Causes of dizziness, treatment and home remedies - What is dizziness
Causes of dizziness, treatment and home remedies - What is dizziness

Suddenly a dark shadow in front of your eyes or a feeling of rotating your head can happen to anyone. In addition, sometimes fatigue and weakness can be felt. These are symptoms of dizziness. However, this problem is not worrisome, but can sometimes take a serious form. In this article of Stylecrase, we are talking about this problem. Along with this, we will try to give complete information about treatment of vertigo and what treatment to do in case of dizziness. The treatment that we are telling in this article is based on many types of research, which have been done on humans and humans. In addition, given home remedies can reduce the problem of dizziness to some extent. At the same time, if the problem becomes severe and recurrent headaches, it is necessary to see a doctor once.

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Here we are first talking about the type of dizziness.

Types of dizziness

According to research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), the types of dizziness can be of four types.

  • Vertigo – It makes the head spin and seems to be moving around. Vomiting and dizziness are common to a person suffering from this problem.
  • Disequilibrium – There is a problem in balancing the body. Some people suffering from this may feel foot problems, while some people may feel dizzy head.
  • Presyncope – In this situation one feels that he will faint, but this does not happen. When the person attempts to sit or lie down, one can feel some relief.
  • Lightheadedness – In the event of lightheadedness , there may be a feeling of discomfort inside the head. In this state sometimes a person may feel that their head is not connected with their body.


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Causes of dizziness

There can be several reasons for dizziness, some of which are mentioned below for common reasons:

  • Sudden sitting or getting up: Many people feel a state of lightheadedness when sitting or getting up suddenly. It can also be a reason for dizziness.
  • Causes of migraine : Headache causes severe pain in the case of migraine. Due to this, a situation of dizziness can also occur.
  • Causes of medicines: Dizziness may occur due to any problem inside the ear or due to reaction of any medicine.
  • Reduced blood pressure: Sudden low blood pressure can also cause dizziness.
  • Dehydration: Due to dehydration, there can be dizziness even when there is lack of water in the body.
  • Causes of motion sickness : Motion sickness can also cause dizziness. Motion sickness is a condition that occurs in some people while traveling by bus or car.
  • Causes of increasing age : With increasing age, people may have many health problems, due to which they may have to take more medicines. Due to this, there can be problem of dizziness.
  • Due to any other reason: Sometimes, due to some other reasons besides the above situations, there may be a problem of dizziness. In this case, a doctor’s advice should be taken without delay.

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After the cause of vertigo, here we are telling you what symptoms are seen when you feel dizzy.

Symptoms of dizziness

Usually, due to dizziness, the person can see things moving around and can become blurred. Also, it becomes difficult to balance the body. Symptoms of dizziness are described below according to the research published on NCBI website.

  • Diplopia: Multiple copies of the same object.
  • Vertigo: Turning of the head.
  • Dysarthria: Difficulty speaking or unclear communication.
  • Limb weakness: Feeling weakness in limbs.
  • Dysesthesia: Feeling like a sensation in the body.
  • Ataxia: Unbalance of body in any activity.
  • Unusual eye movements, such as flaring of eyes, difficult to see clearly while walking, etc.

Other symptoms include discomfort in walking, feeling of approaching or moving away, feeling like unconsciousness and headache. Also includes feeling like nausea and vomiting, hearing noises inside the ear like tinnitus, feeling difficulty hearing and feeling like a sudden jerk.

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Here we are telling what domestic remedies can be resorted to in case of dizziness.

Home remedies for dizziness – Home Remedies for dizziness

1. Ginger

Consuming ginger can be beneficial to relieve vertigo. According to a scientific research, ginger has special medicinal properties. If consumed while traveling, it can help to cure the problem of motion sickness (one of the causes of dizziness). This scientific research has also confirmed that ginger has antioxidant properties, which can prove beneficial in dizziness problem. Therefore, ginger can be used for motion sickness and as an Ayurvedic treatment of dizziness.

How to use:

  • Cut ginger into small pieces.
  • Now chew these pieces when you feel motion sickness during the journey.
  • Apart from this, ginger supplements can also be taken on the advice of a doctor.

2. Honey

Honey can be used effectively in case of dizziness. According to a medical research published by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), honey contains more energy in the form of nutrients. Immediately after its intake the body gets sufficient amount of calories. This may help to correct the problem of vertigo (a type of dizziness). This can lead to treatment of dizziness. According to another scientific research, honey can be consumed as a medicine of vertigo.

How to use:

  • Mix two spoons of honey and about a teaspoon of apple vinegar in a glass of water.
  • Then consume this water.
  • Apart from this, one teaspoon honey and one teaspoon lemon juice can also be mixed with water and drink.
  • Keep in mind that pure honey should be used in this home remedy.

3. Basil

Many people wonder what treatment to do in case of dizziness, but it is not so difficult. Actually, the use of basil plant extracts can be beneficial to cure dizziness. According to a scientific research, basil has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Both these properties can reduce the problem of dizziness to some extent. At present, further research is needed in this regard.

How to use:

  • Grind a few basil leaves and take out half a teaspoon of extracts.
  • Consuming this extract can be beneficial in the condition of dizziness.

4. Almonds

Almonds rich in nutrients are considered to be excellent dry feet. Almond consumption can be a home remedy for dizziness. Vitamin-B6 is found in almonds. At the same time, consuming vitamin-B6 can prevent problems like vertigo. However, the quantity of vitamin-B6 in almonds is limited, so instead of its intake one can adopt the other treatment given above.

How to use:

  • Soak 4-5 almonds in water overnight.
  • The next morning peel them off and grind them finely.
  • Then they can be mixed with milk (after the milk has been boiled and cooled).

5. Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba can be used as a home remedy for dizziness. This may be possible because extracts from Gingko biloba have special therapeutic properties. According to a clinical study, the problem of dizziness can be solved by consuming it. However, to eliminate vertigo, take a doctor’s advice once before consuming it, as there is still a lack of scientific research on how to treat the vertigo.

How to use:

  • Gingko biloba (a plant with green leaves) is easily available in the market.
  • Bring it home and wash it well.
  • Then extract its extract by squeezing its leaves or crushing them in a mortar.
  • Now its extract can be consumed by the afflicted person.
  • Note that for the exact amount of its intake, contact the doctor once.

6. Amla

Amla has long been used to make Unani and Ayurvedic medicines as a medicine of vertigo, because it is considered a fruit of fruit. Amla has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. According to a scientific report, applying pulp of gooseberry on the head can reduce the problem of headache and dizziness. In this way, gooseberry head can be a home remedy.

How to use:

  • Take two-three drops mustard oil.
  • Make a paste of gooseberry pulp and mix mustard oil in it.
  • Now apply it lightly on the scalp.
  • After about 30 minutes wash your head with shampoo.

7. Drink plenty of water

As mentioned above, dehydration may also be a cause of dizziness. Therefore, plenty of water should be consumed throughout the day. It can be beneficial as a home remedy for dizziness. Actually, this keeps the body hydrated throughout the day and the problem of dizziness can be reduced somewhat.

8. Lemon

Consuming lemon can also prove beneficial in case of vertigo. According to a research, lemon intake can reduce the risk of nausea as well as reduce the problem of dizziness. However, there is still a need for further scientific research on how this can be a home remedy for headaches.

How to use:

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Mix the juice of half a lemon in this water.
  • Now in the state of dizziness, you can consume it.

9. Take a deep breath

Long and deep breath should be taken immediately as a treatment for dizziness. This can reduce the problem somewhat. Long deep breaths bring enough oxygen to the brain, and lightheadedness can reduce some of the vertigo ( 1 ). How to take and release the breath, first of all ask a qualified yoga trainer. Doing it on your own can be a disadvantage instead of a benefit, because taking long deep breaths and giving up is also a technique.


In this part of the article, we are telling you what to eat in case of dizziness.

What to eat in case of dizziness?

Including a healthy diet in your diet can also help in treating dizziness. Actually, a scientific research done on the cause of dizziness has confirmed that due to lack of nutrients in food, there can be a problem of dizziness. In such a situation, a healthy diet can help in treating dizziness. For this, foods rich in fiber should be replaced in the diet. At the moment, further research needs to be done in this regard, but there is no doubt that adequate nutrients are necessary for a healthy body.

Let us now know what the treatment of dizziness can be.

Treatment of dizziness – Treatments for dizziness

Treatment for dizziness depends on its severity. Treatment ranges from medicines to physical therapy and psychotherapy. In addition, surgical treatment may be required in some cases ( 16 ). Apart from this, the following measures can also be beneficial in treating vertigo:

  1. If dizziness occurs with a migraine, during this time migraine medication may also be beneficial for dizziness.
  2. Anxiety may also cause dizziness, anti-anxiety medications may be beneficial to avoid.
  3. Swelling in the ear can also cause dizziness. It is called Meniere’s Disease. Water pill or diuretic (diuretic) medicines can be taken to overcome this.
  4. Antihistamine and anticholinergics may be suggested by the doctor to treat vertigo.
  5. When dizziness begins, it may be helpful to lie down as soon as possible.
  6. It can also be treated through acupuncture and physical therapy. Physical therapy specifically involves vestibular rehabilitation, which can help maintain body balance.
  7. The problem of dizziness can also be corrected by an exercise called Epley Maneuver. Here we are explaining how to do it:
  • First of all sit on the bed and tilt your head slightly to the right.
  • Now lie down on your back without moving your head. Remember that the pillow should be under the shoulders, so that the head is tilted downwards.
  • Stay in this condition for at least 30 seconds.
  • After this, without raising your head, turn the head in the other direction ie to the left.
  • Even in this situation you have to stay for at least 30 seconds.
  • After this, without moving the head, bend your body to the left and stay in this position for at least 30 seconds.
  • Now get up from the left side and sit with the support of right hand.
  • There may be some benefit from practicing this regularly.

Note: Initially, do this exercise under the supervision of a doctor. When practiced well, do it yourself.

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After knowing the treatment, information about its rescue is being given here.

Prevention of dizziness – Prevention Tips for dizziness

If necessary precautions are taken, you can protect yourself from dizziness. To avoid this situation, below we are giving some work tips:

If lightheaded causes dizziness –

  • Avoid abruptly changing your posture.
  • If lying down, get up slowly and sit for a while before standing up.
  • At the same time, be sure to take recourse to something while standing.

If vertigo causes vertigo –

  • Avoid doing anything suddenly and suddenly changing your position.
  • Start doing any task slowly.
  • If you feel dizzy after all precautions, avoid strong light, neither watch TV nor try to read anything, as these can make the condition of dizziness serious.

Apart from this, there are some methods of rescue –

  • Avoid consumption of caffeine, alcohol, salt and tobacco. Excessive use of these substances can make the problem more serious.
  • Drink enough fluids, eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep and avoid stress.
  • Taking any medicine can also cause dizziness. If this ever happens, contact the doctor immediately.
  • If you feel dizzy while traveling, avoid reading books during that time and do not use the phone.
  • Some people get dizzy sitting on the back seat of the car. In such a situation, avoid sitting on the back seat.
  • Do not turn the head fast. This can cause dizziness.

The problem of dizziness can be avoided to a large extent by following the precautions mentioned in this article. At the same time, home remedies for head rot are not the exact remedy given in the article, but still it can reduce its risk somewhat. If the problem of dizziness persists, it can also be a sign of some other disease. Therefore, you should contact the doctor without delay. You can also talk to a doctor about dizziness medicine. Hope that readers will definitely benefit from this article giving information about the solution of dizziness. Keep reading Stylcrase for other health related information.


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