Cold Havoc: 50-Year Record Broken In Gaya, Bihar, Snowfall In Himachal For Three Days

Gaya again was the coldest on Tuesday. It has never been so cold in November in the last 50 years. On 29 November 1970, Gaya had a minimum temperature of 6.6 degrees Celsius. On Tuesday, Gaya’s temperature reached 6.5 degrees Celsius, breaking the 50-year freezing record. Even in Patna, there was no significant decrease in cold.

The minimum temperature increased by just 0.6 degree Celsius as compared to Monday and it reached 10 degree Celsius. Earlier in Patna on 25 November 2014, the temperature was recorded at 10 degree Celsius. On Tuesday, Dehri was the second coldest city in the state with a temperature of 9.5 degrees Celsius.

Changes unlikely for a week in Patna

There is no possibility of any significant change in minimum temperature in Patna for a week and it will remain between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius. Scientist Aarti Gupta of Meteorological Center Patna said that due to clear sky, cold has increased in the state. Now the sky is likely to become partly cloudy in one to two days due to increasing northeast wind. This will cause a slight rise in night temperature. There is a possibility of mist in the morning.

Chance of cloud cover, night mercury will rise

People are relieved by the sun blossoming during the day. Patna’s maximum temperature was recorded at just 0.6 degrees Celsius, 27.2 degrees below normal. In Gaya, Bhagalpur and Purnia also, the day temperature was not much lower than usual, due to which the cold felt less. 27 ° C and minimum temperature was recorded at 12.3 ° C.

Himachal gets snow, Chandigarh gets colder

Shimla. The entire state is in the grip of cold wave due to intermittent snowfall in the higher reaches of Himachal for the last three days. The temperature of the main tourist destinations has reached minus. Manali-1, Lahaul Spiti-17, Rohtang-7 and Kinnaur have a minimum temperature of -12 degrees.

This photo is from Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir. The effect of the snow of the mountains was also seen in Chandigarh. It was cloudy all day. Light showers also fell in some areas. The maximum temperature was recorded three degrees below normal. The Meteorological Department has predicted snowfall in Himachal for the next few days. Due to which cold can increase in Chandigarh.

Night’s cold will rise in Punjab, mercury will reach 5 degrees

Ludhiana. The night temperature in the state has been declining for the last two days. According to the Meteorological Department, day and night temperatures are expected to fall. According to PAU meteorologist Dr. KK Gill, the minimum mercury will be around 5 degrees.

The picture is of Usamarg in Kashmir. On Tuesday, the average temperature was 22 degrees, which is 3 degrees below normal. The night temperature was between 12 and 13 degrees, which is still 4 to 5 degrees above normal. There was drizzle at many places on Tuesday.


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