Constipation During Pregnancy Causes Symptoms And Home Remedies
Constipation During Pregnancy Causes Symptoms And Home Remedies

Pregnancy is a unique experience for every woman. During this time there are many changes in the body, which can cause problems for the pregnant woman. One of the common problems during pregnancy is constipation. Due to constipation, the stomach is not able to clear and there is difficulty in bowel movement. Of course, constipation is common during pregnancy, but it is necessary to treat it. If constipation is not cured during pregnancy, it can cause many other health problems. In this article of stylecraze we will know how to deal with constipation problem in pregnancy.

First of all, we are telling you what the causes of constipation in pregnancy can be. After this, we will know the symptoms of constipation in pregnancy.

Causes of constipation during pregnancy

The causes of constipation in pregnancy can be many, the main reasons of which are:

  1. Hormones : Changes in hormones during pregnancy are one of the most important and common causes of constipation. In this stage, the level of progesterone hormone increases, which affects the digestive process. As a result constipation problem can arise.
  2. Fiber : Lack of fiber in the diet can also cause constipation problems. This problem can be overcome by consuming fiber-rich foods. Fiber helps the digestive system to function optimally.
  3. Water deficiency : Consumption of water in pregnancy is also one of the main causes of constipation. If water is not being consumed daily as per the requirement of the body, then constipation problem may occur. According to a research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), this problem occurs due to water shortage, especially in the third quarter (). For this reason, the benefits of drinking water are also considered to cure constipation.
  4. Medications : Medicines taken during this period are also a cause of constipation in pregnancy. Constipation can also be caused by medicines such as iron, magnesium and sulfate taken during this time ().
  5. Pressure on the rectum : The pressure on the rectum is also considered to be the cause of the problem of constipation during pregnancy. As the pregnant approaches the delivery, there is pressure on the uterus, which may cause constipation problems ( ).
  6. Irritable bowel syndrome : Intestinal problems during pregnancy can also be a cause of constipation, including irritable bowel syndrome ( ). It is a type of disorder in which the large intestine is affected and constipation is encountered ( ).
  7. Decrease in physical activity : Constipation can also be caused by lack of physical activity during pregnancy . This is the reason, daily walks are also necessary to avoid healthy pregnancy and constipation. Yes, if the doctor has advised a pregnant woman to complete bed rest, then definitely follow that ().
  8. Intestinal tract obstruction : Intestinal obstruction can occur during pregnancy, which can lead to constipation. This is known in the second or third quarter. During this period, there may be complaints of stomach pain and constipation along with vomiting (  ).

Let us know in the next part of the article what are the symptoms of constipation in pregnancy.

Symptoms of constipation during pregnancy – Symptoms of constipation during pregnancy

Symptoms of constipation during pregnancy are as follows (:

  • Fewer feces.
  • Hard and hard stools.
  • Need to apply more force while removing stool.
  • Feeling of having an empty stomach (not passing out of whole stool) while defecating.
  • Feeding less than three times a week.
  • Pain in the anus during drainage.
  • Having a stomachache.

After the symptoms of constipation in pregnancy, you know when this problem occurs in pregnancy.

When is constipation problem in pregnancy?

The first and second trimester of pregnancy are more likely to cause constipation. It is 35 percent in the first quarter, and 39 percent in the second. At the same time, if you talk about the third trimester, then about 21 percent of pregnant women suffer from this problem .

In the article, we are further explaining what the home remedies for constipation in pregnancy can be.

Home Remedies For Constipation During Pregnancy

The doctor can tell the treatment of constipation during pregnancy, but the problem of constipation can also be reduced by improving food and drink. Come, know some similar home remedies.

1. Orange

  • 1 to 2 oranges
Method of use:
  • Eat one to two oranges throughout the day.
How it helps:

Orange consumption is considered safe in pregnancy (). Orange is rich in fiber, which is considered beneficial for constipation. This is the reason why oranges can be used in home remedies for constipation during pregnancy ( 10 ). Keep in mind that the orange should be sweet. If the orange is sour, the throat may become sore.

2. Dry plumage

  • 1 cup prune or its juice
Method of use:
  • Eat a cup of prune ie dried plum.
  • Alternatively, you can also use plum juice.
How it helps:

The benefits of Prune means dry plumage also include relief from constipation problem. It contains high levels of fiber, fructose (fructan) and sorbitol. In addition, large amounts of phenolic compounds mainly act as laxative effects of neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acids. According to a research published on the NCBI website, consuming prunus can easily cleanse the stomach ( 11 ). According to a research, the intake of dried plums in pregnancy may be safe ( 12 ).

3. Linseed

  • 1 tablespoon of flaxseed
Method of use:
  • Flaxseed can be roasted and ground into powder, which can be used in any vegetable or salad.
  • You can roast flaxseed and mix it with roti or paratha flour.
How it helps:

Flaxseed contains Mucilage, a kind of viscous substance that exhibits laxative properties. For this reason, the consumption of flaxseeds can help in solving the constipation problem ( 13 ). It also contains soluble and insoluble fiber, which can help relieve constipation by cleansing the intestines ( 14 ). According to a research available on NCBI website, flaxseeds contain omega-fatty acids. For this reason, it may be safe to consume during pregnancy ( 15 ). Nevertheless, use it only on the advice of a doctor.

4. Ispaghula Husks

  • A pack of isabgol
  • 1 glass of water
Method of use:
  • Mix Isabgol in a glass of cold water.
  • Then consume it.
How it helps:

Isabgol is rich in fiber. Perhaps this is the reason why it has been used for a long time to cure constipation. Along with fiber, it is found in Mucilaginous, which is a kind of gum. Isabgol can reduce constipation problem due to these properties ( 16 ). Isabgol intake in pregnancy is considered safe (  ).

5. Peppermint or Lemon Essential Oil

  • 1 to 2 drops of lemon / peppermint essential oil
  • Half a teaspoon olive or almond oil
Method of use:
  • Mix any essential oil with almond or zetane oil.
  • Now massage the abdomen with light hands with this mixture.
  • You can do this for about 10 to 20 minutes.
How it helps:

Constipation can also be treated at home with the help of aromatherapy massage. Massaging the abdomen using essential oils such as peppermint or lemon can reduce this problem ( 17 ). Massaging is believed to help with bowel movements and increase its frequency ( 18 ). Keep in mind that pregnancy is a delicate period. Therefore, get a stomach massage from a specialist.

6. Kiwi

  • A kiwi
Method of use:
  • Drink one kiwi daily.
  • Alternatively you can also drink its juice.
How it helps:

According to various research published on NCBI website, kiwi can be consumed to avoid constipation . Also, it is considered safe in pregnancy. Consumption of kiwi makes the stool soft and easily passes out through the anus. There is 2 to 3 grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams of kiwifruit, which can play an important role in curing constipation. Kiwi is considered safe in pregnancy because of the folate present in it ( 11 ) ( 19 ).

7. Yogurt and Yogurt

  • 1 cup plain yogurt
Method of use:
  • Yogurt can be consumed either this way or by making buttermilk.
How it helps:

If you are thinking about home remedies for constipation during pregnancy, then the use of yogurt i.e. yogurt can also be considered. According to research released by NCBI, 300 grams / day of probiotic and normal yogurt can play an important role in improving symptoms of constipation in pregnancy. Actually, yogurt contains probiotics bacteria. Probiotics such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium may aid in stool clearance by softening stool ( 20 ).

8. Apple

  • 1 apple
Method of use:
  • Take the apple directly.
How it helps:

Fruits contain water, sorbitol, fructose, fiber and phytochemicals, due to which they are considered useful for treating constipation. This is the reason that apple has also been considered useful for treating constipation. More fiber is found in apples with peels, which can help relieve constipation ( 11 ). It can also be used without fear during pregnancy ( 21 ).

9. Chia seeds

  • 1/2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 cup water
Method of use:
  • Soak the chia seeds in water for 30 minutes.
  • Drink soaked chia seeds mixed with milk or juice.
How it helps:

Chia seeds can be used for constipation problems . It is rich in fiber, especially insoluble fiber. The gel formed by mixing chia seeds with water is believed to help relieve constipation ( 22 ). It has also been considered nutritious for pregnancy, so chia seeds can be eaten in pregnancy ( 23 ).

10. Rock Salt

  • 1 cup rock salt
  • Water
Method of use:
  • Add rock salt in the bucket or tub while bathing.
  • Relax or take a bath in it for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Alternatively, rock salt water can also be consumed.
How it helps:

Rock salt can also be used to relieve stomach problems like constipation. Sometimes the problem of constipation is also due to lack of magnesium. According to a study published in NCBI, it is better to consume magnesium than its intake for bathing. Taking a bath with rock salt water can improve the amount of magnesium in the body. Also , bathing in rock salt water can relieve problems associated with gastrointestinal tract (digestive organs) such as constipation etc. ( 24 ). Although rock salt has laxative properties, it is not known whether it should be consumed during pregnancy. Therefore, it is best to bathe instead of consuming rock salt ( 25 ).

11. Green Tea

  • Half or One Spoon Green Tea
  • 1 cup hot water
  • Honey (optional)
Method of use:
  • Put green tea or green tea bag in a cup of hot water.
  • Remove the green tea bag after about 5 minutes.
  • If the leaf is used, sieve the water.
  • You can add honey to taste.
How it helps:

Green tea can also be used to treat constipation during pregnancy with home remedies. Green tea is rich in polyphenolic compounds. In particular, catechin is the major component present in it. Studies have shown that catechins have diverse medicinal properties, which can help in correcting the gastrointestinal problem. Gastrointestinal problems include constipation, so green tea intake may be believed to help relieve constipation ( 26 ). Also, keep in mind that the consumption of green tea can affect the metabolism of a pregnant. Therefore, on the advice of a doctor, take it only in balanced quantities ( 27 ).

12. Grapes

  • 1 cup grapes
Method of use:
  • Take grape directly.
  • Alternatively, juice can also be drunk.
How it helps:

If you are thinking about treating constipation at home, then you can consume grapes . It is rich in fiber, which helps in relieving constipation ( 11 ). Grapes contain flavonoids, which are considered good for pregnancy, so they can be consumed during pregnancy ( 28 ).

13. Banana

  • A banana
Method of use:
  • Take banana in this way.
  • It can also be taken by mixing it in milk or by making shake.
How it helps:

Bananas are also used to relieve constipation. Resistant starch is found in it. This starch can help in curing stomach problems. It can be beneficial in relieving constipation problem by ensuring digestion of food present in the stomach ( 29 ). A research suggests that banana may help with fecal clearance ( 11 ). Consumption of bananas in pregnancy is also advised to eat in limited quantities (  ).

14. Cranberry

  • A cup of cranberry
Method of use:
  • Wash cranberries and eat like this.
  • Alternatively, juice can also be consumed.
How it helps:

Cranberry has also been considered beneficial for constipation. Fiber content is found in it. As we have already mentioned above, fiber can help in relieving constipation problem. Also it helps to keep the digestive system better. The fiber present in it and improving digestion properties can help prevent constipation problems ( 30 ) ( 31 ). Another research found cranberry intake to be safe during pregnancy (  ).

Note : It is necessary to contact the doctor once before taking home remedies for constipation in pregnancy.

It is easy to avoid constipation in pregnancy . We are talking about these methods in this section of the article.

Prevention of constipation in pregnancy – Prevention Tips for constipation during pregnancy

  1. Consumption of water : Constipation problem can be avoided by consuming more water and other fluids in pregnancy. Everyone should drink at least eight to nine glasses of water throughout the day (  ).
  2. Exercise : By exercising, the internal organs work better and the digestive system is also fine. This is the reason why exercise is considered beneficial in keeping away the constipation problem. However, a doctor should be consulted regarding which exercise should be done during a delicate time like pregnancy ( 32 ).
  3. Eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains : As we have mentioned above, the problem of constipation in pregnancy is also due to low intake of fiber. In this case fruits, vegetables and whole grains should be consumed to increase the amount of fiber in the body ( ).
  4. Laxative : Laxative can also be consumed to overcome constipation on the advice of a doctor. The doctor may give information about safe natural laxative medicine or foods with this property in pregnancy ( ). Laxative helps soften the stool and bring it out of the anus.

Now we are talking about the loss of constipation in pregnancy.

Side effects of constipation during pregnancy – side effects of constipation during pregnancy

Constipation can also result in pregnancy loss. For this reason, it is said that to treat constipation in pregnancy, a doctor’s advice must be taken. Below we are talking about the loss of constipation in pregnancy ( 32 ) ( 33 ).

  • Constipation can result in serious complications, such as fecal impaction. This is a condition] when the stool is badly trapped in the rectum.
  • Negative effects on daily life, such as abdominal pain, rectal pain, etc.
  • Piles may be the problem.
  • Blood coming out of the anus.

Now you know how to deal with constipation problem in pregnancy. Many serious stomach problems can be avoided by taking care of food and drink during pregnancy. Drink plenty of water and do not forget to consult a doctor from time to time. This step can prove beneficial for healthy mother and baby. If you want to ask anything more about the problem of constipation in pregnancy, please write in the comment box below. We will try to answer soon based on scientific studies.


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