Even when the whole world is facing the biggest humanitarian crisis in the form of Corona epidemic, there is no reduction in terrorism. In stressed areas, the war of security forces with terrorists continues as before. Alam is that in March and April, more than 100 ordinary citizens, besides soldiers, became victims of terrorist incidents. The Islamic State (IS) killed more than 50 people in two separate incidents in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, while Boko-Haram killed more than 130 security forces in Chad and Nigeria. Similar incidents have also occurred in countries like Iraq, France, Mali. India is also no exception. Here in Pakistan, Pakistan-funded terrorism forces are constantly fighting. On Sunday, five of our soldiers, including a top officer, were killed in a similar encounter. probably:
If seen, then it is an innocent hope that during the Corona-period, the terrorists will elude their antics. Terrorism means to spread terror by killing innocent people. However, it will be considered the most favorable time for them, because every government in the world is trying to protect its citizens from the deadly corona virus. Therefore, all countries suffering from terrorism are still facing a two-way challenge – they have to fight terrorism as well as Corona.
The problem is far more serious for India. We are expecting humanity from our neighboring country, where the government has been providing food and water to terrorism for decades. Pakistan’s shadow has been seen not only in South Asia but on all the terrorist activities of the world. Apart from Iran, Afghanistan, India, he has also been found involved in terrorist incidents in America and Europe. Nevertheless, many countries have failed to eradicate Pak-sponsored terrorism. But why? 
Actually, every country in the world has its own limitations to put pressure on Islamabad. They have set these limits according to their respective interests. Institutions such as the United Nations and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) also operate along these boundaries. For example, the United Nations handed over a list of 146 terrorists to Pakistan for action, but only 19 of these terrorists confessed to being here. Similarly, Pakistan has removed 3,800 of its 7,600 names from its terror-watch list without any justification in the last few months. Is it not surprising that the world has accepted his hollow arguments easily?
How much India is troubled by this neighboring country is not a hidden fact. Terrorism has become a war here which is going on continuously. As such, it is wrong to think that Pakistan is promoting terrorism against India by taking advantage of the corona-crisis. It would be like ignoring the trend of terrorism. Of course, the condemnation of Handwara incident is less, but it is not a sign of sudden increase in panic in Kashmir. It is true that Pakistan is constantly trying to make Kashmir a problem there, but it is also true that its influence in Jammu and Kashmir has been relatively less. Here the death toll has increased due to retaliation by security forces for the last few months. By May 3 this year, 105 people were killed here, of which 74 were terrorists, 22 soldiers and nine civilians. Compare to last year, So in the first four months of this year, the lives of security forces and common people have been reduced. In the year 2019, 26 security forces personnel and 14 civilians lost their lives, while 54 terrorists were killed during this period.
Obviously, Pakistan’s agenda against India has not changed. Whenever he gets a chance, he will try to harm us. This is the reason why we should not face other countries for our fight. No country in the world can fight this war, even if it is the most powerful nation of America. The manner in which the White House decided to retreat from Afghanistan has proved that the US could not overcome Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. That is why we should avoid light aesthetic measures. It is important that action should be taken continuously where terrorism is being planted. We cannot get anything from just one Balakot. It needs to be understood that we have to take the initiative. Instead of retaliating, we have to increase our capacity and develop a long-term strategy. If we don’t make our strategy, Will naturally become part of the strategy of the other (enemy). Retaliation after being targeted by the conspirators is not considered to be a very good strategy from a strategic point of view.
Sadly, we have not been able to form any such strategy even after the continuous terrorist attacks. All the governments till now have kept a silent silence untouched. That is why we are not able to put effective pressure on Pakistan. They break ties with him in the name of spreading terrorism and after a few days, they move towards normalizing the relationship. This tradition must be broken. Taking a strong stand against Pakistan may not eliminate terrorism at all, but we can save our house to a large extent. Will the government move in this direction?


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