16 Benefits Uses And Disadvantages Of Red Wine - Red Wine Benefits And Side Effects
16 Benefits Uses And Disadvantages Of Red Wine - Red Wine Benefits And Side Effects

You may find the subject of this article of Stylecrase shocking. This is because we are showing the benefits of red wine. Of course, red wine is beneficial, but only in limited quantities as a supplement. In this article, you will not only get to know the benefits of drinking red wine, but also will know how to make red wine. Along with this, information about the mode and quantity of drinking red wine will also be available. After knowing the benefits of red wine, do not mistakenly consume it in large quantities. Also, it is right to give medical treatment priority in any serious disease.

Before knowing the benefits of red wine, we find out who is called red wine.

What is red wine and what is it?

Red wine is made from black grapes, but the color of the wine can vary. The color of a wine can be purple, the color of a wine can be brown. The commonly used wines are made from two major red grape varieties, Kotsifali and Mandilari. Wine made from cotsifli has a lighter color but has a higher alcohol content. At the same time, the color of red wine made from mandilari is dark red. This is due to anthocyanic content and tannic content. Both these components cause differences in grape colors ( 1 ).

There are many types of red wine. It is not possible to tell about all in one article. So, here we are talking about some major varieties. Every wine is known for its distinct specialty ( 2 ).

  1. Syrah – This red wine is also known as Shiraz. This variety is slightly spicy and dark red in color. It is not made in large quantities. Some of its varieties are very long lasting and their flavor is also very strong.
  2. Merlot – It is a soft red wine variety, whose special flavor has attracted many drinkers. For those who want to consume red wine for the first time, this variety is a good choice.
  3. Cabernet – This red wine is one of the best varieties in the world, which is well liked.
  4. Malbec – This red wine is made in Bordeaux in France and is often mixed with the carbonate and merlot varieties of red wine.
  5. Pinot noir – It is counted among the most special red wine, which is very difficult to make.
  6. Zinfandel – This is the world’s highest quality red wine.
  7. Sangiovese – This is Italian red wine. Its test is like berry.
  8. Barbera – It is somewhat similar to Merlot, but it is not the more popular variety.

Now the question arises what happens in red wine, which is so beneficial for health. Let’s know about this.

What is it in red wine that is good for health?

Red wine is mainly made up of water, carbohydrates, minerals and polyphenols. Wines contain substances that can have a significant effect on heart diseases and some chronic diseases. As we mentioned above, red wine is mainly made from grapes and grapes are rich in many types of antioxidants. Especially its resveratrol antioxidants can help in keeping the heart healthy. Their presence in food and drink may reduce the risk of heart diseases, some cancers and diabetes. Not only this, the consumption of red wine can also be helpful in lowering the blood pressure of high blood pressure patients ( 3 ) ( 4 ).

Red wine also contains many other nutrients. We will study further in detail what health problems they can prevent.

Benefits of Red Wine

Learn in detail the benefits of drinking health related red wine here.

1. Red wine benefits for heart health and cholesterol

Anyone can be at risk of cholesterol and heart disease. In such a time, it is important to pay attention to it. You may be surprised to know that a few sips of red wine can be beneficial in this. A research published by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) found that red wine contains antioxidant components like resveratrol, proanthocyanidin and quercetin. These components can reduce the problem of atherosclerotic (atherosclerotic-plaque inflammation in blood vessels) by reducing oxidative stress in both animals and humans. This led to the conclusion that a balanced intake of red wine may be beneficial for cardiovascular risk factors ( 5 ) ( 6 ).

Some other studies have also shown that red wine can also help balance cholesterol. Keep in mind that this does not mean that anyone starts consuming red wine. If someone does not consume alcohol or has severe heart problems, seek medical attention before consuming red wine for the first time ( 7 ).

2. Benefits of red wine for diabetes

Red wine can also be beneficial for diabetes. To confirm this, research was conducted on people who drink red wine and do not drink red wine. This research showed that glucose levels were seen to decrease in red wine drinkers in limited quantities. They found a lower risk of diabetes than those who did not drink red wine. In addition, several other studies have also shown that red wine may be helpful in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes ( 4 ).

3. Red wine’s benefits for high blood pressure

High blood pressure ie high blood pressure can cause heart attack, kidney problem, eye trouble ( 8 ). In such a situation, the risk of hypertension can be reduced to some extent by consuming red wine. According to a report by Harvard Medical School, non-alcoholic red wine can be consumed on a regular basis. Wine can control blood pressure by protecting the arteries from being damaged. Red wine contains antioxidants such as polyphenols. These polyphenols become more beneficial when they do not contain alcohol ( 9 ). Therefore, non-alcoholic red wine can be consumed after consulting a doctor.

4. Benefits of drinking red wine for cancer prevention

Often, it is read that alcohol consumption can increase the risk of cancer. In such a situation, prevention of cancer by the consumption of red wine can be shocking. According to a report by the University of Rochester Medical Center, red wine contains resveratrol. It can destroy pancreatic cancer cells. This may reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer ( 10 ).

According to animal investigations, red wine can prevent esophageal cancer. The main reason behind this may be lignans (lignans – a type of polyphenol) present in red wine. In addition, the antibacterial properties present in red wine may reduce the risk of ulcers by protecting against bacteria called Heliobacter pylori. Also, the flavanoid present in it may reduce the risk of gastric cancer ( 4 ). In addition to all this, resveratrol in red wine also has anticancer properties. Despite all these scientific evidence, more research needs to be done on red wine in relation to cancer ( 11 ).

Keep in mind that if a person is suffering from cancer, he should get his treatment from a doctor. Cancer cannot be cured only with the help of home remedies and remedies like red wine.

5. Benefits of Red Wine for Liver

A research has confirmed that a low or balanced intake of red wine may be of hepatoprotective effect. This may be due to the antioxidant effect of resveratrol present in red wine. Also, be aware that its excessive intake can also cause liver damage ( 12 ). Therefore, it is better to ask the doctor once, what is the right amount to take daily. At the same time, if someone is already suffering from liver problems, then one should not consume red wine.

6. Benefits of drinking red wine for the brain

Red wine can also be of benefit to the brain. Its intake can be beneficial for the brain and nervous system. It has a protective effect on the brain. This is due to the resveratrol present in red wine ( 4 ) ( 13 ). To a large extent, it also depends on the amount of red wine. Excessive consumption can cause other health problems.

7. Benefits of red wine for depression

Red wine can also be consumed in small amounts to prevent depression. According to a research published in NCBI, small amounts of red wine intake can reduce depression. Also, be aware that excessive intake may also increase the risk of depression ( 14 ). More research is still needed on this. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor or a specialist about this.

8. To increase omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary for the correct development of the body and brain. Not only this, it is also necessary to keep the heart healthy. Although the body obtains omega 3 fatty acids from many foods ( 15 ), it can be beneficial if a balanced amount of wine is consumed. Scientific research found high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids in heart disease patients by consuming small amounts of wine. This was compared to those who did not consume wine. Filhaal, this still needs further research on a larger scale ( 16 ). If someone wants to consume wine based on this research, then take the advice of a doctor.

9. Benefits of red wine for eyes

If talking about the benefits of drinking red wine for the eyes, it can also be beneficial for the eyes. This is not what we are saying, but the research done by scientists. Research conducted on mice has found that resveratrol, a key element in red wine, can reduce the risk of vision problems by increasing the level of glutathione, a type of antioxidant in the body ( 17 ).

Resveratrol can also have a protective effect on the lens of the eye ( 18 ). Apart from this, it can also prevent eye problems in diabetes, cataract and other vision related problems. These research has just been done on animals. Therefore, further investigation is needed on how effective red wine is to humans in relation to the eyes.

10. To increase immunity

In order to keep the body healthy and safe from infection, it is necessary to have the immunity system (immunity) right ( 19 ) ( 20 ). There has been considerable debate among scientists regarding the relationship between alcohol and immune power. At the same time, according to the research paper published by NCBI, beverages rich in polyphenols contain wine and beer. Adding wine at low to moderate amounts can improve adult immunity ( 21 ). Despite this scientific evidence, doctors are not convinced that wine is good for immunity. Excess intake of these can also have a negative effect on immune power. This is why more research is needed in this regard.

11. For Good Sleep

Sleeplessness is also a major problem, which can have an impact on physical and mental health. In such a situation, red wine can be beneficial for good sleep. As you have already known, wine is made from grapes and grapes contain a hormone called melatonin. This hormone can work to improve sleep ( 22 ). In such a situation, it can be speculated that the consumption of wine can be helpful in good sleep. At present, there is a lack of scientific research in this regard. In such a situation, it is better to use it only on the advice of a doctor.

12. For Bones

With increasing age, the body can be the victim of many diseases. These include bone problems. In this case, it is important to take care of bones and eat the right diet Wine can be beneficial in keeping bones healthy. According to a scientific study, consuming small amounts of wine can protect bones from fracture or bone mass loss. Vines contain abundant phenolic compounds, phytoestrogens, and natural antioxidants, which may be beneficial for bones ( 23 ). More research needs to be done in this regard.

13. Benefits of drinking red wine for teeth

If we talk about the benefits of red wine, then it is also beneficial for the teeth. Red wine can be beneficial in removing the bacteria and streptococcus that cause cavity in the teeth. Resveratrol present in red wine may help neutralize tooth problems and bacterial factors ( 24 ). Not only this, the use of red wine can also cause stains on the teeth. In such a situation, it is better to consult your dentist before using red wine for teeth.

14. For the skin

Red wine can be beneficial not only for health, but also for the skin. Resveratrol present in red wine can protect the skin from harmful sun rays. Also, its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties may be beneficial for the skin ( 25 ). Not only this, resveratrol can protect not only one but many skin related problems such as skin aging and skin cancer. More research is still going on about its other effects on the skin ( 26 ).

15. Benefits of red wine for acne

As we mentioned above, the benefits of red wine can also be to the skin. Acne, which may be a common skin problem, cannot be ignored. Red wine can be beneficial for this. At the moment, research on this is very limited. Actually, red wine contains resveratrol. It can relieve acne by acting like antioxidant therapy. In addition, resveratrol may help reduce the bacterial effect of acne ( 27 ). Also, resveratrol has anti-acne properties, which can cause pimples ( 28 ). At the moment, due to the lack of research, it is difficult to accurately say whether red wine can completely cure acne.

16. Red Wine for Hair

If we talk about the benefits of red wine for hair, then it is based on people’s experience. People believe that using red wine can improve blood circulation in scalp. This can reduce hair-related problems. Also let us tell you that there is no solid scientific evidence for the benefits of red wine for hair. Therefore, be careful during its use and consult a hair care specialist.

Like other foods, red wine also has many nutritious ingredients, which make it so beneficial. Therefore, now we know about the nutritional elements present in red wine.

Nutritional elements of red wine

Below we are sharing with you the list of nutritional elements in red wine ( 29 ).

Water86.49 grams
Energy85 KCL
Protein0.07 grams
Carbohydrate2.61 grams
Sugar0.62 grams
Calcium8 mg
Iron0.46 mg
Magnesium12 mg
Phosphorus23 mg
Potassium127 mg
Sodium4 mg
Zinc0.14 mg
Copper0.011 mg
Selenium0.2 mcg
Thiamine0.005 mg
Riboflavin0.031 mg
Niacin0.224 mg
Vitamin B60.057 mg
Follett, Total1 microgram
Folate, Food1 microgram
Follett, D.F.E.1 microgram
Colin, Total5.7 mg
Carotene, beta1 microgram
Lutein + giazanthin6 micrograms
Vitamin K0.4 micrograms
Alcohol, ethyl10.6 grams

Now it is time to learn how to make red wine. We are giving this information in this part of the article.

How is red wine made?

If we talk about how red wine is made, then its process is quite interesting. We are going to elaborate on this below.

The process of making red wine:

  1. Destemming Process : First the black grapes are plucked and taken to the winery. When grapes are broken, leaves and twigs also accompany them. These can make the wine test tasteless or more bitter. In such a situation, the grapes and twigs are separated during the Destemming Process.
  2. Crushing : The grapes are crushed after the destemming process. How much the grapes are crushed depends on the winemaker. The crushed mixture is poured through the pipe into a large stainless steel vessel and sent forward for fermentation process.
  3. Fermentation process : The temperature is controlled during fermentation, as much heat is released from the fermentation. If this temperature is not controlled, the wine may become bitter and the taste may deteriorate. In this process solid and liquid are separated i.e. juice is separated from the fruit. The process of extracting juice from grapes is a process of microbiological transformation, also known as malolactic fermentation. In this process the malic acid present in the grapes is converted to lactic acid due to the effect of bacteria. The red wine is then filtered and extracted in another vessel. The wine is then stored in a container made of stainless steel or wood before bottling. Any taste related defects are corrected here.
  4. Final process : At the end the wine is passed through the filtration process. Here any bacteria and unnecessary microbial residues in the wine are removed. After this process the red wine is finally filled in glass bottles with cork stoppers.

Now it is time to know how to buy and store red wine.

How to buy and store red wine?

Many readers may be asking the question how to buy good red wine and store it for a long time. Keeping this curiosity of readers in mind, here we are showing the ways to buy and store red wine.

  • Tannin (a type of polyphenol) – The lower the tannin in the wine, the lighter it is in taste and the less intoxicating it is. Therefore, choose wines with less tannin, especially those who are going to consume it for the first time. Wines with less tannins are Pinot Noir, Barbera and Sangiovese. At the same time, there are alternatives to wines with high tannins – Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Nebbiolo.
  • Labeling – Check which grapes the wine is made from and from which region.
  • Brand – When buying wine, also keep in mind the brand of red wine. Try to choose only selected and well-known brands.
  • Blend – Let me tell you that most red wines are blended. All you have to do is choose the bland wine of your choice.
  • Body – Here we mean how light or heavy a wine can be for a person. The wine body is divided into three classes. The wine that has the lowest alcohol content and dissolves easily in the mouth is light body wine. In which there is a little alcohol, the medium body and which contains more alcohol, it falls in the category of heavy body.
  • Oak – Red wine is often fermented into oak. This makes the rough edges of the wine round, giving the wine a good texture.
  • Vintage – As old as wine. Therefore, while buying, see how old your red wine is.
  • Price – Also keep in mind the price of the wine. Do not let the wine get heavy on your pockets.

How to store:

  • Proper storage is necessary to maintain the quality and taste of red wine. Since it contains a small amount of alcohol, there is a fear of spoilage and more care is needed.
  • Always keep the bottle of red wine slightly curved, so that its cock remains moist. Keeping the bottle upright can dry the cork of the bottle and cause it to evaporate, which can also spoil the wine.
  • People generally think that the older the wine, the better. The wine tastes better with age, but this is not the case with all wines. Most red wines are made for immediate use. Keeping them for a long time can cause them to worsen. The taste of this type of wine does not improve with aging, but it can be stored for a long time with good storage.
  • Red wine should be kept away from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, as this can spoil the taste of the wine. It should be kept in a dark bottle to maintain the quality of the wine. Yet these bottles may not completely secure the wine.
  • You can keep a bottle of red wine in a box or wrap it with a cloth. Alcohol should be stored away from chemicals, food and other household items. Bottle cork has small holes. Therefore, they can easily absorb any odor in themselves. This may spoil the taste of the wine.
  • Temperature matters a lot to maintain the quality of the wine. The ideal temperature to serve red wine should be between 50 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because serving hot wine gives a more alcoholic taste. At the same time, the more cold red wine tastes more bitter and astringent.
  • Keep the bottle upright for some time before serving the wine, so that the fine particles in the wine settle down.
  • Once you open the bottle, try to finish it in two to three days, because the quality of the wine starts to deteriorate as soon as the oxygen starts entering the red wine.
  • You can store it in the refrigerator for a day or two and remove the bottle first and consume later to get to the appropriate temperature.
  • To fully enjoy red wine, always serve it in a wine glass.

Now it is time to learn about the use of red wine. In this part of the article, we are trying to give information about this.

How to Use Red Wine

Red wine can be used in various ways. We read about them below –

  • The best use you can see in cooking it. You can make food more flavorful by using it. You can use red wine as a marinette, spice or flavoring agent.
  • Red wine can be used mainly as a flavoring dessert.
  • Red wine can also be drunk like this.
  • Some special recipes can also be made from red wine.
  • It can also be applied on the face by making a facepack with red wine. Can be used to prepare facepacks by mixing yogurt and honey with red wine. Do a patch test once before using a red wine facepack.
  • A person can apply red wine on his face as well.
  • Red wine can also be applied to hair. After washing the hair, mix a little conditioner in red wine and apply it on the hair and after a few minutes wash the hair.

Now it is time to know about the loss of red wine. It is alcohol if it is less or more. If it is consumed excessively, it can feast on health related problems.

Red Wine Disadvantages

There are advantages of drinking red wine, so there are also disadvantages of high intake, which we are giving below.

  • Drinking more than red wine can also cause addiction.
  • Red wine contains alcohol. In this case, excessive intake of it can cause liver disease ( 30 ).
  • Pregnant women or lactating women avoid consuming wine. Consuming alcohol can cause a variety of health problems for the unborn child. It includes fetal alcohol syndrome. This may have an impact on the mental and physical development of the infant ( 31 ).
  • There may be a risk of cancer ( 32 ).
  • There may be a change in lifestyle, which can also have an impact on mutual relationships ( 32 ).

Along with the use of red wine, we are also giving information about the mode and quantity of drinking red wine.

How to drink red wine

  • First of all, choose your favorite red wine.
  • Then choose the right wine glass.
  • Then properly open the wine bottle and pour it into the wine glass.
  • Now shake the glass lightly, smell it and then consume it.
  • Drink it cold to enjoy the taste of the wine.

Red wine intake

Now the question arises how much red wine is right to drink. Here we are giving information about alcohol to the readers. Alcohol is also present in wine, keeping in mind that we are giving information. Keep in mind that stylecrase does not promote alcohol consumption in any way. According to scientific research here, our purpose is to give information only ( 6 ).


  • Women can consume about half a cup of wine throughout the day.
  • At the same time, men can consume about half to one cup of wine.

Note : This quantity also depends on the health of the person. Therefore, even now we will advise that whoever wants to consume it must first consult a doctor. Stylecrase does not promote alcohol consumption.

After reading the benefits of red wine in the article, many people would like to include it in their diet. Before that we should also make it clear that people who do not consume alcohol especially do not choose it as an option. Drinking red wine has its benefits, then there are disadvantages and it can also have a negative impact on health. Therefore, first of all, according to your age and health, consult the expert about how much red wine should be drunk. Drinking can also lead to addiction. In such a situation, readers can also follow the method of drinking red wine mentioned above. If red wine is taken as a balanced medicine, it can be quite beneficial. Our request to our readers is to consume red wine properly and if need be, do not consume red wine just for fun. Also, how did you like this article, do let us know in the comment box below. You can also ask your questions to us.


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