Causes Symptoms And Treatment Of Weakness Weakness Causes Symptoms And Treatment
Causes Symptoms And Treatment Of Weakness Weakness Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Many times it happens that a person gets tired quickly while walking or he starts feeling dizzy. These problems can be caused by weakness. It is seen that many people ignore weakness as simple, but you must be surprised to know that it can also be a symptom of a disease. In such a situation, it is important to pay attention to it in time and find out the cause of weakness and the symptoms of weakness. Read about the cause of weakness and the medical treatment related to it in this article of Stylecrase. Apart from this, weakness prevention tips have also been included in this article.

First of all know what is weakness?

What is Weakness?

In simple words, tiredness is the weakness of the body. There is a lack of strength in one or several muscles. Weakness may be felt throughout the body or in one part of the body. In this, the person starts feeling tired. Keep reading this article for more important information about weakness.

Now it is time to know the reason of weakness.

Causes of weakness – Causes of Weakness

Weakness can be treated well only when the causes of weakness are known properly. As we mentioned above, weakness can also occur in the whole body or any one part of the body. In such a situation, if there is weakness in any part or part of the body, then it is more important to pay attention to it. Such weakness may be due to the reasons given below ( 2 ).

  • After stroke
  • Nerve injury or nerve injury
  • After multiple sclerosis – in which the brain and spinal cord are affected).

Note: If we talk about weakness, at times people feel weak, but they do not lack strength. This condition is called Subjective Weakness. It can be caused by flu or infection. At the same time, a person loses his strength in some kind of weakness, which is called Objective Weakness.

Many health problems can also cause weakness. Information about this is being given below.

Problems  related to metabolism (metabolism)

  • Addison’s disease (when the adrenal glands present in the body cannot produce enough hormones.)
  • Hyperparathyroidism (when the parathyroid gland produces more parathyroid hormone.)
  • Low sodium or potassium
  • Overactive thyroid (in this thyroid glands produce excessive hormones)

Brain / nerve problems 

  • Brain and spinal cord nerve cells (amiotrophic lateral sclerosis – diseases associated with the nervous system)
  • Weakness of the facial muscles (Bell palsy – facial paralysis)
  • Many types of disorders that affect the brain and nervous system (such as cerebral palsy – a type of paralysis).
  • Inflammation of the veins, which leads to weakening of the muscles (Gillain-Barré syndrome, when the immune system attacks the peripheral nervous system, causing inflammation in the veins and weakening the muscles.)
  • Multiple sclerosis – a disease associated with the nervous system.
  • Pinched nerve
  • Stroke (impeded blood flow to the brain)

Muscles of the disease the cause

  • Hereditary disease in which the weakness of the muscles of the legs and pelvis gradually becomes severe (Baker Muscular Dystrophy).
  • Muscle disease that causes inflammation and skin rash (Dermatomyositis Dermatomyositis).
  • Group of hereditary diseases that cause muscle weakness and loss of muscle tissue (Muscular Dystrophy – Muscular Dystrophy).

Some poisonous things of reason

  • Botulism – an infection caused by bacteria Clostridium botulinum
  • Toxicity (caused by pesticide)
  • Poisoning caused by eating shellfish (shellfish poisoning)

Some other reason

  • Lack of healthy red blood cells ( due to anemia or anemia )
  • Disorders of muscles and nerves (Myasthenia Gravis – Myasthenia Gravis, a type of problem in which muscles start to weaken)
  • Polio
  • Cancer
  • Due to diabetes
  • Not eating properly or lack of nutrients in food
  • Get more exercise
  • Over running or walking

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Next we know about the symptoms of weakness.

Symptoms of Weakness

Symptoms of weakness can vary according to each person’s age and condition. Also, no precise scientific evidence exists about the symptoms of weakness. In this case, the symptoms indicated below are given on the basis of presumption.

  • dizziness
  • to faint
  • Having trouble getting up and running
  • Sleep apnea
  • body pain
  • Having trouble moving one limb
  • Have trouble seeing
  • Common tasks such as combing, climbing stairs or having trouble speaking
  • Feeling tired
  • panic button
  • Tremor

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Keep reading this article to know about the risk factors of weakness.

Risk factors of weakness – Risk factors of weakness

Risk factors for weakness may vary according to weakness. As we have mentioned above, weakness can occur in the whole body or in one part. In this case, its risk factors may vary. However, there is no precise scientific evidence available in this regard, so these factors are being reported as hypotheses.

  • Flu or viral fever
  • Not eating properly
  • Stay hungry longer
  • Side effects of dieting
  • Any serious illness
  • mental stress
  • Excessive exercise or work out
  • To get drunk
  • Don’t sleep well
  • Drink less water

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Keep reading this article for information about the treatment of weakness.

Treatment of weakness – Treatment of weakness

If we talk about the treatment of weakness then it depends on the reason behind the weakness, how the weakness can be treated.

Common Cause – We have mentioned above that exercising too much or not sleeping properly can cause weakness. In such a situation, the doctor may prescribe some medicines and at the same time recommend that you get sleep and exercise under the supervision of a trainer.

Lack of water – In this, the doctor may advise to consume more and more beverages or may do other medical treatment.

Critical illness – Any serious illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure can also cause weakness, so the doctor will proceed with the treatment of the problem.

Mental problem – anxiety or panic attack can also cause weakness. In such a case, the patient can take psychological counseling.

Unknown Causes –  There may be many unknown reasons behind the weakness, for this, the doctor will examine it properly and proceed with the treatment process.

Note – The treatment of weakness mentioned above has been given as an estimate, for the right information about its treatment, please contact the doctor.

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Next know how to guard against weakness.

Measures to avoid weakness – Prevention Tips for Weakness in Hindi

Read below what are the ways to avoid weakness.

  • Drink as much water as possible, especially during the summer season.
  • Eat fruit juice.
  • Take care of diet and eat nutritious foods like green vegetables and fruits.
  • Milk can be consumed.
  • If there is weakness due to dehydration, salt-sugar water solution or electrolyte can be consumed on medical advice.
  • Checkup your routine regularly
  • Regular nuts like almonds, cashew nuts, raisins or dates can be consumed.

Note: Even after taking the right diet, the problem of weakness persists for many days, it is better to seek medical advice about it.

It is important to pay attention to these in time, not ignoring the symptoms of weakness. Hope that you have understood the reasons for the weakness mentioned in the article and how to avoid weakness. In such a situation, whenever you feel weakness, do not forget to contact the doctor. Especially, those people who have been experiencing weakness for a long time, do not ignore medical treatment. Hope this article helps you. Along with doctor’s advice and medicines, also eat healthy diet.


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