Shammi Kapoor would have been 91 years old today. A journalist was once asked by the sixties superstar Shammi Kapoor, ‘What will you name your dance?’ 
Shammi Kapoor said with a laugh, ‘Break the neck.’

These people were very different, crazy Shammi Kapoor never used a choreographer for his dance. He used to invent his dance steps himself. His style was to shake his hands and feet. His dance was different from others. But this was his pleasure to the audience.

Fifty rupees used to work on salary, Prithviraj Kapoor treated his sons like ordinary people. When Shammi Kapoor told his father that he also wanted to work in films, then Prithviraj said that it is fine. He should also work like another junior artist in fifty rupees a month. Whereas by that time, Raj Kapoor had made his mark as a hero and director. 

Shami Kapoor, a lucky charm for new heroines, worked there for almost three years, after that she started working in other studios for three hundred rupees. Prithviraj Kapoor never felt that Shammi Kapoor could become a hero. Shammi Kapoor was good in appearance, but he did not know how to dance, his style was also different. Shammi Kapoor got success late. But when found, what did you get? One by one his films went on to become super hits. He was a lucky charm for new heroines.

First learned computer very few people would know that Shammi Kapoor was a techno guru. He brought computers from abroad even before computers came to India. Apart from fixing computers, he also knew how to do coding. Not only this, he was associated with ‘Ethical Hacking Association’ in Hindustan. Very soon he became the master of the Internet. He created a site for the Kapoor family, which he used to update daily. 

You will be surprised to know that he was the chairman and founding member of the Internet User Committee. He wanted to do a film based on a new technology. But his health did not support him. He was undoubtedly in a wheel chair at the age of 80, but his hands were on mobile or laptop.


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