One of India’s most outspoken politicians is showing a soft stance nowadays. After a long time and long stay in hospital, the Union Home Minister Amit Shah is unexpectedly taking a more soft stance. Even during the election campaign, 55-year-old politicians are not attacking opponents.

1. Whatever the figures in the Bihar Assembly elections, if BJP also gets more seats, then Nitish Kumar will be our Chief Minister. With this, everyone can imagine the long breath of relief on Nitish Kumar at 1 Anna Marg (the official residence of the Chief Minister). He appeared to be trying to reduce the influence of Chirag Paswan, who is trying to bring more and more candidates against Nitish Kumar and do great harm to him.

In an interview to NDTV last week, 37-year-old Chirag Paswan gave a different statement. He had said that Narendra Modi dwells in his heart, just as Lord Shri Ram used to settle in Hanuman’s chest. Chirag also said that the BJP leader will be the next Chief Minister of Bihar, where voting starts from October 28. Though the BJP is constantly trying to convince Nitish Kumar that it is not trying to harm him by teaming up with Chirag, sources say that Nitish Kumar was also annoyed and refused to discuss with JP Nadda. Kar, who is the nominal president of the BJP, insisted that he would move forward only by negotiating with Shah.

All this was duly conveyed by his friend and Deputy Chief Minister of the state Sushil Kumar Modi. Shah was then told that Paswan is cleverly playing a dangerous game, that the victory in Bihar seems to be absolutely certain, that the water may turn on him, if the BJP is trying to stop Nitish from getting the most votes in half -Results incorrectly.

Shah consoled and assured Nitish that he was the only person in the race for the post of Chief Minister. All this happened at a time when Paswan has not given any indication of retreat. In fact, Shah is getting what he wants, in the sense of a sympathetic colleague.

2. Now consider Shah’s stance on trolling on social media regarding boycott of Tanishq. Through trolling, this advertisement related to marriage between two different religions was questioned. Tata withdrew the advertisement last week amid a huge controversy over the politics of hate and criticism for succumbing to blackmailing.

“Such minor attacks cannot spoil the social harmony of India. Our social fabric is very strong. It stands firmly in spite of many attacks. It is inseparable. I believe that in any case, excessively active Should not be shown. “Shah reacted when trollers on social media called the advertisement a tactic to promote love jihad.

Shah’s statement was of this type, which would be considered a general statement by any secular politician. But the BJP would have used such statements as a morbid mentality. But this statement came from the home minister. It seems that this is like a rebuke, which the troll army of the BJP would hardly have got before.
Shah’s statement was also very much discussed in the political corridor. In the entire North Block, where Home Minister Amit Shah has his office, the same question was arising – has Shah actually shown the way out to the troll army of the BJP’s infamous IT cell?

In Delhi, there is intense discussion that only Modi and Shah can silence the social media army on a burning issue like inter-caste or inter-religious marriages, which earlier also targeted leaders like Rajnath Singh, the late Sushma Swaraj and Maneka Gandhi without any protest. It is easy

BJP leaders with whom I spoke say that Shah had to interfere in the Tanishq controversy as the Modi government was facing criticism at the international level and it was also a setback from potential investors and multinationals.

3. Now talk about Shah’s new stance on the late young actor Sushant Singh Rajput, a case which was seen as targeting Bollywood actors with many stories. A minister of Modi cabinet coming from Maharashtra said, We needed to soften the stance on this and who else could be better than Shah in this matter.

Therefore, Shah said, “There should not be a media trial for TRP.” Everything was considered carefully, so that the conflict could be reduced a bit. While the BJP raised the issue of attempting to escape from the murder investigation, it attacked former ally Uddhav Thackeray and the Mumbai Police for months.

The BJP left no effort to surround Thackeray, he used the Sushant case, in a way, to attack Thackeray, who formed an alliance with two opposition parties in Maharashtra instead of BJP.
Shah’s stance indicates that he wants to open the doors for reconciliation with Thackeray, should the ruling coalition parties in Maharashtra feel burdened for each other now.

It was in this perspective that Shah said that the Governor of Maharashtra (often referred to as the puppet of the Center) reacted beyond Uddhav Thackeray’s decision to keep religious places in the state closed. Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari wrote to Thackeray, have you become secular? This statement was highly inappropriate.
Shah said, “Koshyari could have chosen better words”. The Shiv Sena immediately welcomed Shah’s statement. Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said, he praises Shah’s understanding and with his statement the issue is now over.

So what is Shah’s change? When all the big allies of the BJP except Ramdas Athawale’s RPI left him, it appears that Shah at least responds to the allegations that the BJP does not show any respect to its allies, as a showpiece. But not either.

The new Shah has calmed down now, but wait till the Bengal election exercise intensifies, it is rumored that Shah will see us in the old mood.



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