A total of 17 people and institutions, including educational and professional establishments, have taken legal action against the new rules related to pay for H-1B Visa in the US. Together, they have filed a case in the District Court of the District of Columbia against the US Department of Labor regarding the last interim rule recently enacted on pay. It has been alleged that the rule, issued without planning and irregular way, does not follow the rules of the rules and is arbitrary and irrational.

Explain that the H-1B visa is a non-migrant visa, which American companies give to bring workers to the US in the IT sector and other skilled sectors. Under this program, there are a large number of IT professionals going to India from India for jobs. Critics of the program say that this has reduced the salary range in some professional fields.

Earlier this month, the Labor Department issued a new rule to fix appropriate pay levels for H-1B holders and other foreign labor programs, to which the White House said it would improve the quality of H-1B holders and Will ensure better salary for other employees doing similar jobs in America.

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The White House said that under this rule, companies’ ability to replace their employees with cheap foreign employees would be limited and would ensure that salaries of American employees were not impacted by employees working on low wages.

Case filers – Purdue University, University of Michigan, University of Denver, Chapman University, Bard College, International Institute of New England, Information Technology Industry Council, Arizona State University, Scripps College, Northern Arizona University, Indiana University, Study Mississippi , Dentists for America, Physicians for American Healthcare and Hodges Bonded Warehouse.

They say that studies show that H-1B visa holders create jobs in the US. Neither the American economy nor the employees will benefit from the new rule. Jess Bless, Director of Federal Litigation of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said that this new rule has caused immediate and non-essential damage to every corner of the economy and has led to educational institutions, non-profit institutions, hospitals, start-ups and small businesses. Have been impressed



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