Apple iPad Pro model will soon come with OLED screen, Samsung-LG is preparing display panel

Apple is constantly trying to improve the screen quality of its iPad lineup. According to a report, the company is preparing to launch a new iPad Pro lineup with OLED screens in 2021. The company may launch the new lineup, right after the Next Generation iPad models, which may come with mini-LED displays.

It is expected that the OLED panel will provide high brightness in the iPad Pro model, as well as the possibility of a burn-in issue. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently reported that the iPad family will start moving to mini-LED displays in the first half of 2021. The iPad Pro model is likely to receive a new treatment first, though it will gradually begin to be found in other iPad versions as well.

Samsung-LG are preparing displays

  • According to a report by TheElec, Samsung Display and LG Display are currently developing a new OLED panel that will be installed in the new iPad Pro model in the second half of 2021. The current iPad Pro lineup uses an LCD panel called Apple’s “Liquid Retina” display.
  • Samsung Display has reportedly revamped its production line to produce new OLED screens for the iPad. “The company was also adding a distribution chamber to the Origin Material Deposition Chamber to deposit red, green and blue. According to the report, it would allow the firm to deposit a layer of RGB, placing the substrate in front of the production line. Will send an emitting layer over it.

OLED display will get better life

  • The new OLED structure is expected to add two to three emitting layers to extend the longevity of the display panel.
  • Similar to Samsung Display, LG Display is reportedly busy preparing its new OLED panels for the Next Generation iPad Pro lineup.

Mini-LED display may come before OLED

  • Before switching to OLED, Apple could bring a mini-LED display to its iPad family. Several reports have suggested in the past that mini-LED iPad models may go into mass production in the coming months. However, the iPad Pro lineup may shift to a mini-LED display for the first time. Ku told investors in a report that the new technology would also be part of the new iPad mini model.
  • The Dilek report suggests that the adoption of OLED for Apple’s iPad Pro lineup may be delayed – depending on the “scale of adoption” of the mini-LED display. It also mentions that the mini-LED iPad Pro may reach the first half of 2021.

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