This year, around the third week of October and the beginning of winter, there was a storm and it swept away the entire world, not just the country! In this month, like all the cities of India, the city of Meerut as if every path was going towards its destination (Begumpul)! The crowd from children to youth and the elderly used to be on the same track from morning to evening! And this path used to stop at one place! Nishat Cinema! The name of the storm was “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”.

That year I was in the 11th grade and a pair of clothes were kept separately in cricket kitbags. Had to go to the stadium, but practice was often on the pitch of Dilwale Dulhania! In the atmosphere and atmosphere, a different fragrance floated in the morning and evening. “Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam”, “Mehndi laga ke keep”, “Just a little jhoom lu main” … and every person was swept away in this hangover The film proved to be the biggest turning point in the careers of many people including Yash Raj Banner, director Aditya Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan, including Indian cinema! After Amitabh Bachchan, the biggest superstar of Indian cinema, Shah Rukh Khan’s career revolved at a 360 angle with the success of this film! The release of ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ on Tuesday (October 20) will be a full 25 years, but even today the film is like a breath of fresh air. And it will be like a breath of fresh air in any round! Just like the batting of Sir Viv Richards and Sachin Tendulkar. Whenever the younger generation of any age will see this film, it will get better in its fragrance! There are many stories and stories related to the film!

1. Differences between father and son over casting of lead hero: There were differences between father Yash Raj Chopra and son Aditya from the beginning regarding casting of lead role. Self Yash Chopra wanted to cast Saif Ali Khan in the film, but Aditya Chopra’s choice was Shahrukh Khan. Saif Ali Khan’s name was almost finalized. Saif’s trial poster also worked within the production house, but Saif also refused to join the film. However, in the slog overs (last round), Aditya Chopra managed to persuade his father for Shahrukh.

2. Shahrukh agreed in fourth meeting: It took months for Aditya Chopra to convince Shahrukh Khan for the lead role. The reason was that King Khan’s car was running on a negative role. Shahrukh was already flying in the sky due to the feat of ‘Baazigar’, ‘Fear’! And Shahrukh wanted to run on this track. He was not agreeing for a romantic role. Aditya Chopra could not take Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Yes’ even during three visits, but Aditya Chopra persuaded Shahrukh in the fourth meeting

3. Shahrukh said “yes”: Aditya Chopra had failed to persuade Shahrukh Khan for this role in three meetings. And in the fourth meeting, when Aditya Chopra said – “Unless you make a place in the heart of every woman, including the country’s mother-ladies, then you will not be a superstar.” How important this line was, it is clearly reflected in its mood throughout the film. King Khan understood this and in the fourth meeting he said yes to the lead role.

4. Yash Raj refuses to watch the song: The first songs of the film were shot and the first song of the film was shot in Switzerland – Zara Sa Jhoom Lu Main, Na-Re, Na-Re, Na. When Aditya asked his father to watch the song after the song was shot, he refused to watch it. Yash Raj said- “Now your assistant director will not be named on the show-reel, but now you will work as a full director. Now you will make a film according to your creativity. I will watch the whole film later” The whole film was handed over to son Aditya.

5. Saroj Khan considered Aditya iron: Late dance director Saroj Khan remained attached to the film for most part of the film production, but Farah Khan replaced Saroj Khan in the last part of the film due to a creativity clash with Aditya Chopra. After the film became a super-duper hit, Farah Khan apologized to Aditya Chopra, saying, “Aditya’s thinking was far ahead of him and he was right.” However, Saroj Khan never worked with the Yash Raj banner again.

6. Controversy with Manish Malhotra about the dress: On the filming of ‘Henna Laga Ke Rhenna Song’, there was a dispute between Aditya Chopra and Dress Desire Manish Malhotra regarding Kajol’s dress. Manish was in favor of wearing a different color lehenga and dress from Kajol, but Aditya wanted the dress to be only green in the entire song. The reason was the song mehndi. In the end, “Boss” was followed by Aditya and on Kajol the song was filmed in a green dress.

7. For the first time, the film’s making show on Doordarshan: Director Aditya Chopra decided to make a half-hour documentary on the lines of Hollywood after the shooting was over. Never before had this happened in Indian cinema. Karan Johar and Uday Chopra were given the responsibility as both of them were very closely and deeply involved in the film making process. The film production documentary was shown on Doordarshan two days before the film’s release (October 18, 1995).

8. Irresistible earnings and Shahrukh becomes ‘King’: During that period, the cost of nearly four crores was incurred on the construction of this film. And so far this film has grossed around 122 crores worldwide. Many times the cost. Shahrukh Khan got the biggest benefit in terms of money and height. The success of the film completely established Shahrukh as a superstar. With negative, his zone turned into romance and the success of the film led to his becoming a ‘romantic king’. At the same time, a major impact was that in the era of liberalization and globalization, all the big companies of India and abroad were queuing up at Shahrukh’s door to make him their brand ambassador. Aditya Chopra’s point proved to be two hundred percent correct. Shah Rukh had settled in the hearts of women, including the mother-ladies of India! In an interview, Shahrukh says- “I expected that money would come, but this much will come, it was never thought.”


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