9 Benefits Of Cumin Water Benefits And Side Effects
9 Benefits Of Cumin Water Benefits And Side Effects

Cumin enhancing food is also beneficial for health. Therefore, it is advisable to consume cumin water in some problems. In particular, drinking cumin water can prove beneficial to lose weight. Of course, cumin is beneficial in many cases, but it would not be right to consider it as an accurate treatment of a disease. Therefore, if anyone has a serious problem, then medical treatment should be preferred. In this article of stylecrease, we are giving information about the method of making cumin water and the benefits of drinking cumin water. Apart from this, we will also tell you what the consequences of drinking cumin water can be.

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Let us first know whether cumin water is good for health or not.

Is cumin water good for health?

Yes, consuming cumin water can prove to be good for health. According to a medical research, cumin can play a helpful role in preventing fatal problems like infection and cancer. In addition, it can also improve the problem of asthma, diabetes, immune system, stress, digestion, headache and dermatitis. For this it contains immunomodulators, anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, analgesic, hepatoprotective, anti-osteoporotic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-asthma, anti-stress, anti-infertility, dietary fiber and anti-cancer. Attributes are responsible (1) . Apart from this, cumin water can have many other benefits for health, which will be known in further detail.

Let us now know what the benefits of cumin water can be.

Benefits of Cumin Water

Cumin water is made using cumin. Therefore, the benefits that come from cumin, the same benefits can be obtained by drinking cumin water. Let us know in detail about these advantages.

1. For Digestion

The benefits of drinking cumin water can be for digestion. According to a scientific research, cumin contains a good amount of digestive enzymes, which can act to stimulate digestion. This can help digest the diet and get it out of the body through feces (2) .

2. For blood pressure

Cumin water can be consumed to control rising blood pressure. According to a scientific research, cumin is found to have antihypertensive effects, which are known to reduce the problem of high blood pressure. In addition, potassium is also found in it, which is essential for cell and body fluids. This allows blood pressure to be kept under control (3) . Therefore, it can be said that the benefits of cumin water can be to keep the blood pressure balanced.

3. For immunity

The benefits of cumin water can work to strengthen the body’s immune system. Actually, cumin is a good source of iron and mineral, which can work to increase the energy of the body. This can strengthen the body’s immune system. It also has immunomodulatory effects, known to promote the immune system (3) . For this reason it can be said that the benefits of cumin water can be on the immune system.

4. To lose weight

Cumin water intake can be helpful for rapid weight loss . A scientific study in this regard is available on the website of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). According to this study, 88 overweight women were given 3 grams of cumin per day for 3 months. After 3 months there was a decrease in weight, waist size and fat mass of those women (4) . In addition, cumin can also promote metabolic rate, which can help control weight (5) . Therefore, the most important of the benefits of cumin water is weight loss.

5. Get rid of anemia

When there is a deficiency of iron in the body, then anemia problem arises. Due to lack of iron in the blood, the amount of hemoglobin also decreases, due to which the blood does not get enough oxygen to the body (6) . In such a situation, the benefits of cumin water can be seen to deal with this problem. Actually, cumin contains plenty of iron, which can work to increase the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. This can be overcome by the problem of anemia (3) .

6. improve sleep

Many people wonder what happens by drinking cumin water. Let them know that the consumption of cumin tea can improve the quality of sleep. Also, the use of this tea can also relieve sleep related problems like insomnia (7) . Therefore, it can be believed that the benefits of drinking cumin water can also be for sleep. At the moment, it needs further research. So that it helps to know which properties of cumin helps.

7. Relieve Constipation

If someone has constipation, cumin water can be helpful in getting rid of this problem. Constipation is a digestive problem, which is caused due to poor digestion of the diet. Cumin water can serve to digest food as mentioned above. This can relieve constipation problem (8) . Therefore, the benefits of drinking cumin water can relieve constipation.

8. For the skin

The benefits of cumin water can be to relieve many skin related problems. A scientific research has shown that cumin is rich in vitamin E, which can help to keep the skin young and shiny. At the same time, essential oil made using cumin has disinfectant and antifungal properties. Which can act to prevent the skin from being affected by microbial and fungal infections (3) . In such a situation, it can be said that cumin water can have benefits for the skin.

9. For hair

The properties of cumin water can work to promote hair health. Actually, the nutrients present in cumin seeds can provide nutrition to the hair to the roots, which can reduce hair fall. At the same time, a research has been given that essential oil made from cumin seeds has anti-fungal effects. Another research has shown that antifungal properties can act like antidandruff, which can overcome the problem of dandruff with scalp. So that it can promote hair growth (9) (10) . Therefore, it can be believed that cumin water can have benefits for hair.

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Now in the next part of the article we will talk about the use of cumin water.

How to use cumin water

Just as cumin water benefits are many. Similarly, cumin water can also be used in many ways, which is as follows:

  • Cumin water can be used for drinking.
  • It can also be used to apply on the skin.
  • Cumin water can be applied to hair.

Further information

In the next part of this article, we will learn the method of making cumin water.

Method of making cumin water

The method of making cumin water is quite easy, about which we are telling step by step below.

  • First of all, soak two spoons of cumin seeds in a glass of water overnight.
  • The next morning boil it for a few minutes in a low flame. This will cause the color of the water to appear pale yellow.
  • After that, you can drink it by taking it like tea.
  • Chew it when cumin comes while drinking it.

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In the next part of this, we are talking about the loss of drinking cumin water.

Side Effects of Cumin Water

The advantages and disadvantages of drinking cumin water depends on its quantity. Also, when should one drink cumin water and in what quantity. If someone drinks cumin water in excess, they may suffer the following damage (3) .

  • The loss of cumin water can be seen for digestion and gastric, but this happens only when cumin water is consumed in excess.
  • Cumin overdose may affect the way the kidneys and liver function normally, which can be harmful.
  • If breastfeeding women consume cumin water, they may lack milk.
  • Consumption of cumin water before any surgery is not recommended.
  • It has narcotic properties, due to which excessive intake can cause nausea and brain dysfunction.
  • Due to its high intake, the level of blood sugar can be reduced more than sure. Also, more bleeding can occur at the time of menstruation.
  • Cumin water can also cause allergic reactions at times.

Those who wonder what happens by drinking cumin, they must have understood by reading this article that cumin water can be very beneficial for health. At the same time, if one does not know how to make cumin water, then by reading this article you can know the method of making cumin water. In this article, apart from drinking cumin water, we have explained how to use it in other ways. Apart from this, people who are struggling with a serious problem, should take it only after consulting a doctor. We hope that this information will prove useful to you.


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