Ahmed Patel: Congress 'shy' commander who kept his family away from politics

Ahmed Patel, a senior Congress leader and said to be very close to Sonia Gandhi, is no longer in this world. But he remained trusted to Sonia Gandhi till the last moment. Ahmed Patel, who held the top position in the Congress, was a very shy leader and despite a political career of more than 4 decades, he kept his family away from politics.

Ahmed Patel, who was the political adviser to Sonia Gandhi, himself used to come from a political family, but he kept his children away from it. He started his political career in 1976 in Bharuch from Gujarat, trying his luck in the local body and soon became close to Indira Gandhi. Later he remained very close and special to Rajiv Gandhi.

After Indira Gandhi’s assassination, Rajiv came to power in 1984 with a majority of 400 Lok Sabha seats, then Ahmed Patel was made the joint secretary of the party, besides being an MP. Later he was also made the General Secretary of the Congress.

2 children in the family

A 71-year-old shy Patel political career was a huge success. But kept his family away from political glare. He is survived by a son and a daughter. Son Faizal Patel is away from politics and has a business. While his daughter Mumtaz Patel was married to lawyer Irrfan Siddiqui.

Ahmed Patel, father of Mohammad Ishakji Patel and Hawaben Mohammad Bhai, born in 1949, was also in the Congress. Father Bharuch was a member of the Taluka Panchayat and was a prominent leader of the region. Ahmed Patel got a lot of help from his father in making a political career, although his children are far away from politics.

In 1976, Ahmed Patel married Memuna Ahmed. They had two children. A son and daughter, but both are far away from Congress or any party politics. His son Faizal Patel only tweeted and informed about his father’s demise.

8 times Patel reached Parliament

Ahmed Patel, who hails from Gujarat, was elected to the Lok Sabha thrice and was a Rajya Sabha MP for five times. In August 2018, Ahmed Patel was appointed treasurer of the Congress.

Ahmed Patel first reached Parliament in 1977 at the age of 26 after winning the Lok Sabha elections from Bharuch. Ahmed Patel, who always did politics behind the scenes, was counted among the trusted leaders of the Congress family. Ahmed was a Rajya Sabha MP since 1993.


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