In the midst of the growing border impasse with China, India has found a ‘new ally’ in the naval sector. It has been said from India that Australia will also participate in the upcoming Malabar naval exercises along with the US and Japan. The joint joint exercises will take place in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal in November. Actually, India and the US used to do this naval exercise together first, in 2015 Japan joined it while Australia has joined it now.

The Malabar exercise was started in the year 1992 under the bilateral naval cooperation of India and America. In the year 2018, this annual exercise took place off the coast of Guam, Philippines and in 2019 off the coast of Japan. This year it is likely to be held in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

Police has arrested the accused brother-in-law Imran, who brutally murdered the brother-in-law in Faridabad. The brother-in-law killed the brother-in-law by hitting him with a brick in the head. To escape from the police, the accused left his home and were hiding under a railway platform and bridge. The crime branch arrested the accused and sent him to jail.

The Crime Branch of Faridabad Police DLF on Sunday arrested Imran Khan, an accused in the murder of his brother-in-law. Police said that the accused Imran Khan is a resident of Sihi village, Faridabad who had gone from Sihi village to Ghaziabad after selling all his property. He came back to Dabua Colony Faridabad about a month ago to live near his sister and brother-in-law.

Liaquat, the brother-in-law of accused Imran, worked as a carpenter, but the income was very low. The accused and his brother-in-law quarreled with each other over anything. Liaquat abused the accused Imran and raised his hands on him. After this, the accused started to keep enmity with his brother-in-law.

On the morning of October 5, accused Imran went to Labor Chowk in search of work. After that his brother-in-law Liaquat also reached Labor Chowk and there was a fight between the two which later turned into a fight. After the assault, Imran came to Liaquat’s house. When he went out of the house in the evening, Liyakat met him at Dabi Colony at Mani’s Tall. There he beat Liaquat and takes him to Mohan dairy while beating him. From there, he took him to the empty ground behind the crematorium in Uttam Nagar. There, Imran attacked Liyaqat’s head 5-6 times with a brick which led to his death. After killing, Imran escaped from there.

A case has been registered against the accused in Dabua police station. The crime branch started investigating Imran while investigating. The old photos of Imran were questioned by showing a lot of people. When the photo was shown to the people present at Labor Chowk in Old Faridabad, it was found that he works as a laborer here. On Sunday, when the accused came to Labor Chowk to work in the morning, the Crime Branch arrested him.

The accused was arrested and taken on a one-day police remand. Blood-stained clothes and bricks were recovered from him in the incident. The accused was presented in court today and sent to jail.



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