16 Benefits Uses And Disadvantages Of Mustard Seeda - All About Mustard Seeds
16 Benefits Uses And Disadvantages Of Mustard Seeda - All About Mustard Seeds

The mustard greens first appear in the mind as soon as the mustard is named. Also, mustard is also used to extract oil. Apart from this, in Indian kitchens, mustard seeds are also applied, but do you know that it has many benefits for health as well. In this article of stylecrase, we are telling the advantages and disadvantages of mustard seeds for health. Along with the health benefits of mustard seeds, we will also learn about how we can use mustard seeds. Although it can be healthy with the use of mustard, it is only right to get treatment by a doctor in case of serious illness.

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First of all, we know who is called mustard.

What is mustard?

There is hardly anyone who would not know about mustard. Mustard is a plant in the family Cruciferae or Brassicaceae, which can grow from 1 to 3 feet in size. It is known by the scientific name Brassica campestris. Its leaves are used to make greens, while flowers and seeds are used to extract oil. Apart from this, mustard seeds are also used as spices.

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After knowing about mustard, we are now telling about the type of mustard.

Types of mustard

There are mainly three types of mustard, black mustard, yellow mustard and brown mustard. Also, mustard is similar to mustard. Rye grains are slightly smaller in size than mustard seeds. The taste is also different. Where, mustard seed oil is extracted, the mustard seeds are added to the pickle. At the same time, when talking about the qualities, then almost the same properties and nutrients are found in both. Also in English both are called mustard.

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Now we know about the medicinal properties found in mustard.

Medicinal properties of mustard

Mustard can be beneficial for our health in many ways. According to a research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), every piece of mustard can be beneficial for health. It contains many types of phytochemicals such as carotenoids, phenolic compounds and glucosinolates. With the help of these phytochemicals, it is easy to avoid diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease ( 1 ). The medicinal properties found in it may be beneficial for health in other ways as well, which are explained in further detail.

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Here we are telling you in detail the benefits of mustard for health.

Benefits of mustard

1. Benefits of mustard seeds in cancer prevention

Mustard has some properties that can prevent cancer from growing. Research published on the NCBI website found that mustard has anticarcinogenic properties. This property found in mustard can prevent cancer in the body from flourishing ( 1 ). In addition, another research has found that the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids present in mustard oil may show effective effects in preventing colon cancer risk ( 2 ). Of course, scientific studies confirm that mustard has anti-cancer properties, but it cannot cure cancer. Therefore, if someone is suffering from this serious disease, he should get proper treatment from a doctor.

2. Benefits of mustard in asthma

The medicinal properties present in mustard may be beneficial in asthma . According to a scientific study, an organic compound called sinapine is found in mustard seeds. It may help to prevent asthma by increasing the activation of muscles and lung function by acting opposite to the condition of asthma ( 3 ).

3. Benefits of mustard seeds in relieving migraine

Due to the problem of migraine , the person suffers from unbearable pain in the head. The use of mustard can be beneficial to overcome this problem. According to a scientific report, mustard seeds contain a vitamin called riboflavin, which may reduce the risk of migraine ( 4 ) ( 5 ). At the moment, further scientific research is needed on this subject. Therefore, in case of complaint of severe migraine, the doctor should be treated without delay.

4. Health benefits of mustard seeds for blood pressure

Mustard can also be used to control blood pressure. One research found that methanol extract is found in mustard seeds, which has antihypertension effect. Therefore, if a limited amount of mustard seed or rye seed is consumed, blood pressure can be controlled ( 6 ).

5. Advantages of mustard to lose weight

Increasing weight can cause many serious diseases and the benefits of mustard seeds can also be seen in weight loss. Yes, there has been many scientific research on this subject, which has been published on NCBI website. According to research, oil extracted from mustard seeds can be helpful in weight loss . Actually, mustard oil contains abundant amounts of diacylglycerol, which can be helpful in weight loss ( 7 ).

6. Health benefits of mustard seeds in controlling cholesterol

Talking about mustard benefits, its beneficial results can also be seen in the control of cholesterol . According to a scientific study, mustard fused to diacylglycerol has the ability to control cholesterol. After its intake it has been observed that high density lipoprotein (HDL) i.e. good cholesterol increased and low density lipoprotein (LDL) i.e. bad cholesterol decreased . Therefore, mustard oil can be used to balance cholesterol ( 7 ).

7. Benefits of mustard seed in avoiding diabetes

Increased glucose levels in the blood and being uncontrolled can lead to diabetes. Mustard can be helpful to avoid diabetes problem. Many scientific researches have also been done on this subject. Indeed, research has found that black mustard seeds have hypoglycemic and antidiabetic properties, which may help reduce the level of glucose present in the blood. Black mustard seeds can serve to ease the problem of type 2 diabetes . This is confirmed by a research paper available on the NCBI site ( 8 ).

8. Beneficial in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease in which swelling of the lumps of feet can be accompanied by pain. The benefits of mustard oil can be seen here. According to a scientific research published on the NCBI website, mustard oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which can serve to ease rheumatoid arthritis . It can reduce the pain and swelling in joints due to arthritis to some extent ( 9 ).

9. Use of mustard to overcome the problem of night blindness

Lack of vitamin A may cause night vision or weakening of the eyes, ie, night blindness. This problem can be overcome by using mustard. According to research published on NCBI website, a good amount of Vitamin-A is found in yellow mustard. Vitamin-A may help reduce night blindness problem to some extent ( 10 ). Of course, mustard can be beneficial in night blindness, but in severe condition, a doctor should be treated as soon as possible.

10. Menopause

In menopausal women, menstruation stops permanently. Women cannot get pregnant in this situation. The benefits of mustard in menopause occurring in women can bring comfort. According to a scientific study, mustard contains copper, magnesium, iron and selenium. All these nutrients can protect women in menopause from problems such as high blood pressure and osteoporosis ( 11 ).

11. Rich in Fiber

Fiber along with other nutrients is also considered essential for the body. It works to control weight, along with relieving stomach problems like constipation ( 12 ). Mustard can be consumed to supply this particular nutrient, as mustard is a good source of fiber ( 4 ).

12. Benefits of eating mustard in fever and cold

The benefits of mustard have also been seen in fever and cold. It is believed that if the feet of a patient suffering from yellow fever are washed with mustard in warm water, it can be relaxed ( 13 ). In addition, another research has shown that it can be used against colds, colds and flu due to the properties present in mustard ( 14 ). At the moment, it is difficult to tell what properties it has, due to which mustard is beneficial in fever, cold and cold etc.

13. Back Pain and Muscle Pain

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, the problem of back pain and muscle aches is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, the use of mustard or the benefits of mustard can also be seen in back pain and muscle pain. A research has shown that mustard is still used as an ointment and pain reliever today to treat arthritis problems as well as back pain and muscle aches ( 15 ). However, how mustard or rye work for pain relieving properties is still a matter of study.

14. Benefits of mustard in fighting infectious diseases

The benefits of mustard or rye can also help in fighting infection. A research has found that the use of mustard can be beneficial in reducing RTI (respiratory tract infection). In the research, the feet of the patients were paved with mustard seeds once a day, which gave them a quick rest. For this, mix the powder made with mustard seeds in a bucket of hot water and ask the patient to put feet in it ( 14 ).

15. Benefits of mustard for skin

The benefits of mustard can also be seen for prevention of aging problem. Mustard contains vitamin-C (ascorbic acid) ( 16 ). Ascorbic acid is used in various beauty products. These products also include anti-aging products, which can protect against aging problems with increasing age ( 17 ).

16. Mustard properties for hair growth

Mustard oil has been used in hair for centuries. Mustard oil is rich in vitamins, protein and fatty acids. According to a scientific study, all these nutrients have properties that can play an active role in reducing hair growth and hair fall ( 11 ).

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Next, we are telling what nutrients are found in mustard or mustard seed.

Mustard Nutritional Value

The medicinal properties of mustard are due to the nutritional elements found in it. Know which nutritional elements are found in mustard ( 4 ):

Water5.27 grams
Calorie508 kcal
Protein26.08 grams
Fat36.24 grams
Carbohydrate28.09 grams
Fiber12.2 grams
Sugar6.79 grams
Calcium266 mg
Iron9.21 mg
Magnesium370 mg
Phosphorus828 mg
Potassium738 mg
Sodium13 mg
Zinc6.08 mg
Manganese2.448 mg
Copper0.645 mg
Selenium208.1 mcg
vitamin C7.1 mg
Thiamin0.805 mg
Riboflavin0.261 mg
Niacin4.733 mg
Vitamin B60.397 mg
Follett162 micrograms
Choline122.7 mg
Vitamin a2 micrograms
Beta carotene18 micrograms
Vitamin-I IU31 IU
Vitamin E5.07 mcg
Vitamin K5.4 mcg
Fatty Acid Total Saturated1.989 grams
Fatty Acid Total Monounsaturated22.518 grams
Fatty acid total polyunsaturated10.088 grams

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In this section, we know how else mustard can be used.

Use of mustard

The nutritional elements present in mustard can make the benefits of mustard seed and its use beneficial. You can use mustard in the following ways.

  • A few drops of mustard oil can be used in salads.
  • Mustard can also be used with roasted gram.
  • Mustard can also be used to season the lentils or vegetables.
  • Apart from this, mustard oil is also used for frying dumplings and papads.
  • If there is any redness on the skin, it can be applied on the affected area.
  • You can also use mustard oil for hair application.
  • Mustard oil can also be used for body massage .

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Let us know in the next part of the article how to preserve mustard or mustard for long.

How to keep mustard safe for a long time?

Buy mustard oil or mustard seeds in the required quantity. If the oil and seeds are stored well, it can be used for a long time. Always keep oil and seeds in airtight containers and normal home temperature.

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Let us now know about the loss from mustard.

Side Effects Of Mustard

If mustard is used in limited quantities, the benefits of eating mustard are many. At the same time, if mustard is used ignoring the scientific facts, then mustard seeds can be harmed for health. The disadvantages of mustard seeds or mustard seeds are as follows.

  • Do not reuse the oil used for frying, this can lead to lung cancer. It also includes mustard oil ( 18 ).
  • Applying mustard on the skin for a long time can also cause irritation ( 15 ).
  • Mustard seeds are rich in vitamin-E and excessive intake can also increase the risk of excessive bleeding in the brain ( 4 ) ( 19 ).
  • Mustard oil contains an amount of erucic acid, excess intake of which causes lipolysis, which can be the main cause of heart diseases. Therefore, it is not safe to consume mustard oil in excess ( 20 ).
  • In many experiments conducted on animals, it has been proved that excessive use of mustard can reduce resistance rather than increase ( 21 ).

Now you have become familiar with the benefits of mustard. If someone is suffering from any of the problems mentioned in the article, then mustard seeds and mustard oil can be used as medicine. At the same time, excessive intake of mustard seeds can also cause damage. Therefore, we have also given necessary tips related to its use in the article, which you can adopt at your convenience. Now when you go to the market next time, bring mustard oil with you. Hope this article gives information about the use and benefits of mustard and it will be beneficial for you.


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