The corona virus is testing the courage of politicians around the world. Beyond all geographical boundaries and local boundaries, the virus presents serious challenges for the entire political class and our Chief Minister is no exception. The virus is also exposing the leadership and administrative skills of the Chief Ministers within their respective states who are facing this transition. 
In Tamil Nadu, when the virus started raising its head, Chief Minister Palanisamy had made a good start of dealing with the situation. He was so confident about his efforts that he then turned down the opposition’s demand to shorten the assembly session. The session was going on at that time. Palanisamy had also ignored the opposition’s suggestion to call an all-party meeting to discuss the epidemic. State Health Minister C Vijay Bhaskar emerged as the face of the government in the meantime. But when the cases of infection started picking up there, the Palanisamy government was seen faltering. Initially, most cases of infection occurred due to people who returned from the Tabligi Jamaat. When the Bharatiya Janata Party started making controversial statements, the Chief Minister took time to reject the communalization of this epidemic.  
Health spokespersons continued to present it as a ‘single source’. When the regular PCR method began to check the sources and contacts and the number of infected started to stabilize, the excited Chief Minister immediately announced that Tamil Nadu would soon reach zero level in case of new infection. But after a few days the number of patients started increasing, the Chief Minister’s assessment proved to be wrong. After the arrival of rapid test kit, the state started investigating more than six thousand suspects in a day, then the number of positive people also increased. As such, the Tamil Nadu government decided to implement lockdown more strictly in the five major cities of the state from 26 April. When this decision was announced on Friday, there was chaos in all these cities. People flocked to grocery and vegetable shops. In this way, the achievements of a month of lockdown and physical distance proved dwarf.
These two incidents have put the administrative skills of the Chief Minister in question. The only relief is that Tamil Nadu has a very strong set of health services from Primary Health Center to District Government Hospital. Of course, the health infrastructure here is better than in other states, but if the epidemic takes a formidable form, it will be inadequate.
Meanwhile, the neighboring state of Kerala came out with a happy success. Kerala is the first state in the country to manage Kovid-19, which declared that the spread of the epidemic is now under its control. But under an undue enthusiasm it had also announced some exemption in public transport, which the Center immediately rejected. In such a situation, the state government immediately withdrew its order without losing any time. Apart from this one mistake, Kerala has been very active in dealing with this epidemic. On January 30, there was the first case of corona infection. From then on, this state became active with full seriousness and in every new case the process of isolation was started. Not only this, it also led to many other experimental treatments. 20, Through the package of Rs. 000 crores, the poor and the migrants were fully supported. Arrangements were made to deliver nutritious food to the homes of all the children registered in Anganwadi. State Health Minister Shailaja daily answers questions from journalists.
Chief Minister Yeddyurappa is facing a different problem in Karnataka. When the epidemic hit Karnataka, it was one of the top states in the Corona-affected country. It seemed that Bengaluru would emerge as a hotspot. But Yeddyurappa was fortunate that there were not many cases in the state and the officials close to the Chief Minister took the matter into their own hands with full vigor. They are doing a good job in this matter. Actually, the problem in Karnataka is more political. Two senior ministers of the state have a war of words over corona management. One minister is demanding strictness in fighting Kovid-19, while the other is in favor of the status quo.
After a slow start in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the virus has started spreading its wings. Telangana Chief Minister C. Chandrasekhar Rao is an experienced administrator. Therefore, he has taken many steps in the interest of the poor and migrant laborers. Investigations are being carried out at a very fast pace in the state, which has revealed a high number of infected patients there. Initially Rao was regularly answering the questions of the journalists himself, but now the press conferences have been canceled and the journalists are being informed through press releases every evening.
Similar is the situation in the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh. Its young chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is struggling with a shortage of resources with a rise in new cases of infection. He too has ended his regular press conference. Though Jagan is a popular leader, he has yet to prove his ability as a skilled administrator. He then emerges by defeating Chandrababu Naidu, an able politician.
In the days to come, scientists will find some way to stop this epidemic, but in the meantime if the political class fails to leave their political ideologies behind and lead in this struggle, then this epidemic will destroy it. This is the time for politicians to prove themselves.


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