Anal Fistula Causes Symptoms And Treatment
Anal Fistula Causes Symptoms And Treatment

If the health is not paid properly, then the body may be exposed to many serious physical problems. One of these names is Bhagandar, which in English is known as ‘Anal Fistula’. This name may be new to you. Therefore, in this article of Stylecrase, essential information about Bhagandar is given. Here you will know what is Bhagandar and what can be caused by Bhagandar. Along with this, information related to the symptoms of Bhagandar and its treatment has also been shared.

Before proceeding in the article, let us know what is this fistula?

What is Fistula – What is Fistula?

The fistula is an unnatural and abnormal joint in the body, which connects the two parts of the body. The fistula can be caused by an injury, surgery, infection, or inflammation. This problem can affect any part of the body. But this article of ours is based on Bhagandar. Therefore, here we will give more and more information related to Bhagandar. Explain that the fistula is an unnatural track or tube reaching the skin of the anus from Malnali. Many problems can arise during this period, which are explained further in the article as to its symptoms and complications.

Know what is Bhagandar (Fistula), then know its type.

Types of fistula – types of fistula

Depending on the position of the fistula, it can be divided into two parts –

  • Normal or complex
  • More or less

Note : The sections mentioned above are divided on the basis of the location of the fissure (fistula), the number of the fissure and its severity. For more information related to this, please contact the doctor.

After knowing the type of Bhagandar, now comes the time to know the cause of Bhagandar.

Causes of fistula

This can usually be due to injury or infection. Apart from all these, there can be many reasons for fistula, which are given below –

  • Any injury due to constipation.
  • Crohn’s disease – inflammation of the intestines
  • Any type of infection in the anus
  • Due to a large intestine abscess or wound

After the cause of the fistula, it is now time to learn about the symptoms of fistula.

Symptoms of fistula

If a person has a catastrophe, how to know its symptoms? Therefore, for the information of the readers below we are talking about the symptoms of Bhagandar.

  • The first sign is pain in the anus and then swelling or abscess.
  • Pus or bleeding from the rectum.
  • Trouble sitting.
  • Fever or chills.
  • Feeling tired.
  • Redness, swelling, or itching of the skin near the anus.

After knowing the symptoms of fistula, we now know which people may be at highest risk of anal fistula.

Risk factors of Fistula – Risk factors of Fistula

Know below the risk factors for Bhagandar.

  • Those under the age of 40 may be at risk for chronic anal fistula.
  • Diabetic patients may have a lower risk than non-diabetic patients.
  • Who have Crohn’s disease – associated with inflammation in the intestine.
  • Sitting in the bathroom late for a bowel movement.
  • Those who have colitis (Colitis – related to inflammation in the intestine).
  • More spicy mines can also cause this problem.
  • Those who have severe diarrhea.
  • People who are taking radiation therapy for the treatment of stomach cancer.

It can also take a serious form if the fracture is not treated at the right time. Therefore, below we are giving information about the treatment related to it –

Treatment of Fistula – Treatment of Fistula

If the fistula is detected in the beginning then it may be that doctors try to cure it with some medicines. But if the fistula is severe, surgery can be performed. We are giving below information about it-

Fistulotomy – This is a surgical procedure to fix the fistula. In this, the fistula is opened in such a way that it continues to heal from inside to outside. It is usually an outpatient procedure. This means that the patient can go home on the same day.

Fistula filling – This is a new method. In this, the inner opening of the fistula is filled through a special glue or plug. The doctor then fills the fistula tube with a special material, which the patient’s body absorbs over time.

Reconstructive surgery – This surgery can be done in different stages. Currently, this surgery is optional and can be done in some cases.
Seton Placement – During this surgical procedure, the doctor inserts sutures (stitches) or rubber bands into the fistula, which helps the fistula to heal.

Note : In these cases the doctor can give some special instructions after the surgery and can also give some suggestions about the catering. With this, the doctor can call the patient to examine the wound within a few days interval.

Know further information related to diet in the fistula.

Fistula Diet – Fistula Diet

In this way, the doctor can advise about what diet should be taken in the fistula, according to the patient’s condition. But, as a precaution below we are mentioning some diets.

  • Eat more high-fiber foods.
  • Drink as much water as possible.
  • Consume maximum fluids.

Bhagandar is a very painful problem, so it is better to take care of yourself as much as possible so that it can be avoided. Know the ways to avoid the catastrophe below.

Measures to avoid Bhagandar (Fistula) – Prevention Tips for Fistula

Know the ways to avoid the catastrophe below. However, some of these are general suggestions, which have no scientific evidence.

  • Include as much fiber-rich food in the diet.
  • Take sufficient amount of water throughout the day.
  • Pay attention to any stomach related problems in time.
  • Pay full attention to cleanliness.
  • Take care during the bowel movement and do not force too much.

Hopefully after reading this article you will have got the necessary information about Bhagandar. To avoid this problem, you must pay attention to the symptoms of the catastrophe mentioned in the article and also follow the steps to avoid the catastrophe. If this problem is recognized in time, then Bhagandar can be treated. Apart from this, for other information related to the article, you can take the help of the comment box below.


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