5 Alarm items to choose by function Which do you want to wake up?
5 Alarm items to choose by function Which do you want to wake up?

A refreshing and awakening is important for a healthy sleep. But it ’s the season when you do n’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

Those who want to have a natural awakening and a stress-free morning . On the other hand, there are various needs such as people who say “If you don’t get it hard, you’ll be late for the company …”.

Based on each request, I picked up five types: a type that is caused by sound, a type that is caused by vibration, a type that is caused by light like Asahi, and a type that has a convenient plus alpha function.

When you only want to wake up quietly, vibration alarm

A vibration alarm clock is useful when you can’t sound an alarm . Moreover, even with this watch type, even vibrations are hard to be transmitted to the surroundings. You can use it when you want to take a nap on the go, on the train or on the bus , or when you don’t want to wake up your family or partner sleeping together at home. Also, people who are not good at alarm clock alarm sounds can wake up with peace of mind.

You can also select the alarm sound by sliding the switch . Alarm sound at home and vibration outside can be used separately. In addition, a time signal, stopwatch machine, and re-alarm function . The weight is about 1/3 of a typical alarm clock. The wristband is a stretchable material that does not overtighten the wrist, and can be removed only on the body.

Alarm light that wakes up with light like Asahi

When a person wakes up in the morning, it is said to wake up by a bright light and reset the body clock . The body clock is linked to daily rhythms such as human body temperature, blood pressure, metabolism, circulatory organs, and immunity. Also, just getting light when you get up can help you recover from fatigue , help you stay healthy, increase your concentration, and be positive.

If there is such a good influence, you want to wake up naturally in the morning sun. But the weather and sunrise time cannot be set. Inti4s can be used there. Using special high-brightness LED , it becomes brighter gradually and promotes comfortable awakening. Although it is a warm light, it is safe because it is designed to protect your eyes. For those who are worried about light alone, it also has a sound function.

The last fort of people who don’t wake up, loud type

For those who can’t get up with the alarm clocks and cell phone alarms they have used, there is a loud alarm clock . Especially the volume of this product is up to 100dB . What a sound under the guard when the train passes . If even such loud sounds do not occur, the alarm snooze function is activated. The alarm will sound again after about 5 minutes. There are 6 levels of volume control , so if you are worried about annoying the surroundings, or if it’s okay if the volume is a little lower, you can turn it down.

Radio clock type that does not require annoying time adjustment . Because it has a backlight function , you can check the time even in a dark room. It looks small and cute and looks like a megaphone.

Hair band where you can hear the alarm sound only for you

If you’re worried about the vibration type and want an alarm sound that you can only hear, you can use the “wake-up band”, a portable alarm when connected to a smartphone . Earphone built-in hair band . The hair band is made of fleece. Because it is soft and stretches, it can be used as an eye mask . The earphone to be set on the hair band is a pad type with a thickness of about 3mm. There are few bumps and it is soft so it doesn’t hurt. Of course, you can sleep sideways.

Washing is possible by removing the earphone part. Hair band sizes are S and M. The length of the cable is 118cm. It’s not bulky and easy to carry , so if you always put it in your bag, you can easily use it when you travel on the train or on the bus.

QI wireless charger with alarm clock function

There is also an alarm clock with the function of smartphone wireless charging QI . This product is compatible with iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone X / iPhone XS / other QI compatible devices. It is a pad type that just places the smartphone directly on the charger . It’s convenient that it also has an alarm clock function.

Up to 3 alarm clock alarm times can be set. The time display can be switched between 12H and 24H. There is also a calendar function . The approximate indoor temperature is also displayed. In addition, it can be set so that the character of the time lights up in response to sound of 60db or more, and turns off after about 10 seconds when quiet . The brightness can be adjusted in 3 steps. From evening until morning, the energy saving function halves the display brightness. You can choose from a USB power supply (included) or a dry battery (sold separately).


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