By October 23 this year, the central government has purchased a crop of Rs 59 crore. In these crops, urad, moong, coconut have been purchased at minimum support price (MSP). With this, many states have approved the purchase of pulses and oilseeds. The Ministry of Agriculture has released these figures. 

Purchased moong and urad from these states, through its nodal agencies, has procured 894.54 MT of moong and urad, 871 farmers of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Haryana have received MSP value of Rs 6.43 crore.

Similarly, the ministry said, MSP value of Rs 52.40 crore has been given for 5,089 MT copra i.e. coconut (perennial crop) benefiting 3,961 farmers in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Urad and Coconut Prices Higher than MSP Rates in respect of coconut and urad are higher than MSP in most major producing states. The Ministry said that the respective State and Union Territory Governments are making necessary arrangements to start the procurement from the date as decided by the states.

The procurement of pulses and oilseeds to be done in these states, the Ministry said, for the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, Gujarat, Odisha, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, procurement of 45.10 LMT pulses and oilseeds for Kharif marketing season 2020 Has been approved for. Approval will also be given on receipt of proposals for procurement of pulses, oilseeds and coconut under PSS for other states and union territories, so that FAQ grades of these crops can be procured in the directly notified MSP for the year 2020-21


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