Very interesting things have been said in Quran about Ramadan or Roja. It has been said that a month’s fast has been made mandatory on you in the same way as it was done on previous communes. This shows that Rosa or similar fasting methods have been a part of every religious tradition in one form or the other. The first meaning of fasting of Ramadan is that basically, a person is ready to make all kinds of sacrifices to please himself and the creator of this creation. In Ramadan, he not only protects himself from normal eating or drinking, but also prevents himself from bad thoughts and misbehavior. That is, during this period he neither sees evil nor says evil.
The second meaning of Ramadan is that as every machine has a time of servicing, in the same way human body also needs servicing. We eat less in Ramadan, drink less, sleep less, the pressure on our digestive system and other parts of the body decreases. This creates a new energy in us. Thirdly, a man who has everything to eat and drink and when he keeps fast in hot weather, his will power is strengthened. Fourth means, when rich people keep fasting despite all the food and drink and go through the pangs of hunger and thirst, then they realize how short of hunger and thirst are. They understand the poor. So in the month of Ramadan, people use them in all the ways of charity. Do not try to bridge the gap within the society, try to reduce it.
Today, the corona epidemic has brought completely new conditions for all of us. We are fortunate that we were born in an era when medical research has found cures for many epidemics. But this is the first time in our life when an epidemic is not under control. At such a time, we should accept all the things that the doctors are saying, which the government is saying. Today, Ramadan and Roje are also possible keeping social distancing in view of the necessary decree of doctors and governments. For instance, speaking of the lifetime of the Prophet, one time there was a lot of thunderstorms in Madina, it was time for namaz, then Ajan was given and Rasul made an announcement with Ajan that people should not come to mosques, – Read Namaz at your home. We learn from this, if there is such a problem, when it is not right or possible to get out, then staying in your house can remember the one above. 
Today the place has been decided, all the Muslim and religious organizations have announced that iftar should be done in their own house. Do not gather anywhere. Make religion religious rather than collective. Those who collectively iftar, should save their money or resources and reach the needy, who need help due to lockdown. 
Rasul S. in Bukhari Sharif It is said that the foundation of faith is based on intention and intention. We are helpless, but if our intention is right, then we will surely get it. The one above will question us only when we will not be able to do anything. Right now the world is suffering from an epidemic, humanity is at stake. The corona virus is neither seeing the region (region) nor religion. That is why people of every religion are making sure that we keep the worship or prayer confined to our house, make it personal. Today, social distancing is the only treatment and Islam does not become an obstacle in it.
There are three holiest shrines of Muslims. One – the Kaaba in Mecca, the second the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina and the third – the Bet-al Maqdis in Jerusalem. Consider that a ban is being done at these three places. Remember, human life is the most valuable. Only if you stay alive, I will pray. That is why all the freemen and religious idars have said that they should pray in their own homes. 
Of course, it is time to pray. We should not hold wrong ideas even for our enemy. No one should give bad luck even when the worst is over. Patience means that we should not restrain ourselves only by eating and drinking and enjoyment, but the fasting should be our tongue, our eyes, our behavior, everyone. We should develop such a civilization of conduct in Ramadan, in which there is neither narrow thinking nor behavior. In which there are no strangers, but all are their own. May we be everyone’s companions in sorrow and happiness. 
Prophet Mohammed Saheb has said that not only humans, all creatures are gods of God. The same is said in Hinduism as Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. We have to pursue this great thinking. As stated above we should make our thinking part of our conduct. Each other should be useful. You should support each other in happiness and sorrow. This world will be able to live only till we maintain a relationship with each other with love or attachment. Our religion, our thinking may be different, but we should never forget that our motherland is one. The color of our blood is one. We are the one who produces us all, we call him by different names. When he never wants anyone’s bad, we also don’t want to, This is my blessing. We must remember at this critical time that our unity and our commitment against the Corona virus is our victory and our defeat in the policy of segregation-discrimination. We will either swim together or drown together.


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