Class Of 83 Movie Review Bobby Deol Shines In Netflix Original Directed By Atul Sabharwal Produced By Shah Rukh Khan
Class Of 83 Movie Review Bobby Deol Shines In Netflix Original Directed By Atul Sabharwal Produced By Shah Rukh Khan

In Hindi cinema, there have been so many films made on the nexus of police, politics and gangsters that it has become a challenge for filmmakers to capitalize on this subject. Mumbai’s underworld, gang war and encounter viewers have seen on screen so many times that nothing new seems to happen. This is the biggest problem of the class of 83 directed by Atul Sabharwal, as well as the helplessness of this film.

Since the film is an adaptation of a period novel, the writer may not have had much room to experiment. Well, Class of 83 was released on Netflix on August 21, and Bobby Deol made his digital debut in the 25th year of his career. Story of class 83 Hussain Zaidi’s Novel Class of 83 – The Punisher of Mumbai. However Punisher of Mumbai has been removed from the title of the film.

Zaidi, an investigative journalist, is considered an expert in writing books on criminal backgrounds (especially the underworld). Films have been made on many books written by him. Black Friday was made by Anurag Kashyap on his Black Friday book based on the Mumbai blasts. Sanjay Gupta’s Shoot Out Ed Wadala used portions of Zaidi’s more popular book Dongri to Dubai.

… and now ‘Class of 83’, which showcases Mumbai and the underworld of the 80s. The story of the poor economic condition of the workers of the dying mills of Mumbai and the emergence of the builders sitting on the mills vulture has also been touched through dialogues in the story. A major reason for the underworld to flourish in Mumbai was the unemployed youth from the mills.  

This story of Mumbai and the underworld is very old, but Abhijeet Deshpande’s clever script did not let it get bored. Class of 83 is basically the story of the idea of ​​the seed being sprouted and developed, in which the police only see an encounter for the elimination of gangsters. The unbreakable nexus of politics and the underworld made it almost impossible for the police department to eliminate them. It can also be said that Class of 83 is the story of the formation of the first encounter squad in Mumbai.

Bobby Deol plays an IPS officer named Vijay Singh, who is sent as the Dean of the Police Academy as punishment. Vijay Singh is a loser in personal life. He preferred his duty over his family, but the system punished him instead of the prize. This guilt has become part of Vijay Singh’s mood. Bobby Deol has successfully portrayed Vijay Singh’s gilt and flattery on screen. 

It is a coincidence that in almost 25 years of his career, Bobby never got the chance to wear a khaki uniform. For the first time, he appeared in the role of an IPS officer and for the first time he also became a grandfather in a film. Bobby is cast in the role of Dean Vijay Singh in terms of age and performance. Bobby’s commitment to getting his career on track comes out well through the seriousness of the character of Dean Vijay Singh. 

Bobby is at one end of the Class of 83, and the other end is handled by five budding artists, who first appear in the Academy’s mischievous recruits and then in the role of high-profile police officers. From the recruits to encounters at the academy, the transformations of police officers performed these artists with great ease and success. His acting complements the film’s screenplay.

Joy Sengupta in the supporting roles, Anoop Soni in the role of corrupt CM and Vishwajeet Pradhan in the role of Academy trainer. Joy Sengupta and Vishwajeet Pradhan have been seen by the audience in Arya. Seeing the performance of Vishwajit Pradhan, he feels that he should get more screen time. 

The balance is clearly visible under the direction of Atul Sabharwal. Atul had previously directed Aurangzeb. Have made TV series powder. Atul did not let the class of 83 wander. All artists have used it correctly. The period of class 83 also appears to support the film. For this, its editing department has to be congratulated. The one-hour-38-minute film does not look cumbersome despite the clichéd story.

Artists – Bobby Deol, Anoop Soni, Joy Sengupta, Vishwajit Pradhan, Prithivik Pratap etc.

Director- Atul Sabharwal

Producer- Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan, Gaurav Verma

Distributor – Netflix

Star – 3 Star (***)


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