The web series ‘Ashram’ on Bollywood director Prakash Jha’s MX Player has rocked. Now people had not even finished the first season of ‘Ashram’ that now the second season is also coming. Its teaser was launched on Friday, but as soon as the teaser was released, Prakash Jha once again got engulfed in controversies. The social media platform is trending #Arrest_Prakash_Jha on Twitter.

#Arrest_Prakash_Jha The trend on Twitter is constantly coming up tweets from people, demanding that Prakash Jha’s Ashram web series be banned. The tweeters say that this web series is bringing the Hindu religion into disrepute. At the same time, many people believe that such content promotes false propaganda about Hindu religion, which should be stopped.

Bobby Deol will be seen with a bang , after the first season of this web series, Bobby Deol’s work was highly appreciated. Very soon the second season of ‘Ashram’ will also be released. At the moment, the teaser of the second season has been revealed, in which Bobby Deol’s form of Baba Nirala of Kashipur looks absolutely blunt. It is believed that the second season is going to be more bang than the first season. By the way, from November 11, 2020, the second season will stream for free on MX Player.

It is shown in the series that the first part of Baba’s Gorakhandhandha ‘Ashram’ was shown playing the game of playing innocent people in the name of faith. Along with this, the alliance of faith, politics and crime was also seen in this web series. The story will move in the same direction in the coming second season. It has been shown in this series that there are many such babas and dharma gurus who misuse people’s feelings. There is a huge emission in people regarding the upcoming season.



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