Congress 'troublemaker' Ahmed Patel dies, what happens Corona Endemic, listen to 'Today'

This morning, Ahmed Patel died at Medanta Hospital in Gurugram at around 3:30. A month ago, he was hit by Corona, after which his health deteriorated. His son Faizal gave information about the death by tweeting. The country knew Ahmed Patel as a low profile but fast-moving Congress leader. He had many responsibilities. Sonia Gandhi’s political advisor, Rajya Sabha MP from Gujarat, treasurer of the Congress .. And the biggest thing is that he kept addressing the major problems of the party while remaining silent.

Indeed, the corona is becoming more terrible with the changing season and now only hope from the vaccine. On the Corona vaccine, PM Modi has said that we cannot decide when it will come. It is in the hands of scientists. Now we know that the corona is pandemic, but is the corona moving towards becoming endemic? Why is this thing being said, but before that, understand what is endemic? Our colleague Prabhash Dutta is telling.

The news is now from UP. The cabinet has passed an ordinance on love jihad. The Yogi government says that it is necessary to keep law and order in the state normal and to ensure justice to women. What is this ordinance and what does it mean politically for the BJP government .. Understand from Aaj Tak radio reporter Kumar Abhishek of Lucknow.

India has had a digital strike again on China. This time 43 mobile applications have been banned. On the issue of data security, such strikes have also taken place on 29 June and 2 September. So this time, our colleague Munzir Ahmed, who keeps an eye on the news related to the applications on which the applications have fallen.

Recently there was a web series called A Suitable Boy. Based on the book by Vikram Seth, Meera Nair has created. The background is its India-Pakistan division. On some of its scenes, some people’s sentiments have been hurt. The matter has become more interesting after the Madhya Pradesh government jumped into the controversy. What is the whole controversy and what has the Madhya Pradesh government decided on it? Ravish Pal Singh is telling Bhopal correspondent of Aaj Tak Radio.

And also listen to why the date of 25 November is important, what history says on this. We will also take the condition of newspapers together. Listen to all this in just half an hour in the Morning News podcast ‘Aaj Ka Din’ with Nitin Thakur.


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