China agitated over banning 43 apps from India, made this serious allegation

The government of India on Tuesday announced a ban on 43 more apps, citing National Security. Chinese Apps Ban contains mostly apps from China. This move of the government of China has been overwhelming (China). China said on Wednesday that it “completely opposed” the Indian government’s decision to ban. It has also alleged that India is “repeatedly using national security” to ban the app.

According to the statement issued by the government, “43 mobile apps have been blocked by the government to engage in pre-emptive activities for the sovereignty and integrity of India”. Among the apps to be banned include many dating apps. These apps include Alibaba Workbench, Snack Video, Camcard, Chinese Social, Weidet (Deading App), Free Dating App, Date My Age, Truly Chinese, Mango TV, Box Star, Happy Fish.

China spokesperson Zi Rong alleged, “India is repeatedly banning mobile apps with Chinese background by using it as an excuse for ‘national security’. China opposes it. We hope that India is all companies that Provide a fair and non-discriminatory business environment and improve discriminatory activities. ”

The government of India has taken this action by issuing an order under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act (IT Act), banning access to 43 mobile apps. According to the government statement, “Based on inputs about these apps, this action was taken to engage in activities which are detrimental to India’s sovereignty and integrity, India’s security and public order.”


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