Rohan Jaitley son and lawyer of former Union Minister Arun Jaitley, was elected unopposed chairman of Delhi and District Cricket Association (DCCA). Those who had filed nominations for this post withdrew their names. However, its official announcement will be made on 9 November. The last date for withdrawal of nomination was till Saturday (17 October) afternoon. After this, Election Officer Naveen Chawla released the final list of candidates.

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Now between 5 and 8 November, there will be elections for the posts of 4 directors and treasurer of DDCA. Votes will be counted on the 9th and results will be announced on this day. A nomination was filed in front of Rohan by lawyer Sunil Kumar Goel, who later withdrew. Pawan Gulati has a direct fight with Shashi Khanna for the post of treasurer. Pawan is a relative of former India opener Gautam Gambhir while Shashi is the wife of former BCCI executive chairman CK Khanna.

9 people are in the race for 4 directors, out of which 4-4 are from two different groups which include Ashok Sharma Mama, Dinesh Kumar Sharma, Karnail Singh and Pradeep Aggarwal. At the same time, Harish Singla, Harsh Gupta, Manjeet Singh and Sudhir Kumar Aggarwal are from the CK Khanna Group. At the same time, a strange name is involved in it, about which hardly anyone knows anything and that is Pradeep Kumar Arora.

Gulati said, ‘I will fight a good fight. After the elections we will sit like a team and work on the important issues. DDCA is a sports club and hence it should be recognized for sports. This is my first goal. I wish Shashi Khanna all the best. At the same time, Ashok Sharma wants that the members of DDCA should get maximum facilities.



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