clarified after a research that extracts from the leaves of the kamarkha plant can improve serum glucose levels. Thus the risk of diabetes can be reduced by balancing the level of glucose in the body ( 4 ).
  4. To increase immunity
    Medicinal properties of kamarkha can also be seen to strengthen immunity. This is possible because beta-carotene is found in kamarkha ( 2 ). The human body converts beta-carotene into vitamin-A, which can help strengthen the immune system. In addition, it is also considered to be better for eye health ( 5 ).
  5. Aids digestion
    The benefits of star fruit can also help you in maintaining digestive health. Indeed, star fruit is counted prominently in the category of fiber-rich fruits ( 6 ). Eating a fiber-rich diet can help keep your digestion healthy. In addition, the intake of fiber can also show effective effect in relieving constipation problem ( 7 ).
  6. For cardiovascular health
    Kamarkha fruit can also be consumed to improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease. Vitamin B9 is found in kamarkha fruit, which helps in protecting the body from the risk of heart diseases. Additionally it also helps in reducing the risk of stroke ( 1 ). In addition, the fiber present in star fruit may also play an important role in curing heart diseases ( 6 ) ( 7 ).
  7. To keep cholesterol level in balance
    Cholesterol is found in all cells of the body. If its level increases, it can become a major cause of heart diseases ( 8 ). At the same time, the benefits of kamarkha fruit can be seen to reduce cholesterol levels. Actually, the amount of cholesterol in kamarkha is negligible, because of which there is no risk of cholesterol increase ( 6 ).
  8. In respiratory problems
    The benefits of eating kamarkha can also be seen in breathing problems. Actually, kamarkha has properties like antioxidant iron, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium. Scientists believe that consuming star fruit can cure breathing problems like asthma ( 9 ).
  9. In controlling blood pressure
    Kamarkha can be used to control blood pressure ( 1 ). The medicinal properties of kamarkha are used for this. The amount of potassium is found in kamarkha and the amount of potassium can help in controlling blood pressure in the body ( 10 ).
  10. In the health of bones
    Kamarkha can also be used to keep bones healthy. We all know that calcium is needed to keep bones healthy and strong and calcium nutrient is present in sufficient quantity in kamarkha ( 6 ). Consuming calcium rich foods can help keep your bones strong and healthy ( 11 ).

Let us now know about the benefits of skin care in this section of the article.

Benefits of kamarkha for skin – skin benefits of star fruit

  1. For beautiful skin
    Consuming kamarkha can prove beneficial for making the skin shiny. Actually, vitamin-C is found in kamarkha ( 1 ). Vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant. Vitamin-C intake is used to improve skin color ( 12 ). You can complete vitamin-C by eating only kamarkha fruit.
  2. To cure acne
    Acne problem is a concern, which reduces the beauty of your face. Acne problems are caused by vitamin-C deficiency ( 12 ). At the same time, vitamin-C is found in kamarkha ( 1 ). The problem of acne can be overcome by its use.

material :

3-4 kamarkha fruits
A teaspoon lemon juice
How to use:

Cut the kamarkha fruit into small pieces and grind it and make a paste.
Now mix lemon juice well in it.
Now apply this paste on your face and leave it for 15 minutes.
After this wash the face with water.
This process can be done once a week.
In this section of the article, you are being told what benefits can be made from hair.

Benefits of kamarkha for hair – Hair Benefits of Star Fruit

  1. For hair growth
    The benefits of kamarkha can also benefit you for hair growth. Actually, a group of vitamin-B is found in kamarkha. Consuming vitamin-B group foods strengthens hair roots and helps them to grow ( 1 ). In this way, vitamin-B can be replenished by using kamarkha in food.
  2. To eliminate dandruff
    Kamarkha can also be used to eliminate the problem of dandruff . This is possible because zinc is required to eliminate dandruff. Zinc is also found in Kamarkha ( 2 ). According to a scientific study, it was observed that using zinc shampoo can eliminate the problem of dandruff from the hair ( 13 ).

material :

4 to 5 fruits
A spoonful of lemon juice
Two to three drops of olive oil
How to use:

Firstly extract the juice of the kamarkha fruit through a juicer.
Now mix olive oil and lemon juice in this juice.
Then apply this mixture well in the hair. Keep in mind that this juice must also be applied on the scalp.
Now wash with shampoo after 30 minutes.
This process can be repeated once a week.
After knowing the benefits of Kamarkha, we now know about the nutritional elements present in it.

Nutritional elements of kamarkha (star fruit) – star fruit nutritional value
Various nutritious ingredients are found in Kamarkha. Here we are telling about this through table ( 6 ).

Learn about the use of kamarkha in this part of the article.

How to use Star fruit (Kamrakh)

Kamarkha can be used as follows.

You can consume Kamarkha juice by taking it out.
You can cut kamarkha and eat like this.
Kamarkha can also be used as a soup.
Kamarkha can be consumed as a fruit salad.
Its vegetable can also be made.
Kamarkha can also be eaten as a sauce (10).
When to eat: Kamarkha (star fruit) can be used as fruit in the morning and soup in the evening. At dinner you can eat it like a fruit salad.

How to eat: Approximately 132 grams of Kamarkha fruit can be consumed in a day. Keeping in mind the requirement of essential nutrients of the body, it is better that you consult a dietitian for proper intake.

In this section of the article, you are being told what the harm of Kamarkha can be.

Side effects of Star Fruit

Some of the disadvantages of Kamarkha are as follows.

There is a sufficient amount of calcium in kamarkha, which excessive consumption can lead to the risk of heart disease ( 6 ), ( 14 ).
Kamarkha is counted in sodium-rich fruits. If your body is sensitive to sodium, you may be troubled by the problem of high blood pressure ( 6 ), (15).
There is also some amount of fiber in kamarkha. If consumed in excess, it may cause flatulence, bloating, and stomach cramps ( 6 ), ( 7 ).
Through this article, you have learned how the use of kamarkha can help in protecting you from various health risks. Now you will not be able to make a mouth by looking at the kamarkha fruit and once you want to eat it. If you consume it in limited quantity, then you will definitely feel positive changes in your health. If you want any other information regarding Kamarkha, then you can reach us through the comment box below.


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