Castor Oil Benefits Uses And Disadvantages - All About Castor Oil
Castor Oil Benefits Uses And Disadvantages - All About Castor Oil

People have been resorting to home remedies to stay healthy for years. Especially, when it comes to the people of India, grandmother’s tips are used here a lot. One of them is castor oil. It is possible that many people do not yet know much about the benefits of castor oil. Keeping this in mind, we are going to tell the benefits of castor oil for this article of Stylecrase. Here, not only will the benefits of castor oil be told, but the use of castor oil in the right way will also be informed. In addition, other information related to it has also been included in the article. Readers should note that castor oil is not a cure for any of the problems mentioned in the article. This can only be helpful in reducing the effects and symptoms of these problems to some extent.

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First of all, know what is castor oil?

What is castor oil – what is castor oil

It is a vegetable oil, which is extracted from castor seeds. Its scientific name is Ricinus Communis. It is called castor oil in Hindi, Amudamu in Telugu, Ririra Tela in Bengali, Erandela Tela in Marathi, Avankakkena in Malayalam and Amanakku Anni in Tamil. Castor oil is used in soaps as well as lubricants. Apart from this, it is also used as a traditional medicine for problems such as abdominal pain, back pain, constipation and headache. The article further elaborates on the health benefits of this.

Now it is time to get some information about the type of castor oil.

Types of castor oil

Although there are many types of this oil, but mainly there are three types.

  • Organic cold-pressed castor oil – It is extracted directly from castor seeds and no heat is used in the process of making it. All the nutrients present in the seeds are destroyed by using heat during oil extraction. Whenever you buy it, keep in mind that it should be yellow in color.
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil – To make it, castor seeds are first roasted and then pressed and extracted from the oil. The ash that comes out during frying the seeds is also mixed in the oil, due to which the oil looks black. It also has all the nutritional properties like cold-pressed castor oil, but the salinity is considerable.
  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil – This is a hydrogenated castor oil, which contains nickel (nickel – a chemical element). It is also known as Castor Wax. Compared to other castor oil, it is odorless and insoluble in water. It is especially used in cosmetic.


Now know what the benefits of castor oil are.

Benefits of castor oil

Read below the benefits of castor oil related to health, skin and hair.

1. The benefits of castor oil for constipation

Constipation problem can befall anyone. In such a situation, according to a research published on the website of NCBI – The National Center for Biotechnology Information, the use of castor oil can be helpful in reducing the symptoms of constipation to some extent ( 3 ). At the moment, more research is still needed on this. At the same time, excessive use of it can cause spasm problems. Ricinoleic acid present in it may be the reason. In such cases, those who have stomach problems should use it only on medical consultation ( 4 ).

2. Castor oil for arthritis

Castor oil may also be beneficial for osteoarthritis (the most common type of arthritis). In fact, in one research, some osteoarthritis patients were given a drug containing castor oil and some were given anti-inflammatory drugs. Upon completion of the 4-week treatment, it was observed that both drugs were effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. Meanwhile, diclofenac sodium (a type of anti-inflammatory drug) was seen to have more adverse effects, whereas no adverse effects were seen with castor oil. Thus, it can be inferred from this study that castor oil may prove effective in the condition of osteoarthritis ( 5 ).

3. Induce labor to increase delivery

Castor oil can also be used to increase delivery. According to research conducted on this topic, the use of castor oil can increase the labor pen during pregnancy within 24 hours. It can be considered useful for increasing childbirth during pregnancy. However, pregnancy is a very sensitive condition, so medical consultation is necessary before its use ( 6 ).

4. For Plantar Heel Spur or Heel Pain

Heal spur is a problem in which the bone under the heel bone grows ( 7 ). This may cause swelling or pain problems. In such a situation, the use of castor oil can be beneficial. According to a research related to this, using castor oil can relieve the pain of heel spur ( 8 ). However, it may be comfortable for mild pain or for some time. If the pain is chronic or severe, then medical consultation is also necessary.

5. Castor oil for piles

Hemorrhoids are not only a painful problem, but people are not able to openly tell anyone about it. In such a situation, people take many measures to get rid of this problem. One of them is castor oil. Some research of castor oil has shown that castor oil can be used for piles problem ( 9 ). However, no concrete evidence exists as to how this is helpful. On the other hand, constipation is also a cause of hemorrhoids and the laxative (stomach cleansing) properties present in castor oil can help reduce the risk of hemorrhoids to some extent, by relieving constipation ( 10 ) ( 11 ).

6. Anti-inflammatory properties

Castor oil can also be beneficial in relieving inflammation. Indeed, according to a research conducted on this subject, castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which can act as an anti-inflammatory agent just like capsaicin (Capsaicin – a type of ingredient). Research on animals has revealed that due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can be useful in inflammation problems ( 12 ).

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7. Castor oil for Candida

Candida is a fungus. It lives everywhere, even in the human body. It works by controlling the immune system in the body. At the same time, when the person is ill or is taking antibiotics, their number may increase, due to which they can cause infection ( 13 ). In this case, a mixture of castor oil can be beneficial. However, no concrete scientific evidence is available about this. Its effect depends on the health of the person. If someone has more infection then it is our opinion that in this situation, medical treatment should be given first priority.

8. Castor oil for wrinkles

Castor oil can also be beneficial for preventing wrinkles . At the moment, no precise research is available on this, but it can be speculated that the fatty acids present in castor oil go deep into the skin and improve the production of collagen and elastin (a protein found in the skin). Not only can it help reduce wrinkles but can also make the skin healthy. At the moment, more scientific research is still needed. At the same time, if someone wants to use castor oil for the skin, then using castor oil after washing the face can be helpful in making the skin healthy ( 14 ).

9. For acne or blemishes

Castor oil can also be beneficial for acne. Indeed, the resinolic acid present in it may help prevent acne-causing bacteria, reducing the risk of acne . At the same time, its use can also reduce spots ( 14 ). At the moment, no exact scientific evidence is available about this.

10. Castor oil for lashes

Castor oil can also be used to make eyelashes beautiful and thick. However, there is no scientific evidence yet on how castor oil can make eyelids dense for eyelashes.

11. Use of castor oil for hair

Castor oil is also considered beneficial for hair. It is easily available in the market and its use can not only help in hair growth, but can also help in removing dandruff ( 15 ). However, one-time medical consultation is also necessary, as in some cases it can also cause hair to become dry and lifeless ( 16 ).

Note: If someone has a serious health problem or someone has an allergy problem, then they should use castor oil only after the opinion of a doctor or expert ( 15 ).

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After the benefits of castor oil, now comes the time to know about the use of castor oil.

Uses of castor oil

Below are the uses of castor oil.

  • Those who are suffering from constipation can take one drop of castor oil in one cup of orange juice. We have given above information that castor oil has laxative properties (stomach cleansing properties). However, those who have a severe constipation problem, avoid the consumption of castor oil and seek medical advice ( 15 ).
  • For abdominal pain or gas, abdominal massage can be done by lukewarm castor oil.
  • For the skin, clean the face thoroughly before sleeping at night and apply lukewarm castor oil on the face and wash the face with cold water the next day.
  • To reduce dark circles, mix one drop of castor oil in one teaspoon coconut oil and apply it under the eyes before sleeping. Then wash the next morning.
  • Mix one to one and one-half teaspoon of castor oil in coconut oil as needed for hair and apply it to the hair roots before sleeping at night and shampoo it the next day.

Note: If anyone has an allergy problem, they should consult the expert before using it.

Next, know about castor oil supplements.

Castor oil dosage

If we talk about the quantity of castor oil, then at present there is no scientific evidence for its dosage. The amount of its use depends on the age and health of the person. If seen, castor oil is thicker than other oils, so it should be used in very small quantities. Apart from this, if anyone has any health related problem, please consult the doctor before taking it. Excess intake of this can be harmful to health ( 17 ).

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Next, know about its nutritional elements.

The nutritional value of castor oil

Know below about the nutritional elements in castor oil ( 18 ).

Castor oil is found to have the highest risinolic acid. It contains about 90% resinoleic acid.

  • 4% linoleic acid
  • 3% oleic acid
  • 1% stearic acid
  • More than 1% other linolenic fatty acids

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Now we know about the use of castor oil in pregnancy.

Castor oil used during pregnancy

In clear words, castor oil should not be used during pregnancy. We have given above information in the article that the use of castor oil in pregnancy can increase the labor pen. Also, its use during pregnancy can also increase the risk of miscarriage ( 15 ). In such a situation, if a pregnant woman is trying to use or consume castor oil, then of course, get medical advice first. This oil contains natural laxatives. If a pregnant woman consumes even one teaspoon of it, there may be a chance of frequent defecation. There can also be a stomach upset.

Further know about the use of castor oil for children.

Castor oil for children – castor oil for babies

Castor oil can be used for the child as described below.

  • Natural Moisturizer – Children’s skin is soft and soft. In such a situation, they can be massaged with castor oil. This will provide adequate moisture to the skin of the children and will also maintain shine. Also their muscles can also be strengthened.
  • Relief from diaper rashes – Nowadays everyone wears their baby diapers. Now call it the safety of the child or the way to make one’s own work easier, but the consequences have to be suffered by the innocent. Often children get rashes due to diapers. In such a situation, castor oil can be applied on the affected area.
  • For good hair – Massaging the scalp of children with this oil can give a natural glow to the hair and also make the hair grow faster.
  • To relieve gas – often small children become gas, which they cannot tolerate and start crying. In this situation, castor oil can be applied on the stomach by lukewarm, which can give them relief.

Note: Castor oil is used for prescriptions for children, do not consume castor oil to any child, it can be harmful ( 19 ). Also, this recipe is for a child older than 6 months, avoid using castor oil to any newborn.

Know further its disadvantages.

In this part of the article, know what the disadvantages of castor oil can be.

Side effects of castor oil

Castor oil can prove to be harmful in some cases. A toxic substance called risin is found in castor seeds. If it goes inside the body, it can prove to be fatal. Also, during the extraction of oil, castor seeds are powdered through pesticides or chemicals. In this way the quality of the oil is affected and can have negative effects. Let us take a look at how this oil can have adverse effects ( 17 ) ( 20 )

  • Vomiting – Excessive intake of oil can cause vomiting. If control is not found in time, dehydration can occur. There may also be heart problems.
  • Diarrhea – This oil has a natural laxative property, which is used to relieve constipation. If it is consumed in excess, diarrhea may occur.
  • Stomach torsion – How much castor oil can prove to be fatal, it is from this that a 58-year-old man tried to commit suicide by injecting castor bean. On taking an overdose of the injection, he started vomiting and started having stomach cramps. This is due to a toxic element called risin found in these seeds ( 21 ).
  • Abortion – Consumption of castor oil during pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage ( 15 ).

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Know further precautions to be taken before or after its use.

Precautions before taking castor oil

Know some precautions below.

  • Pregnant women should avoid consuming castor oil.
  • Do not apply castor oil in baby’s mouth and genitals.
  • After applying castor oil in the hands and feet of the child, take care not to take those hands in the mouth.
  • Do a patch test before applying castor oil.
  • Those who have severe constipation problem, do not consume it.
  • Those who have any kind of allergy or those who are taking the medicine, use castor oil only after medical consultation.
  • If someone is going to have surgery, they should use castor oil only after medical consultation.
  • Do not use castor oil in patients with appendicitis (abdominal swelling or swelling in the appendix).

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After knowing so much about castor oil, now is the turn to know about buying it.

Where to buy castor oil?

Know below where you can buy castor oil.

  • Castor oil is available online. You can buy from here if you want .
  • Castor oil can also be easily found in cosmetic shops in the market.
  • Apart from this, castor oil can also be easily found in medical stores.

Hope that after knowing the benefits of castor oil through this article, many people would like to include it in their lifestyle. It can be used to reap the benefits of castor oil mentioned above. There is no harm in using castor oil as such, but it should be used in limited quantities keeping in mind its disadvantages. At the same time, contact your doctor immediately if any side effects arise during its use. Hope this article helps you.


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