When disaster has hit the whole world, the question arises from the fact that the people who are responsible for dealing with it are capable or not? As Aafat does not care about the limitations arising from national sovereignty, there is a lack of individuals who have direct influence on the international public.
Informally, American presidents held this responsibility for a long time. Whenever a crisis arose anywhere in the world, he would initiate help or intervention on his behalf. This is the first time this continent itself seems helpless. Kovid-19 has uncovered her publicity. The way in which people died or fell prey to this virus in America, it did not happen in any other country.

Donald Trump should have shown seriousness in this darling of crisis, but at this stage of his age he is behaving like a naughty young man. They are being accused that not only did they take negligence in taking action on time, but they also allowed all the states to remain in a tizzy. Now Khurrat Trump is blaming China for this failure. China is blamed for all the countries including Germany and England. These countries believe that Dragon’s actions have caused irreparable damage to the world. The Mizuri province of the United States has imposed a civil suit on China. Some social organizations and governments are in the mudra of knocking on the door of Geneva, calling it a human rights issue. No wonder, the coming day and night, while coming to book some new cases.

On the other hand, China has stepped up its diplomatic efforts, calling these allegations absurd. In order to tease America, it has taken pity on Latin American and African countries. Beijing is providing all possible assistance to these landlocked countries to fight Kovid-19. Now the heads of government of these countries are raising their voice in support of it. Many countries of Eastern Europe have already considered China as a friend. Let me remind you that a few weeks ago in this column, I had predicted that the strength of China and America will increase further. 

It is now seen that the Western countries that have supported America and on all fronts are speaking in unison against Beijing. Why is this happening? Is it just an attempt to hide its failure or is it a reality? To find the answers to these questions, all the scholars will see you torn apart. Some communicable specialists in America are saying that we have carefully examined the virus infection. It seems that China deliberately spread the virus. Opinions to the contrary deny this charge from scratch. Whatever may be the truth, but it is certain that this war of words will proceed. This is the place that creates apprehension. All countries on the earth are currently occupied by drunk nationalists. They have changed the spirit of nationalism in excitement with the slogan ‘America First’ or their earthly strong.

If you do not believe, then consider Trump’s statement made last Thursday. He said that America has been attacked, it is not just the flu. Earlier, UK Foreign Minister Dominic Robb has also promised that Beijing would have to bear its fatal consequences. Germany’s Chancellor Merkel is also angry with China’s attitude. Signs from China make it clear that Beijing does not intend to blink. He not only responded to these accusations Turkish-Turkish, but also increased his naval activities in the South China Sea and made it clear that he would continue on his agenda. The masters of Beijing know that the world cannot run without us at the moment. He holds hundreds of patents for essential commodities, products and herbs. Western countries had openly set up their factories by seeing the cheap labor force there. They cannot turn a dragon’s mouth in one stroke. 

This was the talk of developed countries. Emotional slogans are raised against China in a developing country like India, but to know how dependent we are on it, consider just two examples. Many parts of the auto industry come from China. Not only this, many of our companies have to import some of its ingredients from China for the hydroxy chloroquine drug for malaria that Trump was threatening. This is the place where we feel the need of the strongest world leaders. In these circumstances, people like Gandhi or Mandela could create some easily accessible formulas through their mass appeal, but this is not possible in the world of Trump, Merkel and Jinping. This situation is intimidating.

one more thing! Some male presidents and prime ministers are seen doing better than expected, when the male head of state is on fire. As soon as Taiwan’s President Sai Ing-wen came to know that a mysterious virus was spreading in Wuhan, he immediately ordered a strict investigation of all flights to and from Wuhan. After that he took all necessary steps. Then all flights to China, Hong Kong and Macau were banned. As a result, the transition could not spread like China. The population of Corona-infected people in Taiwan, with a population of around 2.5 crore, is barely 428. About 264 people have been cured and only six have lost their lives.

Similarly, New Zealand Prime Minister Jesinda Arden sealed the borders of her country on 19 March itself. He not only declared a lockdown of twenty days in the country, but also reduced the rank of a minister who violated it. New Zealand has also suffered very little damage. Women and Prime Ministers of Finland and Denmark are also being greatly appreciated in this fight. One of the states in India which has successfully defended itself after the initial infection, its health minister is also a woman. Why not take lessons from these contemporary women in the absence of the rulers who smoke the smoke of the entire world through provocative speeches and lurid antics?


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