US President Donald Trump is arriving in India today on his two-day visit. His visit is as important for New Delhi as it is for Washington. This is Trump’s first bilateral visit. Before that, he visited two or more nations together in whichever country he visited. But this time they have broken this tradition. He is on his way to Ahmedabad soon after being freed from the charges of impeachment. What is the reason behind this? That too when their domestic popularity is still the highest. Then, the US economy is also in good shape and the employment situation has also improved there. The process of presidential elections has also started in America, in which they are more busy. Certainly, Trump will be more focused on domestic elections, Because there is a significant number of voters of Indian origin in America. They also cooperate financially in elections. That is why ‘Namaste Trump’ can be called the sequel of ‘Howdy Modi’. But this is not the only thing.

Actually, America is eyeing India’s market. The Trump administration has been continuously pressurizing India to gain access to bilateral trade. The dispute has deepened in the last year and a half, when the US President said that Harley Davidson would not even accept 50 per cent tariff. These days also the atmosphere of a big trade agreement was hot. However, this agreement could not take shape, because the US wants us to give substantial leeway to its companies in agriculture and milk-producing sectors. This is not possible for India. It is good that the government has made its stand clear on this, that is why in this visit of Trump, only small trade agreements between the two countries are being agreed. By the way, the Trump administration agreed to a major trade deal in 2021, so it is possible that after the US presidential election, in which Trump is most likely to win,

It would be in New Delhi’s interest to use the tour as a pressure on Trump. There are many differences between India and the United States. Therefore, in a ‘one-to-one’ conversation with Prime Minister Modi President Trump, let him know about the problems here. The Prime Minister should state that India is not a developed economy, as the Trump administration believes. The Indian economy is still developing and is working relentlessly to get out of it. Its size is undoubtedly large, but the reason is the population here. That is why there should be no competition in the Indian and American economies. As it is, India’s trade surplus with the US (less imports from the US and more exports to the US) has come down to $ 22 billion, up from $ 32 billion. Obviously, we are now becoming more dependent on the US for military equipment and our energy needs.

The US must also state that India is its strategic partner, and this relationship is in the interests of both countries for several reasons. The first reason is definitely China, whose expansionary policies are causing trouble to both America and India. Both democracies must indicate the need to unite globally to overcome geo-strategic challenges. Then, the Indo-Pacific region is also very important for both countries. It is in our interest to strengthen ourselves here, so it is important for America also to give more and more role to India to increase its interference here. Hence, the need of the hour for India and the United States to be diplomatic cooperation with each other. Trump’s visit will also affect the regional politics of South Asia. China will be eyeing this tour, Pakistan too must be watching it with despair. Islamabad was under pressure that President Trump stay in Rawalpindi before reaching India. But this is not happening. Clearly, it is the trump of the Trump administration that Pakistan should look into its diplomacy.

Of course, for both India and America, there is a situation of ‘neither you win, nor we lose’, but we should not loose our pressure on the American administration. President Trump does not favor small issues. Their full emphasis is on looking at the picture on a large board. They have to be told that agriculture, animal husbandry and milk production are very common in India. 42 percent of our population is dependent on agriculture, whereas in America, the number of such people is just two percent. Therefore, even though the subsidy in the figures may be more visible in India, in terms of per capita concession our farmers do not stand ahead of American farmers. There are also many marginal farmers here. That is why America should not become more determined about its interests in trade agreements. How much President Trump will understand all these things, it will become clear in the next two days,


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