Camel Milk Benefits And Disadvantages
Camel Milk Benefits And Disadvantages

How beneficial milk is for health, you may have been listening since childhood. Considering the health benefits of milk, it is recommended to include it in the daily diet. At the same time, talk about its source, cow and buffalo are considered its main source, but it is not so. Apart from cow-buffalo, camel milk is also consumed in many countries around the world. It would be surprising to know that the benefits of camel milk for the body are many. This is the reason why in this article of Stylecrase we are going to share the benefits of camel milk.

The loss of camel milk is also highlighted at the end of the article. Readers should also note that camel milk may alternatively help reduce the effects of the diseases included in the article, without treating them in any way.

So let us start the article by knowing the benefits of camel milk.

Benefits of camel milk

1. beneficial for liver

A research published by the American Journal of Ethnomedicine has found that the use of camel milk can help keep the liver healthy. Actually, liver function also involves the insertion of certain enzymes into the blood. At the same time, when a liver attack occurs due to a virus attack, the level of these enzymes increases. Studies on hepatitis-C patients have found that camel milk can help reduce the increased levels of liver enzymes, which is a positive sign in liver health. On the other hand, research also mentions that camel milk can reduce the level of increased globulin (a type of protein present in the blood) and the total protein, platelets that decrease during liver disease (A type of blood cells) and albumin (a protein made by the liver) can also help increase levels (1 ).

2. Control diabetes

The benefits of camel milk can also be found in controlling blood sugar (blood sugar level), as it has antihyperglycemic effects (blood sugar lowering properties) ( 2 ). International Journal gives of endocrinology and metabolism were found in Research went by that Untoni by improving milk lipid profile and stop insulin resistance (response when cells to insulin, thereby reducing blood sugar increases) diabetes May serve as a home remedy ( 3 ).

3. Helpful in preventing cancer

Camel milk can prevent cancer. Indeed, a research published on the NCBI website suggests that the use of camel milk may exert antiproliferative effects (the effect of inhibiting growing cells) on gut and breast cancer cells by promoting autophagy. Explain that there is a process associated with autophagy cells in which cells work to remove unnecessary components from themselves ( 4 ). Readers should note that home remedies can be helpful in reducing the risk of cancer to some extent. If a person has been hit by cancer, then getting medical treatment is the most important.

4. Camel milk for kidney

Camel milk may be indirectly beneficial for kidney health. Actually, little is known that the side effects of gentamicin (an antibiotic used for bacterial infection) can cause nephotoxic effects (kidney damage). Here camel milk can be effectively exposed. A study published by NCBI has found that camel milk can reduce this effect and help protect against kidney failure and cell damage caused by it ( 5 ).

5. Reduce the symptoms of autism

Autism is a nervous and developmental disorder that impedes the ability to communicate and interact. It starts in childhood and can last a lifetime ( 6 ). There are several reasons behind this, one of which is the name oxidative stress. Here the benefits of camel milk can be seen, as it contains powerful antioxidant vitamins (A, C and E) and minerals (magnesium and zinc), which can help to reduce the symptoms of autism by increasing the antioxidant effect. Are ( 7 ). At the moment, further research is still needed on this topic. At the same time, patient reports related to autism have seen positive changes related to behavioral, emotional and communication in a child suffering from the use of camel milk ( 8 ).

6. Relieve microbial infection

Apart from being beneficial for health in many ways, the benefits of camel milk can also be seen in fighting microbial infections. The antibacterial properties present in this milk can be helpful in fighting not one but several types of bacteria like E. coli and S. aureus. Also, lactoperoxidase, (Lactoperoxidase – a type of enzyme) found in camel milk may act to eliminate gram-negative bacteria by increasing antibacterial activity ( 9 ). Lactic acid bacteria found in camel milk are also found to have antimicrobial properties, which can help eliminate bacteria that spread many types of microbial infections ( 10 ).

7. Relieving intestinal problems

Camel milk can also prove beneficial in intestinal problems. Actually, a research suggests that camel milk can help in relieving disorders related to stomach and intestines. It can also help to strengthen the immune system, which can help the body to fight intestinal problems ( 11 ). At the same time, a research published on NCBI website found that camel milk has cytoprotective properties, which strengthen the mucosal barrier (a stomach property, which helps in securing the gastric acid needed for digestion). It can help in relieving problems like ulcers ( 12 ).

8. Relieve allergy

The benefits of camel milk can help in getting relief from bacteria and fungal allergies. Actually, it has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, which help to eliminate these bacteria that spread allergens. Also, this milk also has antiinflammatory properties. This allergy is due to be beneficial in reducing inflammation occurring ( 13 ).

At the same time, it is seen that many infants and children are allergic to cow’s milk, due to which they are unable to consume it. In this case, camel milk can be used. Research by an institution called the Electron Physician has found that camel milk contains a protein different from cow’s milk, which does not harm children ( 14 ).

9. Relieving autoimmune diseases

When the body’s immune system accidentally damages the healthy cells of the body, the diseases caused by it are called autoimmune diseases. The causes of autoimmune disease cannot be clearly stated, but certain types of drugs, bacteria and viruses are believed to cause this negative reaction of the immune system ( 15 ). Here the positive effects of camel milk can be seen. Camel milk is believed to help relieve autoimmune diseases. At the moment, further research is still needed to find out what properties exist in camel milk behind this benefit ( 7 ).

After knowing the benefits of camel milk for health, in the next part of the article, know about the nutrients found in camel milk.

Camel milk nutritional value

Camel milk contains vitamins, minerals and many essential nutrients, which work to benefit health. It contains 3.4 percent protein, 3.5 percent fat, 4.4 percent lactose and 87 percent water ( 16 ):

Apart from this, per 100 grams of camel milk is found in the mineral, given below –

Zinc: 0.53 mg

Manganese: 0.05 mg

Magnesium: 10.5 mg

Iron: 0.29 mg

Sodium: 59 mg

Potassium: 156 mg

Calcium: 114 mg

With all these minerals, camel milk is also rich in many vitamins, such as vitamin-A, B, C, D and vitamin-E.

Learn further how camel milk can be used. 

How to use camel milk

How to use:

Camel milk can be used to make coffee, tea, smoothies, sauces, soups, mac & cheeses, pancakes and waffles, along with drinking. Apart from this, cheese, yogurt and butter can also be made with the help of camel milk.

How much to use:

A healthy person can consume one to two cups of camel milk a day on consultation with the dietician. Do consult a doctor before using it in any health problem.

Know at the end of the article can there be any loss of camel milk?

Loss of camel milk

  • Mycobacterium Bovis is a type of bacteria that causes tuberculosis in cattle. An NCBI research has said that this bacteria is also spread in camels along with cattle. At the same time, many infections enter animals from humans and in such cases, camel milk can be a risk factor for the spread of M. bovis, which can also infect humans. At the moment, further research on this topic still needs to be done ( 17 ).
  • Consumption of camel raw milk can cause zoonotic infections (from animals to humans), so it is advisable not to consume raw milk ( 18 ).

Hope that through this article you have understood the benefits of camel milk. The benefits of camel milk can be obtained by including it in the daily diet. The article also talks about how camel milk can be used. Also, to avoid the loss of camel milk, we would recommend that it be always boiled. Hope this article is beneficial for you.


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