London: An expert among senior UK medical heads has indicated that the Covid-19 vaccine is expected to be ready for use in the country early in the new year. According to information received, Jonathan Van Tamm, deputy chief medical officer of England and one of the government’s advisers on the corona virus global epidemic, told MPs that the vaccine being manufactured by AstraZeneca at Oxford University should be ready for use after Christmas in December It has an agreement with ‘Serum Institute of India’ in India.

‘The Sunday Times’ reported that Van Tom informed the MPs last week, “We are not far from it for light years.” It is not at all unrealistic that we can prepare vaccines for use immediately after Christmas. This will greatly affect the number of people hospitalized and their deaths.

An MP who attended another meeting with Van Tom told the newspaper that medical experts were “very hopeful” about the results of the third phase of AstraZeneca. They hope to get its results by the end of this month or next month.

Van Tom’s statement comes at a time when the UK government introduced a new law on Friday that allowed a large number of health workers to introduce potential vaccines for Covid-19. The Department of Health and Social Care said that the new steps will help increase people’s access to potential vaccines.



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