The meeting with the two top leaders was held in the same cordial atmosphere on Tuesday with the warmth with which the heads of government of India and America were expected to meet in New Delhi. In Hyderabad House, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump not only expressed trust in each other, but also shared their concerns and difficulties among themselves. It is an indication that the bilateral relations of the two countries are moving in the right direction. There are some hurdles in this path, but in a joint statement given after the meeting, the two leaders hoped to overcome the deadlock soon, which is pleasant. 

The most pleasant outcome of Tuesday’s meeting was the consensus on ‘Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership’. This policy gives a new height to the existing relationship between the two countries. This new partnership means that in addition to bilateral issues, there will be strategic partnership between the two countries on global issues as well and this partnership will cover all aspects of bilateral relations in totality, not just one or two areas like defense-security. It is clear that the objective with which this visit of President Trump was organized has been successful. In such journeys, the attempt is also to make a consensus among the heads of government so that the rest of the things become easier. President Trump has also said that he has full faith in India, which means that all ties of relations will be resolved soon.

The much-awaited trade agreement between the two countries could not be reached in Donald Trump’s visit. But there is no need to be disappointed by this. As the heads of the two countries begin to understand each other, it is expected that the deadlock over the agreement will be resolved. The draft of any agreement is not easily agreed upon. Just as we are attentive to our interests, the front side also multiplies its profit. Apparently, in this process, the negotiators tend to be very strict towards each other. But as soon as consensus is reached in the top leadership of the democratic system, the negotiators who sit at the table of agreement begin to soften their stance. This makes it easier to find the middle path. 

There are similar deadlock in the trade agreement. The issues in it are finding difficult at the moment. It is not easy for India to meet the expectations of the US, then it is difficult for the US to move forward on the expectations of India. But the roads will soon pass. It is also believed that India and the US will sign the deal after the re-crowning of Donald Trump as President. However, we must not forget the fact that accurate predictions of election results are not possible. Mandates also come against expectations. Nevertheless, it can definitely be said that both countries have moved forward on this agreement.

The second important thing of the Delhi meeting is the consensus on the defense deal. The two countries have signed a defense agreement worth nearly three billion dollars. The United States has asked India to provide state-of-the-art military helicopters and other equipment. In Trump’s words, the mutual defense relations between the two countries will be much stronger with these deals. There is also an agreement on the supply of equipment such as amard and predator drones. Military products have been traded between the two countries under the ‘Defense Technology and Trade Initiative’. Both leaders have agreed to give it more momentum. The good thing is that the US agreed to the transfer of technology, especially in the war against terrorism. This will be in our interest, as the US has many state-of-the-art surveillance technologies.

The commitment to wage war against Islamic terrorism was reiterated on Tuesday. President Donald Trump had also discussed Islamic terrorism at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad on Monday and expressed confidence of working with India to deal with it. In a joint press conference at the Hyderabad House, President Trump said of course that the US is taking steps to stop the terrorist activities going on from the soil of Pakistan, but he also stressed that India and the US jointly fight against terrorism Have agreed to fight. This is indirectly a warning to Pakistan. He also clarified that India and the United States are determined to pursue joint efforts to hold terror supporters accountable.

The mutual friendship between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump also solved many problems. How important personal relationships of heads of government are is not a hidden fact. When the nuclear deal was reached in India and America itself, it was the result of the mutual relationship between the then US President George Bush and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. When acarai is formed at the higher level, special efforts are made to make it work at the lower level. A similar glimpse was seen at Hyderabad House in Delhi.

There are usually two views to see such bilateral meetings. One thinking proves all the facts and shows that the meeting was not successful in its purpose, while the other thinking shows mutual trust and trust in the relationship. The Hyderabad House meeting should be viewed from another perspective. Many seeds of future prospects have been sown in this tour.


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