Itanagar: In Arunachal Pradesh, reports of an attack on an Assam Rifles patrol team are being received. This information has been received by quoting government sources. It is being told that a soldier has died in this attack. No information has been received about how many soldiers have been injured.

According to the information received, this suspected terrorist attack has taken place on Khonsa Laju Road located in Sanliam Tri-Junction in Tirup district of Arunachal Pradesh. This area is not far from the Indo-Myanmar border. It is being told by the sources that after the attack, intensive checking operation has been carried out in the area.

Senior BJP leader Eknath Khadse ( Eknath Khadse ) has resigned from the party. Khadse will now join the Nationalist Congress Party. After resigning, Khadse took the name of Devendra Fadnavis, one after another. Khadse said, ‘Today I have resigned from BJP’s primary membership. For 40 years, BJP has worked to reach people. BJP also gave me many posts during that time. I have no displeasure with BJP. In BJP, when I said that someone should get the chief minister’s post from the Bahujan Samaj, what has happened to me since then, they all know. False cases were made against me. The police was not ready to take the FIR, then Anjali Damania phoned the then Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, then at his behest, an FIR was lodged against me.

He further said, ‘Even the opposing parties did not ask for investigation or resignation against me, even then my resignation was taken. Even today I have no complaint with BJP or central leadership, but the way Devendra Fadnavis lodged me with rape cases, ACB investigation, I was slandered, lower level politics was done. Fadnavis confessed that my alleged PA was being monitored for 9 months. It was being monitored on me in a way.

‘Now we are teaching those who came into politics 15 years ago’: Khadse’s attack on Fadnavis

Khadse further said, ‘I am free from all charges. I have made my decision. Neither the Nationalists, nor the Congress nor the Shiv Sena ever demanded my resignation. I am only angry with Devendra Fadnavis. On 23 October I am joining the Nationalist Congress Party. I never had a single charge before Devendra Fadnavis became the Chief Minister. Fadnavis did the work of ruining my life. I have lived 4 years under mental stress. I had repeatedly said in my speeches that you people are pushing me out of the party.

The Shiv Sena said in its mouthpiece Saamana on relations with the BJP, “now free environment after lightening the load”

He said, ‘No MLA and MP is going with me. I have decided on my own. I am sorry to leave BJP but I had no other option. I was defamed by filing false cases like rape. After Khadse’s resignation, Maharashtra BJP President Chandrakant Patil said, ‘Eknath Khadse has resigned. He should remain in the party, lead us, it was our desire but now he has resigned. Now we wish him well for the party he is going to.



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