An interesting encounter is going on between religions and science around the world at this time. Almost all religions believe that life and death are in the hands of God – Hoihi Soi who is Rama Rakhi Rakha. This understanding is disturbed by the corona epidemic. A debate has started, especially with the way the Tablighi Jamaat has behaved in its centers around the world. This has probably also been possible because Islam is the most strongly connected religion at its core and the Tabligi Jamaat was formed as an organization with the stated purpose of returning Muslims to the traditions of the Prophet Mohammed’s era. Should live their life in accordance with their teachings.
Azad Kabir, an intellectual, shared his experiences, writing that he had been a member of the Tablighi Jamaat for years and was also the emir of a local unit. According to him, Markaz’s teaching is to return from Muslims to the ancient and non-adulterated Islamic traditions. Under this, they should treat their fellow Muslims with honesty, decency and good faith. When Muslims return to the pure Islamic path, Allah promises that they will be handed the Khilafat, that is, they will be made rulers of the world. Until this is done, Muslims should not even think about taking part in politics, according to the Jamaat. Entertainment such as music, alcohol and dance are forbidden for Muslims, modern education is also forbidden for them, Because it is based on Jewish and Western values ​​and should be replaced by Islamic education. Once Islamic rule is established, infidels and women will be brought under strict Sharia law. Momin’s friendships with them will be completely prohibited. Paganism is forbidden, so the fetish will be destroyed as soon as it gets first chance.
Azad Kabir gave two reasons for leaving Tabligi Jamaat himself – one he was stopped for his love of music and second, he was accused of befriending a Kafir, because he is ordered to kill him. Even on the corona, Tabligi Jamaat believes without any hindrance that it is sent by Allah to punish humans for going astray from its path. The only way to avoid this is to gather people in the bajamat mosques to apologize for their crimes. Many audio has gone viral in the voice of Maulana Saad, the head of the Jamaat, In which it has described ‘social distancing’ as a conspiracy to divide Muslims and appealed to them not to go away from mosques. He has also said that the possible death in the mosque is responsible for him. He only recommends getting treatment from Muslim doctors if he falls ill. It is a different matter that when trouble has increased, he has put himself in seclusion somewhere and the social media is filled with information which mentions his own treatment of AIIMS by non-Muslim doctors.
On the other hand, more than a dozen priests, led by US-based evangelist Tony Spell with more than eight thousand deaths, have declared that the government will not postpone Sunday prayers at the church, whatever they say. He probably forgot that he arrived in Corona in South Korea only after the presence of an infected bhakti returned from Wuhan in the church. The government of South Korea was able to control Corona by closing churches all over the country. And all this is when the Pope in Vatican City postponed all his programs in the early stages.
A huge fair is organized in Ayodhya on the occasion of Ram Navami. This time the corona had begun even before the commencement of Navratri. At first the Mahants refused to postpone the fair. According to them, Lord Ram will protect his devotees, the government need not be worried in this. It is a matter of pride that he got goodwill from the strictness of the government. But pictures of people drinking cow poles or havans in social gatherings and smashing of social distancing have been seen all over the country. There have been reports of darshan going on in Tirupati till a few days ago. Therefore, it is not appropriate to target only the tabligi Jamaat. Mankind has conquered bigger troubles in history and will win the same this time, but after this will there be some change in this thinking related to religion?
Classical scientist Einstein was often asked by students whether he believed in God? Einstein’s answer would have been that he believed in Spinoza’s God. The philosopher Spinoza of Portuguese Jewish origin was a great rationalist intellectual of the 17th century. His God used to tell his followers that do not worship me by suffering yourself. I have made all the beautiful things of the world for you, go out and consume them. Stop going to worship me there, in the name of my home, which you have created in my name. I live in picturesque places of nature including mountains, forests, waterfalls, rivers, beaches. Stop cursing by considering yourself a sinner. Who am I to decide you? I just love you Stop apologizing to me. If I made you, then whatever you are, How can I punish him? How can I create hell for my own children to burn forever? I have made you completely free and there is no reward nor punishment from my side. Love the animals and life around you without worrying after this life.
Spinoza’s gods are different from the institutional gods and do not require a religious leader. Possibly something corona might reinforce the god of Spinoza.


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