17 Benefits Uses And Disadvantages Of Tulsi Leaves - All About Basil Leaves
17 Benefits Uses And Disadvantages Of Tulsi Leaves - All About Basil Leaves

In almost every house in India, you will see a basil plant. While it has religious beliefs on the one hand, it is also used in the treatment of many diseases. According to Hindu scriptures, bacteria and bacteria are not able to enter the house where the basil plant is grown. Also, the atmosphere of the house is also pure. For this reason, in this article of Stylecrase we will talk about what are the benefits of Tulsi. Also, you will learn about the right way to use basil in this article, so that you can avoid the loss of basil. So let us now understand the advantages and disadvantages of Tulsi in detail.

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In the article, first of all let’s understand about the benefits of Tulsi and Tulsi seeds.

Benefits of Basil – Basil Leaves Benefits in Hindi

Before telling the advantages and disadvantages of Shri Tulsi, let us tell that the properties of Tulsi mentioned in this article are not any kind of medical treatment and cannot eliminate the problem from the root. Yes, benefits of basil may include reducing the symptoms of some physical and mental problems. At the same time, if the problem is serious, then medical treatment is necessary. Let us now explain in detail the benefits of eating basil leaf.

1. Benefits of Tulsi leaves for stress

In today’s time, stress has become a very common problem and to get relief from this people adopt many types of therapy. By the way do you know that the benefits of Tulsi leaves have been seen in reducing this problem. In a research published by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), it has been reported that it has antistress properties, which can relieve stress. The use of basil leaves daily can help detoxify the cells of the body. This can help to reduce toxic mental stress by calming the mind. At the same time, it can also help in other mental benefits such as antidepressant properties and memory improvement ( 1 ). In this way, the benefits of eating basil leaves can be found in relieving stress.

2. The properties of basil increase immunity

The benefits of eating basil leaves have also been seen in improving the ability to fight against diseases. It is said to have immunomodulatory properties, which may help improve the functioning of the immune system . At the same time, Tulsi can also be used to treat a disease like asthma due to these properties ( 2 ). At the same time, the benefits of basil can be used to get relief from problems like cold, cold, fever ( 3 ). Therefore, if any immunity is low, then the benefits of eating basil leaf can prove to be effective for them.

3. The benefits of basil leaves in reducing weight

If someone is trying to lose weight, one can reap the benefits of basil juice with exercise and proper eating. Indeed, research conducted on mice in the lab has shown a reduction in the weight of obese mice by drinking 250 grams of basil juice twice daily for eight weeks. Based on this research conducted by the Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry, it can be said that the benefits of Tulsi juice can be helpful in controlling whole body weight, BMI and insulin in the body ( 4 ). At the moment, it is difficult to tell which effect can cause weight loss by using basil leaf.

4. Benefits of drinking basil juice in mouth health

The benefits of drinking Tulsi can also be seen in keeping the mouth clean. Due to its antibacterial properties, basil can help in curing mouth odor, pyorrhea and other diseases associated with gums ( 5 ). According to another study, basil also has antimicrobial properties. This property can be helpful in protecting the mouth from bacterial infection ( 6 ). Thus the benefits of Tulsi juice for mouth health can be seen.

5. Benefits of Tulsi Juice for Eyes

Tulsi leaves can also be used for eyes suffering from conjunctivitis. Yes, many researches have mentioned that its use can provide relief from the problem of conjunctivitis, however, there is clearly nothing available about its functioning. Conjunctivitis is a type of infection in the eye that causes eye irritation and swelling ( 7 ).

Note : Of course, basil leaves are used for the eyes, but the eyes are very soft, so be sure to consult a good eye specialist before putting anything in the eyes.

6. Benefits of eating basil leaves in headache

You must have believed that a cup of tea can do wonders to get relief from headache, but do you know that by adding a few basil leaves in that tea, its effect is doubled? Yes, research published by NCBI found that basil properties can also help in reducing headache ( 7 ). The next time someone around you has a headache, they can be given tea with basil leaves for quick relief.

7. Benefits of drinking basil juice for the heart

When it comes to the benefits of basil, it can also help in keeping the heart healthy. Tulsi is said to have cardio protective properties. Due to these properties, basil can help in keeping the heart healthy, keeping the heart disease away. At the same time, basil extract may also be useful in protecting against heart disease caused by stress ( 8 ). Therefore, the benefits of drinking Tulsi juice include reducing the risk of heart disease and keeping the heart healthy.

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8. Relieve from sore throat

Basil has been used for centuries to keep the throat healthy. Sore throat can be caused by flu or common cold, behind which virus or bacteria is involved ( 9 ) ( 10 ). As such, the benefits of Tulsi juice can be found in relieving sore throat due to its ability to kill these viruses and bacteria. Nowadays it is also being used in making many types of Kapha syrup. It is reported that it can also be helpful in removing the phlegm in the lungs, which can also relieve sore throat ( 11 ).

To avail the benefits of drinking basil water for the throat, boiling seven-eight basil leaves in a glass of water can be consumed. Gargling can also be done with this water.

9. Benefits of eating basil in cancer

Along with common body diseases, the benefits of Tulsi juice can be somewhat helpful in reducing the risk of cancer. Scientists say that basil juice has radioprotective properties, which can eliminate tumor cells that grow in the body. In addition, eugenol is also found in basil, which has anticancer properties. Also, basil also contains essential phytochemicals such as rosmarinic acid, epigenin, luteolin, myrtenal. These can also help fight various types of cancer ( 12 ). Cancer is not a simple disease and relying on home remedies for its treatment can make it more dangerous. For this reason, it is important to get the right treatment for cancer by consulting a doctor.

10. Benefits of Tulsi leaves in diabetes

If someone asks you about diabetes home remedies , you can advise them to use basil. Due to its anti-diabetic properties, the benefits of drinking basil water daily in the morning can be helpful in controlling diabetes ( 1 ). In addition, basil also has hypoglycemic properties. Due to these, it can help in controlling blood sugar in the body ( 4 ).

11. Benefits of eating basil in constipation

Basil can be beneficial in getting relief from many stomach problems. The benefits of basil seeds can be found in relieving constipation. For this, 2 grams of basil seeds can be consumed with a glass of lukewarm water ( 13 ). At the same time, basil leaves can also be used to get relief from other stomach related problems like indigestion and ulcers ( 14 ). These advantages still require further research on its functioning.

12. Benefits of Basil for Liver

During a scientific research, basil was found to have hepatoprotective properties. Hepatoprotective properties can prevent liver damage. Therefore, basil was consumed in mice suffering from bad liver. This was followed by positive changes in the rat. During the research, it was found that the use of basil has reduced the swelling in the liver of the rat ( 15 ).

13. Help to reduce inflammation

Basil can be used to reduce inflammation. A special type of acid present in basil works behind it, which is called Arsolic Acid. This acid is said to have antiinflammatory properties, which may help reduce inflammation. Due to this property, it can relieve many inflammatory diseases such as allergies, asthma, tissue swelling, etc. ( 16 ).

14. Use of basil for blood vessels

The benefits of drinking basil have also been seen in improving the functioning of blood vessels. It has vascular protection properties, due to which it can help in keeping the blood vessels healthy. At the same time, it can also help in maintaining the blood flow in the body by preventing the blood from getting thick. It can also help reduce the risk of stroke by diluting thick blood ( 17 ).

15. Benefits of Tulsi Drops for Skin

Basil can be used to reduce acne on the skin. A study published by the National Library of Medicine in this subject has also considered that basil essential oil can help reduce acne problem ( 18 ). At the same time, basil can also be beneficial in relieving other serious skin problems such as eczema (red and itchy rashes on the skin), because a major cause of eczema is oxidative stress and basil’s antioxidant properties in reducing its symptoms. May be helpful ( 19 ).

16. Benefits of Tulsi leaves for fall hair

Basil leaves can prevent hair fall by reactivating hair follicles. Also, the hair can be made stronger by the roots. In addition, it cools the scalp and can improve blood circulation. The benefits of using basil as a home remedy for special can also be seen ( 20 ).

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Learn how basil can be used in the next part of the article.

How to use basil

Basil can be used daily as follows –

  • To reap the benefits of eating basil, basil leaves can be chewed on an empty stomach every morning. Before that, wash it with water.
  • Herbal tea can be made using ginger and honey along with basil leaves. This tea is not only beneficial for health, but is also good in taste.
  • You can chop basil leaves in your favorite dish like tomato sauce, flavored curd, meat gravy. This will also increase the taste of the dish and provide essential nutrients.
  • Mixing the basil leaves at the end of the meal while cooking will give it a unique taste and will also give it a pleasant aroma.
  • You can also add basil leaves in juice or mocktail. This will give a new flavor.
  • You can also chop fresh basil leaves and mix them in the salad.

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In the next part of this article, you will learn how to keep basil safe for a long time.

How to preserve basil for a long time

If you have a basil plant in your house, try to use only fresh leaves of basil. At the same time, basil can also be used by drying with the procedure described below –

  • First break the basil leaves close to the stalk.
  • Now wash them thoroughly and wipe them with a clean cloth.
  • After this, separate each leaf, place it on a microwave safe plate and keep it in the microwave.
  • Now run the microwave twice for 30 seconds. Remember not to set a full time of one minute at a time.
  • After this, take the leaves out and crush them and keep this powder in a small airtight vial.
  • You can use it for about a month.

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Side Effects of Basil (Tulsi)

If you are wondering what the disadvantages of basil can be, but it is not so. Ayurveda also says that everything should be consumed according to health and circumstances and in limited quantities, only then it benefits. In this context, it is important to know both the advantages and disadvantages of Tulsi –

  • It has antifertility effects, due to which its overuse may cause sperm count to decrease in males ( 21 ).
  • There is no firm research on this, so that it can be said that it is safe for pregnant and lactating women. Because of this, during this time one should avoid consuming basil to avoid its loss ( 22 ).
  • As we mentioned above, basil can prevent blood clots from forming. For this reason, due to excessive intake, it can make the blood thinner than necessary, which can cause bleeding problems ( 17 ).
  • People who are taking diabetes medicine also should not eat basil. This can lead to excessively low blood sugar levels ( 21 ).

After knowing the benefits of basil leaves, you must have understood why basil is given so much importance. Its recognition is not only on religious grounds, but also on the scientific parameters, the benefits of Tulsi have been proved. If there is no Tulsi plant in your house, keep it in your courtyard or balcony as soon as possible, so that you do not have to run around for it if you need it in future. In this article, we told you about the advantages and disadvantages of Tulsi, with the help of which you can easily make decisions related to its use.


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