Amidst all the fights, drama and entertainment in ‘Bigg Boss 14’ , actor Ejaz Khan has proved that age is just a number. Recently, Bigg Boss was given a task by the people of the house to earn their personal belongings. Before the task, Jan Kumar Sanu embarrassed Ijaz by saying that he looked like a skeleton, and during the task, Rahul Vaidya had embarrassed him. During the task, Ejaz maintained his coolness, sportsmanship and went on to win the task, proving that action is louder than words.

Misbehaving with Ejaz Some of Ejaz Khan’s co-contestants behaved immaturely, the veteran actor’s honesty and calm behavior spoke about his personality and proved why he goes such a long way in the industry. The task given by Bigg Boss was to collect the balls from the contestants and put them in a basket. During this task, Rahul embarrassed Ijaz by saying, ‘Bhego mat, taking a bath for Omar (don’t run, it is not good for your age)’.

Ijaz won the task at the end of the Jita task and Ijaz got all his belongings, including a photo frame of his dogs. Needless to say, the actor is a huge pet enthusiast and considers his pet an important part of his life.



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