Country coronavirus their children’s education since (Coronavirus) epidemic and Lockdown (Lockdown) is not running properly. Under Unlock, now schools are being reopened gradually. Also, online classes are being promoted. However, due to non-availability of things like smartphones, computers and internet, a large section is still away from education. In the wake of the Corona epidemic, many people have come forward and started teaching these children.

Delhi Police constable Than Singh has also started teaching poor children in a similar way. He is running a class for poor children from the Sai temple near the Red Fort in Delhi. During the lockdown and restrictions, he stopped teaching children for some time. However, when he saw that his children studying here were not able to do online classes due to lack of mobile phones or other equipment, he decided to start the class again.

Talking to news agency ANI, Delhi Police constable Than Singh said, “I have been running this class for a long time, but after the epidemic started, I stopped it keeping in mind the safety of the children. However, When I saw that many students are not able to take online classes because they do not have such things as mobile phones and computers, I decided to start my school again. ”

This class is being conducted following the health protocol issued by the Ministry of Health. Singh said that he is also educating these children about good habits which is helpful in defending against Corona. He said, “I am providing masks and sanitizers to the children and we follow social distancing in our class.”



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