Chargers and earphones will no longer be available with these iPhone models, including the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 Series has been launched at the Apple Hi Speed ​​event. But with this, some of Apple’s fans are also angry. Resentment is also being expressed in different ways on social media.

Actually, the reason for the resentment is the lack of chargers and earphones in the box with the iPhone 12 series. The company has announced that the company will not provide charging adapters and earphones in the box to protect the environment.

Not only the iPhone 12 series, but now the company will also not provide watch chargers and lightning earbuds with all its old iPhone models.

According to Apple’s website, only the USB Type C two lighting cable will be provided in the box along with the iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020.

Chargers and earphones cannot be given in Android based smartphones as well .. 

Since Apple has been a trend setter on smartphones, so get ready. Now other Android based smartphone makers will also start removing chargers and earphones from the box with their phones. 

Other companies will also do cost cutting and will say that this is being done to save the environment. You may get to see this in the coming time. 

What is the company’s reasoning for not giving the charger and earphones in the box? 

Apple stated at the launch event that the reason behind this is that iPhone users already have chargers and earphones. The company has to use more raw material to provide charger in every phone, which is bad for the environment.

During the event, Apple has expressed the hope that by not charging charging adapters and earphones with every iPhone, the company can reduce 2 million metric tons of carbon emission every year.

In such a situation, the charging adapters and earphones provided with the iPhone are not of any use and this also damages the environment. The company has said that by not providing a charger with every phone, Apple will use less raw material.

With the iPhone 12 Series, only charging cable is being provided in the box. However, the phone can be charged by putting it in any standard Type C socket.

To use the cable provided with it, you must have a Type C charging adapter. Type C support charging adapters are still not easily available in Indian homes. Therefore, first time users can have trouble.

Apple will benefit .. 

Even if the company is not giving the charger and earphones in the box citing pollution, but it is also true that the company will benefit greatly from this.

There will be many benefits ranging from production cost and the margin on the phone will also be high. The company’s earnings will also increase directly, because more people will buy the company’s accessories. 

Who will be the losers?

IPhone prices in India are much higher than in the US. Since the iPhone 12 Mini has also arrived, first time iPhone users will increase in India.

The problem for first time iPhone users is that they do not already have accessories for iPhone charging nor do they have earphones that can be installed on the iPhone.

That is, first time iPhone users will need to bring a separate charging adapter and earphones after purchasing the iPhone.

To get a branded and good quality USB Type C charging adapter, customers may have to spend at least Rs 2000.


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