This is the time to stay indoors, keeping you away from the crowd. It is time to get out of the temptation of the free market. It has been named ‘Social Distancing’ in English. Experts are suggesting two essential tips to prevent current corona-pandemic. The first is ‘suppression’, that is, to take the appropriate steps to prevent the spread of the corona virus and the second is ‘mitigation’, that is, at least to slow down and reduce the spread of the corona virus in the event of complete failure. In both these tips, the most important importance has been given to social distancing. We can protect ourselves and our loved ones by not going to social programs, stopping them, washing hands repeatedly with soap-water, not touching face-eyes-mouth and nose. This is also the time to forget all differences and show social solidarity. This struggle is for humanity, and we have to save people’s lives by keeping all our human values ​​alive.

We are living such an institution, due to which there will be many major changes in the economic-political-social structures all over the world. Many of these can also be basic. In such a situation, all of us should start preparing to mold ourselves according to the time that comes with understanding. According to a recent report shared by the US federal government with the New York Times, the corona epidemic may last a year and a half. Although it is difficult to say anything definitively, several waves of Covid-19 propagation can occur worldwide. The predictions are unclear, yet they demand vigilance and understanding. Not only for ourselves, but also for others, we have to protect ourselves from this infection as much as possible.

It is true that in most people, the symptoms of Covid-19 will be similar to the common flu, this disease cannot be separated from the flu only on the basis of symptoms. This will require specific investigation. But the population of severely infected patients can also be very large. In a country like India, where proper health facilities are not already available to everyone, the disease will be double killed. In such a country with limited resources, the importance of prevention greatly exceeds treatment, especially when no specific antiviral drug for the disease has been available so far.

The spread of infectious diseases also spreads uncertainty, fear and hatred. The society chooses its own class-specific or individual-specific goat and comes down on giving it physical-physical torture. In the time of the Black Death (plague epidemic) in medieval Europe, this extreme abuse was demonstrated by people towards Jews and lepers. At the present time of the Covid-19 epidemic, this behavior is being displayed towards the people of Mongol race.

This virus has started spreading from Wuhan (China). Due to the consumption of wild animal meat, zoonotic virus started spreading in humans, there is enough evidence of this. But due to the conspiracy acrimony spreading more rapidly than the corona virus on the Internet, verbal and physical abuse of every Chinese or Chinese-looking person in the world is increasing. The purpose of conspiratorial principles is also the same. They do not tell the solution, they do not talk about prevention, they simply seek the animal for sacrifice or they get all the saturation only by defecting.

Not only ‘Conspiracy Theory’, various types of treatments and medicines are also being suggested on social media nowadays. The problem will not go away with them, but the danger may increase. Currently, doctors around the world are engaged in research on many antivirals and other drugs, but nothing is yet available to stop the current corona-virus. There may be some initial success with the use of many drugs, but this is not enough. Vaccine-manufacturing companies also have a long way to go. Experts are expecting any such anti-corona vaccine to be available in the market after more than a year.

When such treatments are being suggested, apart from staying away from them, many other precautions are also very important. If not urgent, keep a distance from doctors’ clinics and hospitals at this time. It is a time of sharing all medical problems in emergency or normal. First know if your health problem is ‘high risk’ or ‘low risk’. If your health-problem is not an emergency, it is better to stay at home. The doctor can be contacted by phone or mail for any common problems. If your doctor had advised you for any elective surgery before this epidemic, it may have to be avoided. Contact your doctor in this regard also. Only life-saving surgery has to be done immediately. The less the burden on hospitals in this time, the more they will be able to protect their resources from difficult patients and other emergency patients related to Covid-19,

Today we have to introduce social harmony by creating social distance. This problem belongs to all of us, we can all fight together. This is the time to change basic habits, because this change will be our defense.


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