UNESCO has said that the Covid-19 epidemic has created a crisis in education and deep and diverse inequalities based on gender discrimination have played an important role in it. UNESCO has reported in a report called Global Education Monitoring that the Covid-19 pandemic causes a significant increase in lagging violence, adolescent pregnancies and premature marriage, a large number of girls from schools and colleges living at home. The possibility of dropping out of class, loss of girls due to online education and increased responsibilities of domestic work on them have brought many effects.

He said, “Uncertainty over the infectiousness and fatalism of Covid-19 has led governments to impose lockdowns, restrict economic activities altogether and close schools and colleges.” In April, 91 percent of students in 194 countries were affected. The Covid-19 epidemic created an education crisis in which a variety of inequalities played a role. Some of them are based on gender discrimination. ”

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He said that although accurate assessment of the extent of these effects is difficult, but strict monitoring is necessary. He said, “The first concern among these effects is that prolonged stay in families’ homes during lockdown increased sexual violence. Whether such violence affects the mother or the girls, its consequences on girls’ ability to continue education are clear. Secondly, sexual and gender-based violence and lack of access to reproductive health, police, justice and social support services can lead to early pregnancy. ”

UNESCO report expresses concern that premature marriages may lead to early pregnancies, and that premature marriages are the result of families being trapped in a quagmire of poverty.


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