Chatting app WhatsApp is now popular worldwide. Most of the people are using WhatsApp for their phone conversations, video calls and chatting. Meanwhile, a bad news is coming. The company has announced that now users will be charged for WhatsApp Business. In this regard, the company has given information from its official blog. Let’s say that there are more than 50 million business users of WhatsApp business.

WhatsApp has given information from its blog post WhatsApp has
announced a pay-to-message option for more than five crore business users. The company has said, “We are going to charge some of the services offered to business customers to provide free end-to-end encrypted text, video and voice calling to more than two billion customers.” However, WhatsApp has not disclosed how much will be charged for business service.

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Business for small businesses is very useful WhatsApp

Experts say that WhatsApp has recently launched a separate app for WhatsApp Business keeping in mind the small businesses. The special feature of this app is that it has many features related to small business that you do not find in normal WhatsApp. WhatsApp believes that with the help of this feature small businesses will be helped to build their business. The company has started sending notifications for this new feature to its business users.


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