Dhirendra Singh, the main accused of Ballia Firing, was arrested on Sunday. Accused Dhirendra Singh has been arrested from Lucknow three days after the incident. Earlier, the police had arrested 2 more accused Santosh Yadav and Amarjeet Yadav on Sunday in the shooting incident in Durjanpur village. There are a total of 8 named accused in this case. The police had declared a reward against the absconding accused in the murder of a person in a shootout during the allotment of a government-owned cheap shop and announced action against them under Rasuka and gangsters.

People of the deceased family have expressed happiness over the arrest of Dhirendra Pratap Singh, the main accused in the Ballia Durjanpur bullet case, after about 70 hours. Suraj Pal, brother of the deceased said that the accused is happy to be caught but he should get the death penalty and our family should also get protection. The police had formed 12 teams to arrest Dhirendra Pratap Singh, the main accused in the incident.

Additional Superintendent of Police Sanjay Yadav said on Saturday that the police arrested Munna Yadav, Rajapratap Yadav and Rajan Tiwari on Saturday, while Devendra Pratap Singh and Narendra Pratap Singh were arrested on Friday. There are a total of eight named and 20 to 25 unknown accused in this case.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Subhash Chandra Dubey had announced a reward of 50-50 thousand rupees against the absconding accused of Revathi case, as well as action against the accused under Rasuka and Gangster. Earlier, a reward of Rs 25 thousand was announced against the absconding accused at the level of Superintendent of Police Devendra Nath.


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