Bigg Boss 14: Disha Parmar herself is desperate after sending his reply to Rahul Vaidya

Bigg Boss 14: Disha Parmar Big Boss 14 of Kantestent Rahul Vaidya recently in TV show direction Parmar (Disha Parmar) had expressed their love. After which, despite millions of complaints, he is still waiting for the answer of his girlfriend Disha Parmar. After this proposal of Rahul Vaidya, his fans on social media also started appealing to Disha Parmar to send his reply. However, no statement came from the actress. During the episode of the past weekend, Salman Khan himself also appealed to Disha Parmar to reply to Rahul Vaidya . Finally, Disha Parmar broke her silence on the matter and clarified that she had sent her reply. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Disappointed Rahul Vaidya came out to roam direction, fans stunned after seeing photos

Now when Rahul Vaidya will get this answer from Disha Parmar, it is definitely a matter of curiosity. But meanwhile, it seems that Disha Parmar herself is also missing her love. This information has been given by the ‘Pyaar Ka Dard Hai’ fame TV star Disha Parmar through her latest post. Disha Parmar recently posted her picture on social media, writing something in the caption that it is believed that she is waiting for Rahul Vaidya.

Disha Parmar posted a picture flaunting her tattoo in yellow color suit and wrote in the caption, ‘Waiting’. Fans are commenting a lot on this picture of Disha Parmar. Seeing the pictures of the actress, users have asked if they are waiting for Rahul Vaidya? You can see this picture below. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Disha Parmar sent his reply to Rahul Vaidya as soon as he was mentioned in front of Salman, fans celebrated the celebration

Disha Parmar is constantly sharing pictures after the proposal of Rahul Vaidya.
Let us know that since the proposal of Rahul Vaidya, actress Disha Parmar is continuously sharing her beautiful pictures on social media. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Disha Parmar killed Rahul Vaidya, Hina Khan gave this reaction

Rahul Vaidya has not received the answer yet Rahul Vaidya has not yet received the direction of Disha Parmar in the house. This is the reason why singer Rahul Vaidya, by profession, is wandering at home desperately. It is possible that Rahul Vaidya’s wait will be completed during the upcoming weekend war episode.



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