Ambikapuram: Chhattisgarh in Ambikapur (Chhattisgarh) has revealed insensitivity of municipal. He has been accused of strangling the crop by having the JCB (JCB) run over the cropped crop of the farmer for occupation for the construction of the house. However, the municipal corporation is refusing to destroy the crop.

Farmers allege that the Municipal Corporation took this action without giving notice. Seeing the desolate crop, the farmers were seen crying. The victim farmer Ashok Biswas said that he has been cultivating this land for many years. He also demanded a lease for farming in this land from the government, which could not be found till date.

It is alleged that the crop was destroyed for possession without notice by the Municipal Corporation. Another farmer Mahendra Prasad Kushwaha narrated a similar story. His finished crop was also going to be harvested in a few days, but due to the action of the Municipal Corporation, the hulking crop of the farmer has now been destroyed. It will be seen whether the farmer gets compensation for his wasted crop or not.

Despite the information, the crop was raised, in this case Mayor Ajay Tirkey said that the land has been reserved for the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme for one year . People were also informed about this. Despite this, the crop was raised. The occupation was done in the presence of the Tehsildar and Patwari. He has denied the charge of destroying paddy crop by running JCB.


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