Causes Symptoms And Home Remedies Of Gout Disease - Vaat Rog Causes Symptoms And Home Remedies
Causes Symptoms And Home Remedies Of Gout Disease - Vaat Rog Causes Symptoms And Home Remedies

According to medicine, the human body is mainly composed of five elements (fire, earth, water, air and sky). A state of balance between all these elements indicates a better health of man. At the same time, imbalance of any one of these causes physical problems, which is divided into Tridoshas and its subdistricts. According to the parts and organs of the body, Tridoshas are known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which also have many subdivisions. In this article of Stylkrej, what is vata, the cause of gout and the symptoms of vata nature will be explained in detail. Along with this, information will also be given in the article about the remedy to cure gout. The remedies mentioned in the article can provide relief from Vata related problems, but can not prove to be a complete treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to get a medical checkup in critical condition.

Before knowing all the necessary information related to the subject, it is necessary to talk a little about what is gout.

What is gout – What is Vaat Rog

Vata means air. This is the reason that Vata disease involves all those problems, which are related to air flow in the body somewhere. According to Ayurveda, the work of Vata is to help in balancing and maintaining the function of the respiratory process, heartbeat, muscle activation and tissue function as well as the function of cytoplasm and cell membranes. For this reason, the balance of Vata i.e. air in the body plays an important role in maintaining energy and physical activity.

At the same time, fear and anxiety can be seen in the person in the state of unbalance of Vata, which in future gives rise to many diseases like neurological disorders, Arthritis (arthritis), Imphysema (lung related disorders) and Alzheimer’s (amnesia). Can give (1) . Due to the imbalance of Vata, these diseases are classified under Vata disease.

After getting information about what is gout, we are now giving some types of gout disease further in the article.

Types of rheumatism

Vata is mainly divided into five parts based on the effect on the physical organs and the part and function of those organs, which are categorized as Vata subdivisions. The types of gout are as follows (2) .

  1. Life Wat- affects rheumatic disease of the brain and nervous system with the process of breathing in this way. In such a situation, the patient cannot control his sensations.
  2. Udan Wat- includes problems like rheumatic problem speaking with the process of expiration Thus, facial pallor and cough brightness.
  3. Similar Wat- in this type of rheumatic patients have to face situations such as difficulty in absorption (Absorption) problem related to pain, intestinal swallowing and nutrients.
  1. Apan Vata – This type of gout can lead to disorders of the large intestine and kidney, as well as problems associated with water balance and nutrient absorption.
  2. In this type of Vayana Vata-Vata disease, the skin of the whole body is affected, due to which the patient has to face the problem of shivering and hair loss.

In the next part of the article, we are talking about what can be caused by gout.

Causes of Vaat Rog

As already mentioned in the article, the state of imbalance of Vata (air) gives rise to Vata disease. In such a situation, the causes of Vata (air) disturbance can be seen as the cause of Vata disease, which are as follows (2) :

  • Irregular routine
  • Unbalanced food
  • Lack of nutritious food in food
  • Lack of manual labor

After the cause of Vata disease, now we will try to know what the symptoms of Vata nature can be.

Symptoms of gout – Symptoms of Vaat Rog

Symptoms of Vata nature can be of the following type in a Vata patient (1) .

  • Having a lean body.
  • Loss of weight.
  • Wrinkles on face or cheeks inward.
  • Thin and pointed chin.
  • Appearance of black and brown stripes in them with small, sunken and dry eyes.
  • Dry and chapped lips.
  • Thin gums and teeth worsened condition.
  • Dry, dry and lifeless skin.
  • Dry and lifeless hair with brown color.
  • Irregular appetite or loss of appetite.
  • Digestive disorders and gas problems.
  • More thirsty.
  • Stress, anxiety and fear persist.
  • No feeling of peace of mind.
  • Take any decision in haste.
  • Speak fast, speak vaguely or over-speak.
  • Slow and heavy voiding (strangulation).

After the symptoms of Vata Prakriti, now we will tell you the remedies to cure Vata disease.

Home Remedies for Vata Dosha

1. Sunlight

According to experts, due to cold temperature, people complain of vata dosha. At the same time, sunlight helps to keep the body warm as well as warming the temperature of the atmosphere, which can control the balance of Vata in the body (3) . In the article, we have already told that gout diseases are caused by imbalance of vata. In such a situation, it can be believed that sunlight can prove beneficial for the treatment of gout. This problem can be controlled to a large extent by spending a few minutes in the morning in the sun every morning. Keep in mind that do not do this in summer, otherwise it may cause heatstroke.

2. Drink water in a copper vessel

Copper is considered helpful in removing impurities in the body. In addition, it also helps to speed up the process of the formation of special chemicals required in the body, which can prove to be helpful in removing many problems related to gout. Some properties of copper are also found in water kept in a copper vessel. For this reason, it can be said that water kept in a copper vessel can help to overcome the problems associated with gout (4) .

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon can also be used to treat gout. As we have already mentioned in the article, Vata dosha also includes many stomach related problems. At the same time, cinnamon has been considered beneficial for many stomach problems. For this reason, it can be assumed that cinnamon may be beneficial to a great extent in stomach problems related to vata dosha (5) .

4. Garlic

Garlic can also prove to be beneficial in the treatment of gout . Actually, garlic is hot and is considered beneficial for stomach problems. At the same time it helps in the absorption of food and also helps in strengthening digestion. At the same time, it can help control the balance between Vata, Pitta and Kapha by increasing the effect of Vata. For this reason it can be assumed that the use of garlic may prove beneficial in the defects caused by lack of Vata (6) .

5. Turmeric and milk

Consuming turmeric with hot milk can prevent many disorders related to vata dosha. According to experts, consuming hot milk relieves the problem of excess sleep due to increase in vata (7) . At the same time, turmeric plays an important role in maintaining the balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha (8) . For this reason, it can be believed that the use of hot milk with turmeric as a treatment for gout can be an effective remedy before bedtime.

After knowing the remedies to cure gout, now we are giving some remedies related to gout.

Prevention of gout disease – Prevention Tips for Vaat Rog

Vata diseases can be kept away from themselves by taking care of some special things. Let’s take a look at those things as well (7) .

  • The fears of gout can be reduced by regularizing the time of eating along with sleeping and waking time.
  • Choose nutritious foods for consumption.
  • Control cold intake in food.
  • Stay away from the cold environment and try to keep yourself warm.
  • Massage with almond or jojoba oil before bathing, so that the skin moisture remains intact.
  • Use a good moisturizer after bathing.
  • Regular yoga practice can also keep you away from problems associated with gout.
  • Exercise regularly or make a habit of walking for some time in the morning.

Necessary information has been given in the article about what is gout and what are the symptoms of vata nature. To get relief from the problems related to Vata, the remedies given in the article can also be effective. Before adopting these measures, it is important to keep in mind that these are home remedies, which can relieve gout problems, but are not complete remedies. Therefore, for any problem, do get medical consultation once, so that these remedies can get better benefits. If there is any question or suggestion related to this topic, you can reach it with the help of the comment box given below.


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