Cucumber Benefits And Uses - Side Effects
Cucumber Benefits And Uses - Side Effects

There is no talk of making salad and the name of cucumber, it cannot happen. Also, its vegetable is also eaten with great fervor. In addition, it is also used in many other foods. Cucumber is also known as cucumber in the colloquial language. It also has many medicinal properties, due to which it can be used to get rid of many health related problems. In this article of Stylecrase, we will explain in detail the benefits of eating cucumber for health. You will also learn about the ways of using it and the harm caused by using it in large quantities. Yes, one thing to note is that cucumber cannot cure any serious disease. At this stage, it is best to get a doctor’s checkup.

First of all, we are talking about the benefits of cucumber.

Cucumber Benefits

1. Hydration

There may be a lack of water in the body due to hard work or due to other reasons, which is called dehydration. Many problems can be encountered due to dehydration. Cucumber can be a good solution to overcome this problem. A research found that cucumbers contain 95% water content. Due to getting good amount of water, it can be beneficial in removing problems caused by lack of water in the body. Also it can be helpful in keeping the body hydrated ( 1 ).

2. Benefits of eating cucumber to lose weight

The problem of matape can be reduced to some extent by cucumbers. Actually, cucumbers are low in calories. According to a research, 100 grams of cucumbers contain only 15 calories and high amount of water. Due to low calories and good amount of water, cucumber can be an ideal diet for those who lose weight. At the same time it can also help in controlling increasing weight ( 2 ).

3. Benefits of cucumber for cancer prevention

Many people around the world are struggling with a deadly disease like cancer today, but the consumption of cucumber can be beneficial in keeping the cancer away. A medical research has shown that bioactive compounds are found in cucumber extracts, which have anti-cancer properties. According to this research published by NCBI, this property found in cucumber extracts can prevent cancer cells from growing ( 3 ). Also, we should make it clear that if someone is suffering from cancer, he should not just depend on home remedies, but should get proper treatment from a doctor.

4. Antioxidant rich cucumber

According to a research published on the website of ANCBI, many types of nutrients are found in cucumbers. It also has antioxidant properties ( 4 ). The antioxidant properties found in cucumbers reduce the effect of free radicals in the body. In addition to oxidative stress and diabetes, it can be helpful in curing many serious diseases ( 5 ).

5. Benefits of Cucumber for Healthy Heart

The benefits of eating cucumber include keeping the heart healthy. It can be beneficial in keeping the heart safe from many diseases. A US-based university has done a research in this regard. According to this research, good amount of carotene is found in cucumbers. At the same time, consuming high carotene rich food can help in protecting the heart from many types of diseases ( 6 ). Yes, if anyone has any heart related problem, he / she must get treatment by a doctor and should take medicines regularly. Also, cucumbers should be consumed by asking the doctor.

6. To control diabetes

Cucumbers can also be used to reduce the problem of diabetes. Indeed, according to several researches published on the website of ANCBI, cucumber and its extracts have antidiabetic properties. This property found in it can help in controlling the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood of a person suffering from diabetes. Also it can be beneficial in reducing the problem of diabetes to some extent ( 4 ) ( 3 ).

7. Cucumber beneficial for eyes

A research has found that cucumber can be beneficial for the eyes in many ways. The hydrating properties found in cucumbers are beneficial for the eye and its surrounding skin. It can work to moisturize the skin. In addition, the vitamins found in it can be helpful in reducing dark circles around the eyes. Also, the compound called lignans found in it can be helpful in reducing inflammation in the area around the eyes ( 1 ).

8. Benefits of cucumbers for strong bones

Minerals such as phosphorus and calcium are believed to be beneficial for building and strengthening bones. Bones can become weak when the amount of these minerals in the body is unbalanced. Cucumber can be beneficial to overcome this problem. It contains good amounts of phosphorus and calcium, which can be beneficial for bone formation and their strength ( 7 ) ( 8 ).

9. For Good Digestion

The benefits of eating cucumber include a good digestive system. The water and fiber present in cucumbers can help the digestive system work well by flushing out toxins. It is believed that daily cucumber intake can be beneficial in relieving chronic constipation problem. In addition, it can be helpful in improving the digestive system by eliminating the problem of constipation and indigestion. Consuming cucumber juice daily can help prevent digestive disorders, such as chest irritation, gastritis, and even ulcers ( 2 ).

10. Benefits of Cucumber for Skin

The use of cucumbers can be beneficial for health as well as skin. Many people make cucumber facepacks and apply them on the skin. In a recent consultation in this regard, it has been concluded that due to the hydrating and cooling properties of cucumbers, it can help to overcome many skin problems. Also cucumbers have vitamin-C and antioxidant properties. Therefore, cucumbers are used in various beauty creams to treat problems such as eczema, psoriasis (a skin disease that causes itching) and pimples ( 2 ).

According to another study, some cream contains cucumber extracts. Such creams provide skin-whitening properties. Also, the anti-acne properties present in it can also be beneficial in reducing the problem of acne. In addition, cucumbers can also be used to treat wrinkles and sunburn. It can moisturize the skin as well as enhance the glow of the skin ( 1 ).

11. Cucumber for hair growth

Benefits of eating cucumber is not only beneficial for health and skin, but it can also strengthen hair from roots. Actually, cucumbers are rich in nutrients like Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B6, Vitamin-C, Iron, Selenium and Zinc ( 8 ). According to research published by NCBI in this regard, all the above nutrients can be beneficial in reducing hair growth and strengthening as well as baldness problem ( 9 ).

After knowing the benefits of cucumber, we are telling about the nutrients found in it.

Nutritional value of cucumbers – Cucumber Nutritional Value

Different types of nutrients are found in cucumbers, which are as follows ( 8 ):

Water 96.73 grams
Energy12 kcal
Protein0.59 g
Fat0.16 grams
Carbohydrate2.16 grams
Fiber0.7 grams
Sugar1.38 grams
Calcium14 mg
Iron0.22 mg
Magnesium12 mg
Phosphorus21 mg
Potassium136 mg
Sodium2 mg
Zinc0.71 mg
Copper0.071 mg
Selenium0.1 microgram
vitamin C3.2 mg
Thiamin0.031 mg
Riboflavin0.025 mg
Niacin0.037 mg
Vitamin B60.051 mg
Follett14 micrograms
Choline5.7 mg
Vitamin a4 micrograms
Beta carotene31 micrograms
Vitamin-I IU3604 IU
Vitamin E0.03 mg
Vitamin K7.2 micrograms
Fatty Acid Total Saturated0.013 g
Fatty Acid Total Monounsaturated0.002 g
Fatty acid total polyunsaturated0.003 g

After the nutritious ingredients found in cucumbers, we are talking about ways to use it.

 How to use cucumber

By the way, everyone knows how cucumbers can be used in the kitchen. Nevertheless, here we are talking about some special and easy methods of cucumber.

  • You can eat cucumber directly after washing and peeling it. Mostly it is used as a salad.
  • In many places, cucumber pickle is eaten with great fervor, so you can also make pickle.
  • It can also be used to make vegetables.
  • In South India cucumbers are used in making sambar and dosa.
  • Cucumber juice can also be drunk after taking it out.

Quantity: Rejana can be eaten as a cucumber salad of small to medium size. Apart from this, consuming about 350 to 500 grams of cucumber juice can also be beneficial, but no scientific evidence is available in this regard. Therefore, be sure to consult a dietitian about its exact amount.

In this part of the article, we will discuss about the damage caused by cucumbers.

Side Effects of Cucumber

While on one hand there are advantages of eating cucumber, on the other hand, taking it carelessly can also be harmful. Here we are telling about the possible damage caused by it.

  • Cucumbers produced through greenhouses have high amounts of metals and nitrates, which are harmful to health ( 10 ).
  • Fresh cucumbers should always be consumed. Rancid and spoiled cucumbers can be harmful to health.
  • Bitter cucumbers contain a compound called cucurbitacins, a type of toxic substance ( 11 ).

It is not wrong to consume cucumbers, it is necessary to have the right information to use it. In this article, we have explained in detail about this. If eaten in limited quantities, cucumber is not harmful in any way. Also, once again we make it clear that cucumber can be beneficial in curing many diseases, but cannot cure them. Therefore, in severe illness, medical treatment is the best option. How did you feel about this article giving information about cucumbers, tell us through the comment box below. If you want, you can also keep your thoughts on this subject.


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