Airtel customers may get a shock, data may have to be paid so many times
Airtel customers may get a shock, data may have to be paid so many times

Tech. Currently, Internet data has become the need of everyone. On an average daily per capita data consumption in India is very high. One reason for this is cheap internet data. Explain that India is one of the countries in the world where it provides data at the cheapest rate. But Bharti Airtel customers may get a big jolt to expensive data soon. Tariff can be increased from Airtel. In such a situation, airtel customers should be prepared for expensive data.

100 GB may be required to pay for 1 GB of data 

Bharti Airtel chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal said that customers are offered 16GB of data for Rs 160, which should be taxed at 1.6GB. If this happens, customers may have to pay Rs 100 for 1GB of data. According to Mittal, customers should extend the validity of 1.6GB data a month. If customers are consuming more data than this, then they should be ready to pay more money.

Europe has to pay around 3000 rupees for 16GB data in America 

Mittal said that we do not want to charge 3,700 to 4,400 rupees for 16GB data in India like the US and Europe. But giving 16GB of data per month for 160 rupees is also not good. He said that 16GB monthly data for 160 rupees is a disaster for the business. The customer should offer only 1.6 data at this pri point. According to Mittal, the customer should pay a minimum of Rs 100 for every GB of data.

 Demand for increased ARPU 

Currently, Airtel offers data for 1GB daily with a validity of 24 days for Rs 199. Mittal has been given an idea to increase the average revenue to Rs 300 per month, so that the telecom industry can run smoothly. According to Mittal, ARPU should exceed 200 rupees in the next 6 months. 


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