Sasaram: Bihar Election 2020: a four-year state government work for the ambitious Nljl plan (Bihar Government) is moving very fast in this election. But this scheme to provide clean water to 58 thousand wards at a cost of 17 thousand crores is fantastic on paper but has become a victim of corruption on the land. We have tried to know the ground reality of this scheme by going to Aurangabad and Sasaram.

Knowing the ground reality of the book of Nitish Kumar’s Nal Water Scheme, we turned to Sivasagar block of Sasaram. Despite having arsenic and fluoride in the water of this area, the Mahadalit township of Mouni village is dependent on the pond for washing and drinking water. Two years ago, the government pipe and tap were installed in the township but no water reached. Mahadalits of Mauni village cannot take water from another hamlet, so take water from a pokhara and then drink it after boiling.

Sasaram has 3 thousand 3 hundred wards. More than 70 percent of the wards have been covered under the Nal Water Scheme. But ward members of Shiv Sagar block tell that 60 percent of the planted tanks are not getting water. Manoj Kumar Rai, ward member of Sonhar Panchayat said that there are thirteen villages in this panchayat. The condition of everywhere is bad. The pipe is laid, no water has come.

If you pass through the road in Bedhani village of Aurangabad, about 70 km from Sasaram, then every house will see pipes going down. But when we entered the house by opening the door, the water pipe was shown hanging on the wall like a show room. When we reached inside this village, old hand pumps and new taps were seen outside every house, but water is not coming in both. In the election time, a gleaming tank has been installed in the Rajput hamlet, but water is not known here. Rajan Singh says that water is running in government paper.

Bihar: reality of tap water scheme in Rohtas district, drinking water of Mahadalit Pokhar

Twenty km from Bedni village, we reached Yari village. Four years ago, a water tank was made from Mini Water Scheme for Rs 50 lakh, but now the motor is missing and the solar panel for electricity is damaged. Not only this, the structure of the water tank is standing but the boundary wall has collapsed. So the people of the village, about a km away from this shabby pump, have again become dependent on ponds and hand pumps.

Similarly, in Kuda village, a tank was installed a month ago, but due to boring at only 70 to 80 feet instead of 200 feet, the motor has deteriorated. It costs Rs 15 lakh to build a tank of Nal Jal Yojana in villages. More than 30 lakhs are spent on the Small Drinking Water Scheme and work is being done for four years. But due to the elections, the government is hurrying to make the tank of the Naljal scheme and provide connection, whether there is a supply of water or not.



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