Bio-secure environment in the game:Rabada said - It is like luxury prison but it is satisfying to get employment

South Africa has a busy schedule till April next year. England, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Australia are visiting South Africa in the coming days. England have reached South Africa to play three T20s and three ODIs. The first T20 matches are from 27 November. Sri Lanka’s team will reach South Africa in December. Sri Lanka have to play a two-Test series. Australia team will arrive to play Test series in February – March. Thereafter, Pakistan’s team will tour South Africa. All series will be in a bio-secure environment. In such a situation, a bio-secure environment is going to be very difficult for the players.

Difficult to live in Bio-Secure

Baller Kagiso Rabada said – living in a bio-secure environment is difficult. There are all types of facilities here. But there is no independence of players in it. It is kind of a luxury prison. However at the present time where the jobs of the people have gone. There we are lucky that we have jobs and we are playing as we get money.

Increase in mental stress even after facilities

We are kept in good hotels. Are getting good food. But it is just like the child who is being given chocolates. But he is not allowed out of the boundary wall. These are a bit difficult for us. Because we have to stay inside a boundary and cannot go beyond it. This is increasing mental stress. But when we start playing, all these things are left behind.

Rabada was the highest wicket taker in IPL

It has been a tough few months for Rabada. He returned from playing IPL after 11 weeks. This time the IPL was played in the UAE in a bio-secure environment. Before that he has spent 6 months in lock down. The South African government imposed a lockdown on Corona. However, this did not affect his game. He was the highest wicket taker in the IPL. He took 30 wickets in 17 matches at an economy rate of 8.37.

He said that getting a break for 6 months, however, gave him a chance to work on fitness. However, now cricket has to be played continuously. In this case how long they can stay fit.

Excited to play after lockdown

Rabada said – After the break due to Corona, he was very excited about playing cricket. But that kind of excitement is no longer there. But there is a lot of cricket left. There are many international matches in the coming times. In such a way, how can we keep ourselves fresh? How to keep fit There is a need to work on it. I constantly talk to fitness coaches, medical staff and coaches. They are very supportive.

Rabada said – 100 percent support to Black Lives Matter

Rabada said – Black Lives Matter will always have their 100 percent support. Of course the team did not kneel during the upcoming series. But will continue to support Earlier in March, the team supported the matter by kneeling during the match. A few days ago, team coach Mark Boucher also said that the team has always been in support of Black Lives Matter. There is no need to show it again and again.


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